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Remington Lite Electric Humidor Cabinet Review 2024

The Remington Cabinet Humidor is manufactured by the Prestige Import Group, a well-known company; famous due to its unique, high-quality products. Moreover, the company works with full devotion to providing the best humidors to their worthy customers.

It has a great unbeatable name in the humidor market due to its excellent quality and modern advanced features; it is a great choice when choosing a humidor.

This model is featured in our Best Electric Humidors of 2022 article and would be classified as an Electric Humidor. If you are looking for smaller Humidors, we also recommend the Whynter range of Thermoelectric Humidors; check out our review here >. A slightly more affordable option would be the Tower of Power Humidor.

Remington Lite Electric Humidor Cabinet – 2024 Review

The Remington Cabinet Humidor

The Remington Cabinet Humidor is one of the premium humidors and represents both quality and great innovation. Furthermore, this humidor is climate-controlled. The humidor is manufactured with advanced features like temperature control, heating and a cooling system. It is a large size cabinet humidor that can store thousands of cigars as you can with the Tower of Power Humidor. It is also an electric-controlled humidor which means the user doesn’t need to change the temperature. The temperature setting can be easily adjusted with a few clicks, and then the automatic system will update the temperature according to the external climate itself.This humidor helps you to store your collection for long durations, no matter what the external temperature, heating or cooling, or the humidity level.


  • Capacity: 2,000 cigars
  • Dimensions: 25” W x 24” D x 72” H
  • Material: Solid wood
  • Finish: Black Oak
  • Interior Lining: Spanish Cedar
  • Shelves: 6 – Drawer-style shelves on metal slides
  • Dividers: 3 – Adjustable dividers per shelf
  • Electronic Humidification System: 56% to 78% RH
  • Power: 110V
  • Weight: 230 lbs
Remington Humidors Review By GrandHumidors

Features of a Remington Lite Electric Humidor:

From physical appearance to excellent functioning, humidor by prestige import group has the best solution for smokers to keep their cigarettes and cigars well protected from moisture. Remington Lite cabinet humidor’s amazing features are well-explained here, so you know what you are investing in.

Physical Appearance of The Remington Cabinet Humidor

This humidor’s body is made from high-quality industrial wood and then lined with Spanish cedar. The Spanish cedar is used due to its resistance to decay and weather conditions. As the appearance of the humidor looks like a cupboard, the humidification unit is complete with a fine, smooth cherry surface that looks amazing. Also, the Remington Humidor perfectly coordinates with all other furniture items in the room. The humidor’s existing humidifiers exhibit a display panel that is included at the top with a blue neon light. The neon light allows you to monitor the readings easily, even when dark.

Digital Display Cabinet Humidor

Apart from the exterior and interior of the product, the display matters a lot. The model presents a classy exterior and interior with a complimentary digital display. The digital display is an additional feature that increases the worth of this humidor. The readings are easier to read in the digital system than in analog ones. The humidor has LED lights on every shelf. The light display gives it a charming look in the dark and helps you view the products in detail without the stress of holding a torchlight. The door of the humidor is made from high-quality glass to give it a transparent display. The glass is tempered to avoid breakages in case of any hits.

The unique specialty of this glass is its de-mist feature that doesn’t allow fogging of the glass. The door of the humidor is embedded with heavy-duty seals to avoid leaks and keep the moisture locked within the proper humidity range.The power voltage required to run the humidor is the standard, set between 220 and 240 volts, which means the humidor can easily be used with regular electricity meters.You don’t need to add any extra converters or adapters to it. Just plug the electric socket of the humidor into any regular switchboard, and your humidor is ready to serve.

The advanced features of the humidor include its built-in electronic temperature, relative humidity control system, digital climate control system, humidity control system, dehumidification, and adjustable hygrometer calibrations.

Electronic Humidor System with Digital Hygrometer

Remington Lite Electric Humidor Cabinet Review 2024 reveals that the digital glass hygrometer is installed in the humidor to adjust the humidity and temperature settings. The hygrometer has an advanced calibration feature that you can toggle between Fahrenheit and Celcius according to your requirements.This unique feature is normally scarce in humidors, as most come with only one temperature measurement setting. So, you can consider it as a cherry on top.

Beautiful Interior LED Lighting with Tempered Glass Door

The interior is perfectly designed, knowing the needs of cigar enthusiasts. Using LED lights in the interior makes the product look appealing and classy in cigar furniture. Apart from the core functions such as temperature control and humidity settings, the Remington lite humidor comes with interior LED lighting to impress the guests and serve quality customer service price. The pure gold-like white light illuminates the cabinets and removable tray and brings out the beauty of this magnificent Remington lite cabinet humidor. Additionally, the lighting is easily accessible from the humidor front control panel along with the temp and humidity sensors.

Auto Humidity Control in Remington Lite Electric Humidor Cabinet

As the Remington Humidor is a large-size cabinet humidor, the products placed in it are stored for a long duration, and it is difficult to monitor the humidity regularly. The humidity level in the humidor can decrease from the balanced limit and dry out the cigar. If the humidity level increases from the required range, it can make the cigars soggy and wet. Both situations can destroy the cigars in the humidor, so the humidor makes the user feel reassured by the automatic humidity control system. The temperature setting can be completed with a few clicks, and the automatic system will update. The temperature adjusts according to the humidity and changes with the external climate. You can adjust the humidity to your preference by activating the manual control humidity system. The range of humidity adjustment is between 56% to 78%.

Built-In Temperature Settings

The temperature adjustment is kept smooth and easy in this humidor. The touch panel assists the user with setting the temperature with only a few clicks on the touchpad, and the automatic electronic system will handle the rest. The best temperature to store cigars for a long duration is from 65 degrees to 68 degrees. This humidor allows you to adjust the temperature range from 41°F to 71°F in only one touch.  Once you have set the temperature, it will automatically change in the environment. The external temperature will not affect the inside surroundings of the humidor. The automatic system will be updated independently if any changes are required. This Remington Electric humidor, with its built-in automatic humidification system, can be a very useful and desirable humidor for any cigar shop or commercial premise.

For cigar lovers worried about storing many cigars for the long term, this humidor gives the feeling of independence and is hassle-free.

User-Friendly Electric Humidor

The Remington Lite electric humidor is user-friendly as it keeps the cigars in perfect shape and protects their taste and quality. The heating system temperature adjustable panel and humidors humidifier are adjustable between proper humidity ranges. Its removable water reservoir is situated in the back of the humidor for a clutter-free setup. This cigar humidification system is also integrated with an auxiliary fan to distribute moisture quickly and evenly throughout the humidor cabinet to keep the cigarette fresh for a long time.

Protect Your Cigar Investment

Last but not least, cigar connoisseurs have the right to invest in their collections and protect them with a humidor with a price match guarantee. An issue that many cigar collectors face when using a cigar cabinet is that it’s easy to over-humidify them and potentially damage the collection. This is never the case with the Remington Lite Cabinet, and you can learn more about how the packs work to keep your investment safe. However, the auxiliary fan is built in to serve the purpose. While it’s arguably not necessary, reverse-osmosis release effectively reduces any dry or humid air pockets. Backed by a 1-year warranty, the electric cabinet humidor is guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase. Moreover, the heavy-duty door of this cabinet humidor also comes with a lock and key set to keep your entire cigar box storage and investment safe.

Uses of Remington Lite cabinet humidor

  • It is easy to use because of the tempered glass door and automatic system and is reliable for long-term storage.
  • The appealing exterior with metal slides and drawer-style shelves is a plus with the advanced electronic system and is a dream for every cigar lover.
  • The electronically adjustable climate control system helps you adjust the setting according to your choice; this is what we love most about this product.
  • An electric built-in automatic system and crown molding with LED light shelves! What can be better than this? Completely worth it to invest in this mind-blowing humidor.
  • No more need to be worried about storing my cigar collection on high moisture days. The cigar storage system keeps the cigars safe, whatever the weather or temperature is outside.
  • The customer service rep shows positive reviews for this cabinet with an exceptional heavy-duty seal.

Remington Lite Humidor Cigar Cabinet Price

While talking about the overall product review, it is necessary to let the audience know more about the product from its monetary value. From price point of view, the product does the justice. Such an adorable cabinet with fine cabinetry craftsmanship will demand a fair investment. The Remington Lite cabinet ranges from $3000 to the full version, costing $3300. You might feel that the extra cost of wooden exterior and crown molding is worthwhile, but it gives the protection and safety you need. This cabinet version is undoubtedly more contemporary and worth more with its advanced features, including the built-in auxiliary fan, glass free of condensation, digital control panel, and storage area for more than 2,000 cigars.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, the Remington Lite cabinet offers excellent storage for cigar collectors. Indeed, it’s no surprise that it’s so popular among the cigar connoisseurs. The chances are that you will not be able to find such a treasure piece with advanced technology, including the climate settings, quick and easy access cabinets, and personally calibrated sensors in cigar furniture. Moreover, if you are lucky enough to purchase this cheaply, the Remington’s shortcomings can be easily forgiven. In summary, it offers exceptional value for money while other superior options are available.


Are electronic humidors worth it?

A simple and short answer is yes, electronically controlled humidors are worth it if you possess treasured cigars that must be stored in an optimum environment. An electric cabinet humidor with ambient temperature, adjustable climate humidity setting, and crisp modern contemporary design elevates the space and protects the cigarettes.

Why buy an electric humidor?

Cigar enthusiasts can bet on this that a good humidor cabinet that accommodates individual cigar collection under precise temperature control and a humidification unit inside prolongs their shelf life.

How long do cigars last in an electric humidor?

Cigar preservation in a digital display adjustable climate humidor cabinet can keep the cigars for years. Notable amitute cigar aficionados contain more than one humidor cabinet that can preserve different cigar treasures for different timelines.

Can I build the Remington Lite unit into the wall?

Yes, you can install this electronic humidification system into a wall. It creates no issue with the humidification and temperature of the room.

Is there a provision to run a power cord in for Cigar electric humidification on the Remington lite humidor series?

No, there is no such plug inside. You can run the ribbon cable out through the door to a wall outlet as it has a solid wood construction.

The Remington Cabinet Humidor can be purchased on our shop page by clicking here.