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Whynter VS Newair VS Prestige Imports – battle of the small Electric humidor

Cigar aficionados understand the importance of keeping their cigars fresh and primed for enjoyment. A cigar humidor is a vital tool for anyone committed to preserving their collection. However, in a market flooded with choices, both small and large, finding the perfect one for your needs can be a daunting task. Worry not! We’ve invested the effort to compare three distinct brands, aiding you in selecting the ideal solution tailored to your preferences!

Why do you need a cigar cooler?

Cigar coolers offer a distinct advantage over desktop humidors due to their integrated temperature and humidification systems. This feature becomes particularly crucial for individuals residing in regions with extreme temperatures, where fluctuations can significantly impact humidity control.

Maintaining an optimal humidity level within a humidor can be a challenging task in environments where temperatures are prone to frequent and dramatic fluctuations.

However, even in more temperate climates, the benefits of a cigar cooler are evident. Cigars are an investment worth safeguarding, and the added layer of protection provided by a cigar cooler ensures consistent and secure cigar storage. Whether you’re dealing with extreme weather or simply seeking to enhance the preservation of your prized cigars, a cigar cooler is a valuable asset.

Benefits of cigar cooler humidor:

– Consistent Temperature
– Control Temperature Range Choice
– Ideal Humidity Levels
– Personal Cigar Refrigerator for private use
– Spanish Cedar Interior

drawbacks of electronic humidor:

– Electricity Consumption
– Power Breakage Issues
– Constant Maintenance

If you are going to purchase electronic humidors for the first time, we highly recommend starting with a smaller humidor first so that you can have a clear view of its functionalities. After that, you can consider if you would want to do an upgrade in the future.

Points to Remember:

Here are a few pointers you need to remember when buying a humidor.
  • Invest in quality over quantity
  • Invest in a digital hygrometer
  • Invest in digital display monitors
  • Choose the Humidifier carefully
  • Always buy a bit bigger size than you need

The top best small desktop humidors are the following:

  • Clevelander Cigar Humidor
  • Newair cc 300h Wineador Cigar Humidor
  • Whynter CHC-251S Humidor

Here is a brief explanation of the features and functionality of all three humidors. It will help you to make the best choice according to your need. Although, all of these products look and sound the same. However, each of them has its pros and cons.

1. Clevelander cigar humidor by prestige imports

The Clevelander stands as a compact electric cigar humidor, boasting an elegant minimalist design. Crafted with precision, this heavy-duty humidor features a durable stainless steel exterior, complemented by a tempered glass door, ensuring an airtight seal through advanced technology.

The control panel is strategically placed atop the glass door, offering convenient access for precise temperature and humidity adjustments via user-friendly push-control buttons and a digital display. This flexibility allows you to fine-tune your humidor to match prevailing weather conditions effortlessly.

Inside the Clevelander cigar cooler, you’ll discover a Spanish cedar tray, known for its exceptional moisture-absorbing properties. Spanish Cedar Wood plays a pivotal role in maintaining the internal temperature and balancing humidity levels, crucial for preserving your cigar collection.

The Clevelander cigar electronic humidor boasts essential features, including a digital hygrometer and humidifier. At its base, you’ll find a refillable water reservoir, thoughtfully designed for easy maintenance with distilled water. This reservoir supports the humidifier in ensuring consistent humidity levels within the humidor.

Operating with thermoelectric cooling, the Clevelander utilizes the Thomson effect, where electric currents flow through two junctions to emit and absorb heat, generating cooling effects. This innovative system ensures your cigars are kept at the ideal temperature.

Sensors within the Clevelander continually monitor moisture levels in the air, activating the humidor’s ventilator to circulate fresh air as needed. The ventilators automatically deactivate once the preset ideal temperature is achieved, ensuring optimal cigar storage conditions.


  • Heavy-duty stainless steel frame.
  • Battery backup in case of power cut down.
  • Thermoelectric heating-cooling system.
  • Toggle between Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature.
  • Interior LED lights.
  • Spanish cedar shelves.
  • Adjustable tray and drawers.
  • Storage capacity for 250 cigars.


  • Some of the customer expressed a desire for a silver colored humidor












2. Newair 250 Cigar cooler humidor with Opti-temp™

With a generous cigar capacity of up to 300 cigars, the Newair 250 Cigar Cooler Humidor with OptiTemp™ is your ultimate storage solution. This remarkable product boasts a built-in OptiTemp™ digital hygrometer complete with a thermostat, allowing you to calibrate both the heating and cooling systems to perfection.

Experience the Newair 250’s precise climate control, designed to keep your cigars impeccably fresh by regulating humidity levels. This feature proves invaluable, especially for those residing in regions marked by significant seasonal temperature fluctuations.

The humidor’s interior is graced with meticulously crafted Spanish cedar drawers and a sleek stainless steel finish, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. The user-friendly digital thermostat, adorned with LED light indicators, provides a full range of humidity and temperature settings, allowing you to calibrate your ideal conditions within the broad range of 52-74°F.

For cigar aficionados and collectors alike, the Newair 250 Cigar Cooler Humidor is an exceptional choice. Its consistent temperature control and humidity management make it adaptable to a wide range of climates, ensuring your cigars remain in perfect condition. Elevate your cigar storage experience with this electric humidor.


  • Black Stainless Steel stylish exterior wineador.
  • One unit wineador cigar cooler.
  • Touch control panel.
  • Tempered transparent glass door.
  • Automatic humidification system with climate-controlled opti-temp.
  • Thermoelectric heating and cooling system with distilled water.
  • The thermostat adjusts between temp range from 52 to 74 f.
  • Soft LED lights.
  • Digital hygrometer
  • Spanish cedar shelves and drawers.
  • Lock and key.
  • Storage of up to 300 cigars.


  • The water reservoir is at the very bottom












whynter advanced steel 1.2 cu ft electric cigar humidor

This cigar cooler is not just a humidor; it’s a marvel of advanced functionality and premium quality. The exterior boasts a sleek stainless steel silver finish, accentuated by a glass door featuring a demist feature. This innovation ensures a crystal-clear, moisture-free view of your prized cigars within the Whynter CHC cigar cooler.

Navigating your cigar haven is effortless with the integrated digital control panel conveniently located on the exterior. Here, you can easily monitor and adjust temperature and humidity settings, all brilliantly displayed on the digital screen.

The Whynter CHC is not your average humidor. It incorporates cutting-edge electric humidification systems, a demist feature, and built-in LED lights to showcase your favorite cigars in all their glory.

The automatic humidification tray within the Whynter CHC ensures a constant humidity level, effectively controlling the internal temperature while maintaining the perfect environment for your cigars. The electric humidifier meticulously preserves your cigars’ shape and texture within the ideal specific humidity range.

No matter the season—summer, winter, spring, or fall—this humidor adapts seamlessly to any climate and environment, making it an ideal gift for any cigar enthusiast. The electric cooling system activates the ventilation and internal auxiliary fan, ensuring optimal air circulation. These ventilators automatically deactivate when the temperature reaches the preset ideal value, requiring minimal supervision.

The Whynter CHC-123DS cigar cooler is your ticket to hassle-free, long-term cigar storage, maintaining your cigars and tobacco in pristine condition, season after season.


  • Gorgeous exterior
  • Freestanding setup
  • Powerful compressor cooling system with eco-friendly refrigerant
  • Stainless steel trimmed tempered glass door
  • Professional quality towel bar handle
  • Security lock and key
  • Vibration free thermoelectric cooling temperature and humidity
  • Removable Spanish cedar drawers and shelves for cigars full flavor
  • Equipped with humidification trays and hygrometer for inside humidity maintenance
  • Digital temperature control display & adjustable thermostat 640 F – 720 F
  • Analog internal hygrometer
  • Humidity range of 65% – 75%
  • Enhanced LCD temperature display
  • Soft interior LED lighting with on/off switch
  • Affordable price as compared to others


  • Some consumers prefers a matte finished electric humidor











final verdict:

Our team has tested all 3 cigar humidors and the number one on our list is the NewAir 250 electric cigar humidor. Why? Aside from its modernized design is perfect for a cigar collection, this electric humidor has a cooling and heating function which absolutely stands out amongst the three. What about you? which one is your favorite and makes a perfect gift for your loved ones? comment down below!

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