The Best Humidor Cabinet to Buy – Top 20 of 2023

A humidor cabinet is one of the primary needs of every serious humidor enthusiast. This is a larger container that can keep cigars in a controlled humidity environment. Humidor cabinets are available in different sizes and designs but the basic functionality remains the same. The humidor keeps the original aroma and flavor of the cigars alive. If you keep cigars without a humidor of some kind then after some time, the cigars start burning or they become difficult to light. Humidor cabinets have more features included with the large storage capacity. For a range of the best smaller Humidors click here >

Storing cigars for long periods is suitable for both commercial cigar retailers, cigar lounges, and home cigar enthusiasts. They are commonly designed for commercial use but you can also use them for domestic use if required.

Humidor cabinets include many functionalities depending upon the size and the price, but the basic common features available in most cigar humidor cabinets are the hygrometer and humidifiers.

Although cabinet humidors have large shelves, drawers, and advanced humidification controlling systems, these cabinets are referred to as electric humidors. Moreover, cabinet humidors are installed with the electronic humidification system which is fully automatic. Some of these humidors are even featured on our list of the best Humidors this year. For a wide range of the top Humidors Click here >

The ideal surrounding to store cigars in should fulfill the following requirements:
Humidity level maintain between 65% to 74%.
Maximum temperature: 73 Fahrenheit or 23 degrees Celsius.
The ideal condition is 70 Fahrenheit and 70% humidity.

usa made cabinet humidor

E84 Genuine USA made Commercial – Retail Cabinet Humidor – 4000 Cigar ct

Starting off our list is a commercial/retail cabinet that is made in the USA with 100% Spanish cedar wood. These stylish humidors are the perfect in-store solution to your humidor needs, whether it be for larger commercial purposes or for the residential cigar connoisseur.  These humidors can be adapted and restyled as they are made to order. These humidors are also ideal for cigar lounges and spaces where a custom-designed humidor is needed. They are also available in a range of different colors. View the USA-Made Humidor range >

This humidor is rated 9.5/10 due to it being an Authentic Hand Made Humidor designed and manufactured in the USA.

Dimensions and Specifications 
  • 84″ Height x 48″ Width & 16 3/4″ Depth
  • 7 Adjustable Spanish Cedar Racks
  • Sliding wood doors or hinged wood panel doors
  • LED Lights & Locks included
  • Optional Digital Hygrometer & Humidification Unit
  • Available in different colors including Black.
  • This Humidor can be customized to personal taste & requirements
  • Bottom wood doors (optional)
The Redford Lite Electric Cabinet Humidor by Prestige Import Group - 1250 Cigar c

The Redford Lite Electric Cabinet Humidor by Prestige Import Group – 1250 Cigar ct

The electric humidification system of the Redford Lite Electric Humidor controls the temperature and humidity inside the cabinet automatically. The installed built-in system is fully programmable and you only need to start it once. This is one of the main features of this humidor cabinet. Moreover, the display of this humidor is transparent with a tinted glass door. The door has a seal with sureseal technology to lock the moisture inside the cabinet.

This humidor is rated 9/10 due to its fully automatic system

Feature’s of this Cabinet Humidor:
Digital display
Automatic control humidification system
1250 cigars storage capacity
Tempered glass door
Automatic humidification system
Sealed door to avoid leakages
Digital display screen

tower of power

Executive Ebony Finish 3000 Display Tower Cabinet Humidor by Quality Importers

The Executive Ebony is a slim design cabinet humidor for commercial and domestic use. The storage capacity of this cabinet humidor is up to 3000 cigars.

The door is made from glass and tempered to avoid breakages. Inside the humidor, removable shelves with dividers are made to place the cigars on.

An external hygrometer is installed on top of the humidor to monitor changes to the humidity level inside the cabinet. Click here to view purchasing information for the Tower Humidor Cabinet.

This cabinet humidor is rated 9/10 due to its fine quality, transparent large display, and large storage capacity.

Feature’s of this Cabinet Humidor:
External hygrometer
Removable trays with dividers
Large storage capacity
Tempered glass door

cigar aging vault

Stylish 1500 Cigar Humidor Cigar Aging Vault Cabinet Humidor by Quality Importers

The Aging Vault is a unique, antique design cabinet humidor with an eye-captivating exterior and finish. The humidor has a long sequence of rolling drawers with trays to keep cigars individually. To store the cigar boxes and accessories, a small cabinet is included below the rolling drawers.

The interior of the cigar is made from high-quality Spanish cedar. The Spanish cedar lined wood helps to moist the cigars. View the Aging Vault here.

This cabinet humidor is rated 8/10 due to the large storage capacity and complete privacy of the collection placed inside the humidor.

Feature’s of this Cabinet Humidor:
Independent drawers
Two knobs for each drawer
Spanish cedar lined interior
Whole wood interior

old english humidor

Classic Old English Display Cabinet Humidor by Quality Importers – 3500 Cigar ct

The Classic Old English Humidor is a unique antique-style cabinet. Moreover, the exterior of the humidor has a very fine wood motif on top.

The sides of this cabinet humidor are decorated with wooden borders. Inside the humidor, shelves and drawers both are included.

On the top half portion, three rolling removable trays were added and below them, there are three lines of small drawers and 3 large drawers. Each drawer has an independent knob to open. To view or purchase this Old English Cabinet Humidor, click here.

This humidor is rated 9/10 due to its stylish unique design. Normally the humidor is just plain and simple, but the handmade wood artwork on this humidor has increased the worth.

Feature’s of this Cabinet Humidor:
Stylish antique exterior
3 rolling removable trays
9 small drawers
3 large drawers
Transparent interior display with glass door

antique humidor

Humidor Antique Style Cigar Tower Display Cabinet Humidor with Shelves by Quality Importers – 2000 Cigar ct

The exterior wooden design of this cigar tower cabinet humidor is inspired by the antique tower clocks. The humidor has a stylish and elegant wood design, curves, and finish. The main opening of the humidor is made from transparent glass with a wooden outline. This cabinet humidor has a large capacity of storage with a proper organization pattern. To organize the collection, removable trays were added on rolling shelves, and to give some privacy, small independent drawers with brass knobs were also added.

All the trays have dividers. On the top of the humidor, an external hygrometer with the brass ring is included. To view this Antique Cabinet Humidor or to make a purchase, click here.

This humidor is rated 9/10. The exterior of the humidor is lavish and rich. It can give a classic touch in any formal environment.

Feature’s of this Cabinet Humidor:
Tower clock inspired design
Removable trays with dividers
Small independent drawers with brass knobs
Tempered glass door
Long antique style handle for glass door
Brass ring exterior hygrometer

cigar locker

Cigar Locker Wall Cabinet Humidor by Quality Importers – 5000 Cigar ct

This humidor cabinet can be a dream of any person for commercial use. The Cigar Locker Wall cabinet humidor is not only huge but also has a very unique quality which makes it different from the other cabinet humidors.

This humidor has twelve small drawers and each drawer has an independent opening with a lockset. This cabinet can be used as a locker. For example, if you place this cabinet in a club then you can assign each drawer to your regular club members to keep their cigars secure in a controlled humidity environment.

A large cabinet is also included below the drawers to keep cigars boxes and extra accessories of the cigars. To view this cigar cabinet or to make a purchase, click here.

This humidor is rated 8/10 because it gives completely independent access to multiple users using the same product and for a single user it gives a fully secure environment to store the collection.

Feature’s of this Humidor:
Raised panels of drawers for air circulation
12 independent drawers with lock
1 large cabinet below the drawers
High-quality brass knobs
Grand modeling at top and bottom
Spanish cedar line interior
Fine mahogany finish exterior

adorini roma

Adorini Roma Electronic Humidor Cabinet Black – 6000 Cigar ct

Above all, electronic cabinet humidors are always a dream for commercial customers. Especially the electronic humidors with the included automatic system where you only need to start the system setting once. After that the system works on its own and does all changes required in temperature and humidity with the change in the environment.

The Adorini Roma Electronic cabinet is a fine black matte finish humidor with LED illuminating lights for all shelves. The sleek design also sets the Adorini apart with its European Minimalist design.

In conclusion, the external hygrometer with a silver ring and white base in included externally to monitor the changes in humidity level. Therefore, a long simple handle and a small lock is fitted on the door of the humidor. Five removable shelves with dividers were added to place the cigars and cigar boxes in. View this Adorini Roma Humidor cabinet. View all Adorini Humidors.

The Adorini Roma is rated 10/10 due to the design.

Feature’s of this Humidor:
Electronic humidification system
Tempered glass door
5 shelves with dividers
Led lights in each shelf
External hygrometer

cigar cafe display

DON SALVATORE – HAVANA CIGAR CAFE DISPLAY Cabinet Humidor – 144 Cigar Capacity / 8 Wine Bottles

The Don Salvatore – Havana Cigar Cafe Display Cabinet Humidor is a small size table-style cabinet humidor. The top of the humidor is made from transparent glass which gives a clear view of the collection placed inside the humidor.

The humidor has a rolling drawer with a brass knob and below the drawer, a large cabinet is added. The drawer is used to place the individual cigars whereas the cabinet allows you to keep the cigar boxes and extra accessories.

Both the drawers and cabinet have independent openings and separate locksets to secure the collection. Inside the cabinet, three shelves are made.

Therefore, two of them are plain and the middle one is designed to place the wine bottles in. To view this cabinet humidor, please click here.

This humidor is given 9/10 due to its dual functionality. It can hold both cigars and wine. This can srely be the best purchase for any cigar lover.

Feature’s of this Cabinet Humidor:
Transparent top display
Independent drawer and cabinet
Brass knobs

saint regis

The Saint Regis 4,000 Cabinet Humidor by Prestige Import Group – 4000 Cigar ct

The Saint Regis is a large, cherry finish humidor with dual style display. The upper half portion of the humidor has a transparent glass door and side panels and the lower portion has a wooden door and side panels. The upper portion includes four shelves.

The door has two separate opening panels with long stainless steel handles and lockset. The lower portion has two shelves where you can place the cigar boxes and cigar accessories. To view this cabinet humidor click here.

This humidor is rated 7/10 due to huge size and dual display quality.

Feature’s of this Cabinet Humidor:
Removable trays on sliding shelves
Tempered glass door
Stainless steel door handles
The storage capacity of 4000 cigars


Adorini Antique Cabinet Humidor Safe Cassaforte Limited Edition 2019

Adorini Antique Safe Cassaforte is a limited edition humidor. This humidor an old safe which was converted into a humidor. The lock system of the humidor is the same as the locking system of any safe or locker. Therefore the humidor is divided into two sections. The upper section of the humidor is made from steel and used to store the cigars.

On the first appearance, it will be difficult for you to identify if the humidor is made of wood or iron due to the fine wooden texture finish applied on the humidor. The lower portion of the humidor is completely made from wood. You can use the lower portion to keep your vine collection or the other cigar accessories. Click here to purchase this cabinet humidor.

This humidor is rated 10/10 due to the unique idea behind the manufacturing of this limited rich cabinet humidor.

Feature’s of this Humidor:
Wood and iron interior
Hygrometer included
Spanish cedar lined wood
3 drawers
1 removable tray
Electronic humidification system


Adorini Prato Glass Top cabinet Humidor – Deluxe – 900 Cigar

The Adorini Prato Glass Top Humidor has a modern design and is a very stylish cabinet humidor. The size of the humidor is equal to the size of a large table.

The glass door of this humidor cabinet doesn’t have any borders which make for an elegant and fine appearance. Moreover, the exterior of the humidor is finished with a fine black matte finish. The interior of the humidor is lined with Spanish cedar. The top of the humidor is also made from glass to give a transparent view of the cigars placed inside the trays.

Meanwhile, this humidor allows you to place the tray according to your required height of use. You can place both individual cigars and cigar boxes. Click here to view the Adorini Prato Cabinet Humidor in our shop.

This humidor is rated 10/10 as it has a unique, elegant and modern appearance compared to the other humidor Cabinets of a similar size.

Feature’s of this Humidor:
Matte black fine finish
Spanish cedar lined interior
Removable tray with dividers
Adjustment level up to 4 heights
The transparent glass top and front panel