11 Gorgeous Glass top Humidors

A humidor is a moisture-holding machine used to store tobacco products such as cigars and cigar accessories at the ideal humidity level. Glass top humidor typically have a glass element usually in the top of the humidor. This allows you to view the contents of the humidor. Glass top humidor possess a lot of cons. These cons include the clear visibility of items inside the humidors.

The desktop humidor and travel case with a glass top are easier to use as compared to solid top humidors. The glass top humidor with a front digital hygrometer are some of the best humidors.

The user can increase the humidity by using boveda humidification packs (These packs do not come with the humidor). The glass-top cigar humidor looks appealing and stylish on the office desk, cigar bar counter, or drawing room of the houses. All these humidors have 5 stars and an affordable price range.

Our favourite 11 glass top humidors

The best glass top humidor according to customer review are the following:


Visol Eiger Small Glass top Humidor, Ashtray and Cutter Gift Set

Visol Eiger is an elegant and attractive 3 in 1 gift set glass-top humidor. It includes a cigar storage area, ashtray, and a cigar cutter. The rosewood exterior finish with wood texture looks lavishing.

The glass top helps to view the collection conveniently. The front hygrometer allows keeping a check on the temperature and humidity level. It comes with a white cardboard box for a hassle-free gift pack and a reasonable price range.

Product Features:

  • Wooden texture exterior with rosewood finish and glass top lid
  • 3 in 1 gift set (cigar humidor, ashtray, cutter)
  • Front analog hygrometer
  • The storage capacity of 4 cigars

Humidor Supreme 100 CT HUMIDOR – Maiden Voyage DARK ROSEWOOD FINISH Tempered glass top

Humidor Supreme has an appealing and decorated exterior with a dark rosewood finish. The tempered glass top has decorated with engraved compass semblance. The exterior of the humidor has decorated with brass nails and hardware.

The external hygrometer allows the user to monitor the temperature. It can store up to 100 cigars. The humidor has an amazingly tight seal and easily passes the dollar bill test.

Product Features:

  • Dark rosewood finish exterior
  • Engraved compass semblance glass top
  • Brass stud decorative hardware
  • Proper lid seal to avoid leakage
  • Analog hygrometer
  • The storage capacity of 100 cigars item

Cigar Cabinet Adorini Aficionado Deluxe – 400 Cigar ct

Adorini Deluxe is a transparent front panel and glass-top humidor. The high-quality multiple lacquer exterior with ebony finish looks eye-captivating. It has two gold plated acryl polymer based adorini deluxe humidifier with adjustable ventilation openings for an optimum regulation of the humidity level. The airvent design Spanish cedar tray allows the maximum amount of air to cross ventilate through the cigar.

Product Features:

  • Multiple lacquer ebony finish exterior
  • Brass thermometer
  • Spanish cedar lined interior and trays
  • The storage capacity of 400 cigars item

Lacquered “Walnut” Wood Humidor with Spanish Cedar Lining and Glass See-thru Lid – 60 Cigar ct

The humidor has a lacquered walnut finish exterior. The top lid of the humidor has stainless steel decorative accents on the side wood borders. The central area of the lid has a high quality see-thru tempered glass.

The additional features of the humidor include a hygrometer, a humidifier, and a removable tray. The accessories storage drawer allows the user to store products like cigar cutters, lighter, etc.

Product Features:

  • Walnut Finish exterior
  • External round glass hygrometer
  • Spanish cedar lined interior
  • High-quality stainless steel accents
  • Accessories storage drawer
  • The storage capacity of 60 cigars item

Visol PortHole Burlwood Finish Cigar Humidor – Holds 75 Cigars

Visol Porthole has an eye-captivating exterior in burl wood finish. The top lid of the humidor has a hole. The hole has covered with tempered glass fixed in the stainless steel ring. The front digital hygrometer has a silver border that manifests similarly to the top glass ring. The humidor has fully sealed. The external moisture can not affect the internal balance humidity level build for cigars prevention.

Product Features:

  • Burlwood finish exterior
  • Tempered glass top with stainless steel ring
  • Front Digital Hygrometer
  • Proper lid seal to avoid leakage
  • Storage capacity for 75 cigars item

The Berkeley II High Glass Top Humidor by Prestige Import Group – 100 Cigar ct

Berkeley II has a stylish two-tone Mahogany and Black finish exterior. The design of the humidor looks elegant and classy. The tempered glass top make sure a clear view of the collection stored inside the humidor.

The external glass hygrometer helps to monitor the change in humidity and temperature. The removable coaster with dividers allows the proper organization of the cigar collection.

Product Features:

  • Two-tone exterior finish
  • Glass hygrometer
  • Humidifier
  • Tempered glass top
  • The storage capacity of 100 cigars item

The II Duomo Humidor – 150 Cigar ct

The II Duomo is a stylish glass top humidor. It has styled with a tempered beveled glass dome top. The humidor has equipped with a glass hygrometer to monitor the temperature and humidifiers to control the airflow through it.

The SureSeal technology ensures proper lid seal on closure and optimum humidity. It has fully lined with premium kiln-dried cedar for excellent aroma and moisture retention. The humidor has an amazingly tight seal and easily passes the dollar bill test.

Product Features:

  • Rich Mahogany Finish
  • Tempered Beveled Glass Dome Top
  • Spanish cedar tray and divider
  • Humidifiers
  • Top Glass hygrometer with brass frame
  • The storage capacity of 150 cigars item

Savoy Classic Mahogany Humidor – 100 Cigar ct

Savoy Classic Mahogany is a desktop humidor. The top lid of the humidor has beveled with tempered glass. It includes an external gold-plated lockset.

The interior of the humidor has lined with Spanish cedar to lock the moisture. The cedar wood interior helps to maintain the ideal humidity level. The analog hygrometer has attached with the front panel to keep a check on the temperature.

Product Features:

  • Burled mahogany finish
  • Glass hygrometer
  • Removable cedar tray with dividers for proper organization
  • Proper lid seal to avoid leakage
  • Storage capacity for 50 cigars item

Venetian Humidor -125 Cigar ct

The Venetian is an eye captivating desktop humidor. The humidor has a unique and lavishing exterior design. The humidor has a high-quality wood exterior with a small portion of the top lid and front panel fixed transparent glass. A removable coaster has included inside the humidor to provide extra storage.

The external hygrometer allows the user to monitor the internal humidity without opening the glass lid.

Product Features

  • Premium quality glossy black finish exterior
  • A tempered glass top and front panel
  • Round gold dial hygrometer
  • Gold plated engraved side handles
  • Removable cedar tray with divider
  • Lockset along with a key
  • The storage capacity of 125 cigars
  • Cart add on $167

Presidente Humidor – 100 Cigar ct

President humidor is a timeless beauty. It has a wood grain glossy finish exterior. The humidor has a transparent glass top lid. The borders of the glass top have decorated with handcrafting. The crafting design looks stylish and appealing blend of modern and traditional artwork.

An external large silver hygrometer that helps to monitor readings conveniently. A black hygrometer has placed on the removable coaster of the humidor. It can store up to 100 cigars.

Product Features:

  • Glossy wood grain exterior
  • Transparent glass top humidor with handcrafted borders
  • Silver Ring hygrometer
  • Removable tray with divider
  • Portable humidifier
  • The storage capacity of 100 cigars

Esplanade Humidor -30 Cigar ct

Esplanade is a small desktop or travel humidor. It comes in a light brown burl matte finish. The lid of the humidor has transparent glass. It is an elegant and stylish glass top humidor. On the front side of the humidor, a round gold dial hygrometer has fitted. The storage box of the humidor divides into two portions.

A slim long humidifier has placed with the inner wall of the humidor to control the air circulation. It is one of the best glass top humidor for a gift or personal use at an affordable price.

Product Features:

  • Light brown burl finish exterior
  • Gold ring hygrometer
  • Internal humidifier
  • Lockset along with a key
  • The storage capacity of 30 cigar item