Electric Humidors

electric humidor

Experience the ease and precision of our electric humidors, which are designed to keep your cigars at the ideal humidity level at all times. These humidors have cutting-edge electrical components that accurately monitor and regulate humidity, creating a stable environment for your cigars to age elegantly.

What is the importance of having electric humidors and what makes it special compared to traditional humidors?

Precise Humidity Control:

Electric humidors offer accurate and consistent humidity control, maintaining optimal conditions for your cigars without manual adjustments.

Effortless Maintenance:

Electric humidors automate the process of maintaining humidity levels, reducing the need for constant monitoring and adjustment.


With automated humidity control, you save time that would otherwise be spent manually adjusting humidity levels.

Uniform Humidity Distribution:

Electric humidors often feature built-in fans or circulation systems that distribute humidity more evenly throughout the humidor, preventing humidity pockets.

Temperature Control:

Some electric humidors include temperature control options, ensuring that cigars are stored at an optimal temperature for preservation.

Reduced Risk of Mold:

The precise humidity control of electric humidors minimizes the risk of mold growth, which can be a concern with traditional humidification methods.

Customizable Settings:

Many electric humidors allow you to set and adjust humidity levels according to your preferences and the specific needs of your cigar collection.

Less Maintenance:

Unlike traditional humidors that require periodic refilling of humidification devices, electric humidors often have larger water reservoirs, reducing the frequency of refilling.

Long-Term Storage:

Electric humidors are well-suited for long-term storage, as they provide consistent conditions that help preserve the quality of cigars over extended periods.

Advanced Features:

Many electric humidors offer additional features like digital displays, alarms, and data logging, enhancing your control and management of cigar storage.

Popular Electric Humidors and Brands:

Explore our wide range selection of electric humidors like the Newair 840, Remington Lite by Prestige Imports, The Clevelander by Prestige Imports, and The Whynter CHC-421HC. These humidors offer a new way to improve your cigar collection, ensuring that every smoke is a moment of genuine luxury and enjoyment with their blend of advanced innovations and classic workmanship. With a humidor that embodies the best of both worlds, you may enjoy the simplicity and precision of electric humidification while also honoring the legacy of cigar appreciation.

Our Conclusion on Electric Humidors

Having an electric humidor offers convenience, precision, and peace of mind when it comes to maintaining the quality of your cigar collection. It’s especially beneficial for those who value automation and want to ensure their cigars are stored in optimal conditions with minimal effort.