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antique humidor

Are Modern Humidors Better Than Antique Humidors?

This is a complex and very important question – a very good humidifier has many features and is dependent on many factors. Generally speaking, humidors aren’t complicated machines it will usually depend on your preference, and how would you like your cigars to be stored.

Each antique humidor in our collection is a testament to the commitment of skilled craftsmen from bygone periods. These humidors exhibit the craftsmanship of a bygone era and are meticulously crafted with intricate details, making them more than just storage solutions; they are conversation starters and future legacies.

Antique humidors transport you back in time, allowing you to appreciate the craftsmanship and design trends of a bygone age. 

What are the benefits of having an Antique Humidor?

Cultural Heritage:

Antique humidors reflect the cultural and artistic aspects of the artisans during time, providing insight into the aesthetics and values of many eras.

Collector’s Value:

Because of their unique designs and restricted availability, antique humidors can be desirable collector’s goods.

Curatorial Skill:

Collecting and preserving antique humidors necessitates rigorous curatorial skills, instilling a sense of responsibility for cultural artifact preservation.


Having an antique humidor, based on their rarity and condition. The value will definitely appreciate over time making both an aesthetical choice and a financial investment.

Interior Design:

Antique humidors can provide a distinctive and vintage touch to your living space, enhancing your interior design.

Cigar Enthusiast’s Legacy:

Owning antique humidors allows cigar fans to connect with the history and tradition of their favorite pastime.

Popular Antique-Inspired Humidors and Brands:

When it comes to storing your prized cigar collection, you can check out our antique-inspired humidors like the Royal Tradition by Quality Imports and the Adorini Cassaforte.

Our Conclusion on Antique Humidors

The possession of an antique humidor is comparable to possessing a tangible fragment of history. The design, materials, and traces of time imbue each object with a unique narrative. Every glimpse will remind you of the elegance of bygone eras. Whether you’re a cigar enthusiast, history buff, or art lover, owning antique humidors can provide a meaningful and enriching experience that combines aesthetic appreciation, historical insight, and personal connection.