Boveda is an American-based global leader in two-way humidity control packs. These packs help for preserving humidity-sensitive products include cigars, Tobacco, cannabis, spices, brown sugar, etc. Boveda Packs provide relative humidity (RH) to store tobacco-based products for a long time in ideal conditions.

These packs are popular as mandatory products for companies who sell cigarettes, cigars, tobacco-related products. The boveda products are used in the humidor to store the cigars in ideal condition. It is more affordable with no harm compared to other cigars prevention methods. Boveda makes the storage of cigars effortless by providing 2-way humidity control in the airtight container. A Boveda in your humidor protects your product’s quality and increases its shelf life. It also helps to reduced risk of ruining cigars.  Boveda is precise, complete, and easy cigar care; no more guessing or worrying about over-humidifying your cigars. No more hassle and messing with; wet sponges, solutions, gels, beads, etc. Just toss a pack in your humidor and watch it work. These all methods such as wet sponges etc are outdated now and they can not maintain the flavour and condition of cigars as the boveda packs do.

2-way Humidity Control For Cigar Humidors

Boveda humidity packs work on a scientific principle to maintain a relative purified humidity inside the humidor. You’re probably expecting a long-winded explanation full of science jargon out of an advanced chemistry textbook, but the wonder that is Boveda all comes down to two all-natural ingredients: pure water and natural salts. This scientific method includes a saturated solution of some natural salts and distilled water. This saturated solution is contained within a water-vapor permeable ‘ reverse osmosis ‘ membrane. Once the boveda pack is placed inside your humidor, the packet will maintain the predetermined level of the relative humid level shown on the packet by releasing or absorbing water vapor as needed through the membrane. By maintaining that ideal and constant relative humidity. Boveda humidity packs can add or removes moist according to the need of a predefined ideal humidity or user’s preference temperature to store the collection of premium cigars. That’s why these packs are called 2-way humidity control.

Cigar Humidification for Premium Cigars

The constant change in the moist levels can cause severe damages to the tobacco products such as cigars. The cigar loses the essential oils and flavors. As result, they become soggy due to too high humidity and too dry due to less humidity. To overcome this issue, the humidors contain a cigar humidification system that reduced the risk of ruining the cigars.

A humidifier is a device that controls the moisture inside the cigar humidors. It circulates the fresh air through the humidor. The ideal humidity level is between 65% to 70%. The humidifier maintains this ideal moist so, the cigars may not become too dry or soggy. The humidifier works in 2-way humidity control. This 2-way humidity control system absorbs moisture and releases moisture. The boveda absorbs moisture on exceeding the precise humidity control level. And it is released to balancing the required level. The humidifiers hold a gel or clay. They are already available in the humidifier. But you can replace it if needed. It comes in packets. These packets are available at Grand Humidors. These are boveda packets. This is also why, without proper humidification, it’s difficult to maintain the natural oils and sugars contained within the tobacco. The hygrometer is installed to monitor the temperature inside the humidor.

The quantity of Boveda is dependent upon the size of the humidor being used for your cigars. Since Boveda will never over-humidify beyond the percentage on the pack, using more than one pack is recommended. This will ensure that Boveda works efficiently, precisely, and lasts longer. Humidor Capacity does not mean how many cigars you have inside the humidor. It means how many cigars the humidor claims it can hold in total capacity.

Number of Boveda considering Cigar box size

The cigar business experts who sell tobacco-related products or humidification products recommend using 1 boveda pack for every 25 cigars to precise humidity control that a humidor can hold. Just because one packet is used for the factory box, doesn’t mean you only need one for your humidor. One 60-gram pack is usually good for 25 cigars. The bigger the box, the more packs you need. Boveda humidity control pack will never humidify further the selected RH. The 60-gram boveda packs are standard for all cigar boxes.

You can never use too many boveda packs. Use more than the minimum will work more efficiently and lasts longer. Boveda will last from 2 to 4 months depending on the conditions and quality of the winery.

Humidor Capacity Vs Quantity of Boveda Packs:

25 Cigar require 1-60gram or 1-320gram

50 Cigar require 2-60gram or 1-320gram

75 Cigar require 3-60gram or 1-320gram

100 Cigar require 4-60gram or 1-320gram

125 Cigar require 5-60gram or 1-320gram

150 Cigar require 6-60gram or 1-320gram

200 Cigar require 8-60gram or 2-320gram

250 Cigar require 10-60gram or 2-320gram

300 Cigar require 12-60gram or 2-320gram

Season the humidor with Boveda Pack

All wood humidors need to be seasoned before use. The reason is:

  • To raise the moisture level in the wood so it’ll be in equilibrium with your cigars, otherwise, the wood will rob moisture from your cigars if it’s too dry
  • The lid won’t seal as well as it should.

Simply place the correct amount of Boveda seasoning packs inside the new humidor (without cigars) and wait 14 days. Then replace the seasoning Boveda (84% RH) with regular Boveda 62%-75% RH. Use one packet for every 25 cigars your humidor can hold. For example, a 100 count humidor would require four packs.

Don’t worry about what your hygrometer is reading while you season. The humid of the air is not the moisture content of the wood. The hygrometer reading will become stable upon the completion of seasoning.

Often people worry about What they should do with their cigars while the humidor is seasoning. It is better to place them in a Tupperware container, cooler, or boveda bag with 69% Boveda while you wait for your humidor to season (humidor bags come pre-loaded with Boveda). If you live in a dry climate, it’s not unusual to need to re-season once a year, usually during the dry winter months. Place Boveda in jars and containers with ingredients apt to clump or become stale to keep those products fresher longer.


65%: Designed for Cuban cigars because Cuban cigars tend to mold at a higher RH level. Keep your Cuban cigars at or lower than 65%RH. This RH is also good for Dominican or Puro cigars due to personal preference or flavor profile.

69%: Designed for airtight humidor including, but not exclusively, for Boveda humidor bags, Boveda acrylic humidor, polymer travel humidor. Works well in high-end humidors including, but not exclusively, Elie Bleu and Daniel Marshall.

72%: Designed for most wooden humidors. Wooden humidors exchange moist, it is not uncommon to see a decrease of 2–5%RH. The 72% accommodates for the moist loss allowing the humidor to maintain a high 60s RH level. We recommend the 72%RH as your first Boveda in your wooden humidor after seasoning.

75%: Designed for your inexpensive or glass top humidors. The 75% accommodates a high amount of moist loss allowing the humidor to maintain a high 60s RH level.

84%: Designed ONLY for seasoning a wooden humidor WITHOUT cigars in it. This formula is specifically designed to provide moist directly to the cellular structure of the wooden humidor. The amount of moist required is greater than the wipe down of it. If you haven’t seasoned with Boveda 84%, you haven’t seasoned at all!

All Boveda are accurate to +/- 1% of the RH printed on the pack in an airtight environment.

Shelf Life of Boveda Packs

Depending on the conditions and type of humidor you’re using, the Boveda humidity packs will last anywhere from a few months in a traditional humidor, to virtually indefinitely in humidor jars and cases that have an airtight seal. Your climate has a say in how long a Boveda pack will last, too. 

Boveda will solidify as they expire. When there aren’t many soft spots left, then you’ll want to replace them. Pronounced crystallization and hardening of the corners first are completely normal and a part of the usage process. You can expect 2–6 months of usage life depending on the container and external environment.


Absolutely. Boveda is 100% safe to lay on/in/among your cigars. Because Boveda contains natural salt and purified water, it won’t affect the taste of your cigars either. 

Here are some of the Boveda packs:

Boveda 1-Year Humidor Bag – 50 Cigar Capacity

Boveda’s humidor bags come prepacked with a patented 69% RH Boveda packet, which adds or removes moist to protect your cigars. The bags zip to seal, providing the same protection like a plastic container. With five different sizes, you’ll be able to find the right bag for your cigar needs. Don’t let your cigars dry out while you travel! Order Boveda humidor bags today and keep the flavor and aroma of your cigars alive.

Boveda Humidification Packets – Bulk Case/100 60-Gram

The box contains boveda packs to balance the moist and humid levels of the humidor. A single packet can last from 2 to 3 months and should be changed when it starts to get rigid. It can balance the moist between 65% to 72% according to the internet temperature of the box. It maintains the original flavor of a cigar.

Final Thoughts

Boveda humidification packets are very essential with both electronic and non electronic humidors as it will maintain an optimal humidification and it is much easier to use compared to the standard distilled water method. What about you? which one do you prefer? are you comfortable on using Boveda Packets or the distilled water method? share us your thoughts!

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