The cigar humidor is a crucial tool in the life of any aficionado to keep their cigars fresh. While the cigar cooler and cigar humidor have their differences, they both serve to store your favorite Stogies. The difference lies in how much room you need for storage. The first Humidors were invented by an Irish furniture maker named Terrance Manning back in 1887, and they were made from Brazilian rosewood….. Whereas, the Cigar Cooler is a relatively new concept altogether.

Modern cigar coolers and wooden humidors are great options for cigar smokers to do the job. Both the products have their own features and benefits. A cigar cooler will cost you the money of an electric cooler. In this way, it is a relatively expensive cigar-storing product. The cigar storage capacity can raise up to 50-100 cigars in both the wine fridge and humidor by adding removable shelves. When we compare the cigar cooler vs humidor there is a variety of very attractive options of features on both sides.

In this blog, you will learn about:

  1. Cigar Cooler vs humidor
  2. What are Cigar Coolers?
  3. What are Cigar Humidors and their components
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Cigar Cooler VS Cigar Humidor: Our Final Verdict

What are Cigar Coolers?

Cigar Coolers are wine coolers. These wine coolers are converted into a way that they work for storing cigars instead of wine bottles. Cigar coolers are more expensive than ordinary wine coolers. But they are low in maintenance with extra storage capacity.

These cigar coolers work almost the same as a traditional humidor. However, these wine cabinet coolers use the latest technology in addition to performing the job with more accuracy and perfection.

Most cigar coolers can only store the boxes of cigars on metal racks. Because the wine metal racks can only hold the cigar boxes. You can replace the wine rack with Tupperware containers in order to place single cigars. Although it is not an attractive option this is the most affordable alternative for a wine cooler to store individual cigars.

Wine coolers are big in size with more storage space. They require proper space in the room to set and function.

The art of Temperature control

Temperature control is the prime feature for cigar smokers to switch on to cigar coolers from ordinary humidors. Temperature plays a vital role in the maintenance of relative humidity. The change in the humidity can affect the quality of the smoke. The ideal temperature to store cigars is 70F.

The temperature control adjustment is kept smooth and easy in the cigar cooler which makes your cigars fresh all year round. The touch-on panel assists the user to set the temperatures with only a few clicks on the touchpad and the rest will be handled by the electronic automatic system. The excellent temperature to store cigars for a long duration is from 65 degrees to 68 degrees. Cigar coolers allow you to adjust the temperature range from 41F-71F with a single touch.  Only once do you have to set the temperature and then the change in the environment or external temperatures will not affect the inside surroundings of the humidor?

The automatic system will be updated on its own if any changes will be required. Well-sealed glass doors prevent moisture leaks to maintain an ideal temperature in the wine cooler fridge.

A cigar cooler can work on both Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures. It allows the user to toggle between Celsius degrees and Fahrenheit degrees. The user can set the temperature unit with the help of control buttons on the glass door. The digital monitor with the buttons keeps updating the user about the change of digits, and it also helps to check the preset value.

A Thermoelectric Cooling system

A cigar cooler has embedded with the thermoelectric cooling. The thermoelectric system works on the Thomson effect. According to this effect, the electric current flows in two junctions to emit and absorb the heat. In a thermoelectric system, the Thomson effect makes the change in temperature by transferring heat in two junctions.

When the current flows in two junctions, the heat emits and cooling occurs. One side of the plate gets hot and the other gets cold. The cooler uses a fan to pipe in cool air from the cold side of the plate. It is a time-consuming process. In this way, a cooling effect gradually creates. This gradual change in temperature avoids traumatic temperature fluctuation having no side effect on cigar storage. The thermoelectric cooling system prefers as compared to conventional vapor cooling systems. The reason is, that it requires fewer maintenance costs. The thermoelectric system does not contain any moving parts. In this way, it reduces the maintenance charges.

What are Cigar Humidors?

Cigar Humidors come in different sizes, designs, and styles for personal or private use. Small wood box design humidors are made for personal room or office use and large cabinet or walk-in humidors are made for commercial use.

The humidors are made from high-standard wooden material. They are equipped with a hygrometer and humidifier. The hygrometer is a device that is used to maintain the humidity at a balanced rate for cigars or tobaccos to prevent them from external temperature changes and moisture. There are two types of hygrometers included in a humidor. One is an analog hygrometer and the other is a digital hygrometer. The hygrometers have two types digital and analog. The humidifiers are installed for proper air circulation through the humidor. The humidifiers purify the air in the humidor. The reason for humidor manufacturing from high-quality wooden and Spanish cedar lining is that it can hold moister as compared to ordinary wooden. For securing the collection of the humidor most of them have a locking system along with keys that protect the collection from any unauthorized access or to avoid stealing. The partitions are provided in humidors as drawers or shelves. These partitions help in the organization of the collection according to their brands or flavors. This keeps the original aroma of the cigars or tobaccos alive and doesn’t allow the flavors to mix up. Cigar Humidors also help the cigar and stogies not to become too dry. The stogies and tobacco products stored in the cigar humidors taste much better than compared to other stores without the best humidors.

There are several manufacturers and sellers’ choices to purchase wooden cigar humidors but the most reliable manufacturers and best-sellers are Prestige Import Group Brand and Quality Importers Brand. Their cigar humidors are perfect for ideal humidity levels and moisture retention.

Spanish cedar shelving

The interior of the humidors has lined with Spanish cedar (wooden shelves). Spanish cedar is a special type of wood that helps to regulate moisture and humidity. It absorbs an excessive amount of moisture. In this way, it works to balance the humidity level in the humidor. The dividers and trays of the humidor are also made from Spanish cedar.

Spanish cedar shelving increases the life of cigars.


A hygrometer is a device that uses to measure the amount of humidity and moisture in a wooden humidor. It attaches inside the lids of small humidors or to the door of the cabinet humidors. It also has a display to monitor the change in humidity level. It comes in two types, a digital hygrometer, and an analog hygrometer.

Digital Hygrometer

In a digital hygrometer, the monitor gives output in numbers.

Analog Hygrometer

In an analog hygrometer, the monitor gives output with a pointer on the round dial.


A humidifier is a device that controls the moisture and humidity inside the humidors. It circulates the fresh air through the humidor. The ideal humidity level is between 65% to 70%. The humidifier maintains this ideal humidity so, the cigars may not become too dry or soggy. The humidifiers hold a gel or clay-type material. They are Boveda Humidity packs. They do available in the humidifier. But you can replace it. A crystal-based humidifier can be used depending on the size and complexity of the cigar storing job.


The lockset attaches to humidors for securing the collection of cigars inside. It protects the cigars from strangers and thieves.

Cigar Storage space

The storage space varies on the size of the humidor. Cigar Humidors come in different sizes, designs, and styles for personal or private use. Small wood box design humidors are made for personal room or office use and large cabinet or walk-in humidors are made for commercial use.


What is more effective in terms of cost, a cigar cooler or a humidor?

A cigar cooler is expensive in cost but cheaper and low in maintenance whereas the price of a hygrometer varies on the storage capacity and it requires regular maintenance costs for humidification.

What happens when the cigar direct contact with the air for more than 4 to 5 days?

The cigars absorb and release moisture. If you keep a cigar without a humidor, it will dry out. The humidor is the best way to keep cigars for storage.

Can I keep cigars in a wine cooler?

Cigars dry out after many days and the wine changes its flavor after the opening of just a day or twice. A wine cooler is a good choice for storing cigars for brief ages. Keeping the temperature at 50 to 55 degrees F with a moisture position of 70 percent will keep your cigar fresh for a long time in the wine fridge. In this way, you can enjoy these two effects together and store cigars with wine in a wine fridge.

Do I take cigars out of plastic to put in the cigar humidor or cigar cooler?

No, it is not compulsory. But it is a good approach to keep cigars out of the packet because the moisture can properly pass through the cigars. And the humidor can work efficiently.

How long can a cigar within a humidor last?

A humidor can last for years. It depends on the proper use and care.

Do I need to buy a new cigar humidor if any of the features stop working?

No, you don’t need to change the whole unit. You can find the components of cigars on different sites and get them from there.

Our Final Verdict:

Humidors have been around for ages and they’re still the most popular way to store your cigars. Upon our thorough checking, we have chosen the Cigar cooler as our top pick as it can provide either cooling or heating function which makes your cigar fresh the whole year round.


  • More storage space
  • Better temperature control
  • Holds the humidity well
  • Intact insulation and correct temperature
  • Prevents temperature fluctuations
  • Has metal racks that are not compatible with cigar boxes
  • There are cigar coolers that have no wooden shelves
  • It has a distinctive aroma and flavor profile to your cigars
  • These humidors are surely a conversation starter for the cigar collector
  • Bigger humidors are much more expensive than cigar coolers as they are usually made of solid wood.
  • These can be a little complicated to prepare and maintain, most especially maintaining the right humidity.

What about you, most especially the cigar aficionado, which one do you prefer? Share your thoughts with us!

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