An Electric Cigar Humidor is an excellent choice for serious humidor enthusiasts who need a new and improved version of the humidity control system for their home or office. The key to building a large collection of cigars is to keep your cigars fresh and at the perfect temperature and humidity. With an electronic humidor, you can safely keep your cigars at the perfect storage temperature.

The hygrometer humidifier is today the most popular type of humidifier on the market with a number of different sizes and prices. The humidor cabinet includes many functions that depend on size and price. Cabinet humidors behave much like any other cigar humidor, except for the hygrometer and humidifier, not the cigar itself. This electric humidifier is fully automatic and can be installed in a cabinet humidor like in a house.

Cigar humidors are specially designed to store cigars for a long time. They are manufactured from premium quality wood. They have an ideal temperature and humidity level to store cigars. They come in different sizes and shapes.  The features include a hygrometer, a humidifier, a Spanish cedar lined interior, and a lockset along with the key. A device that is used to measure the amount of moisture in a compact area is known as a hygrometer. It attaches to the door of the cabinet. The hygrometer has a display screen to monitor the change in temperature. It comes in two displays, a digital display, and an analog display. Integrated humidifiers are not always included inside electronic cigar humidors, although many are. This is something that needs to be determined when making a purchasing decision. Humidifiers control the internal temperature of the cabinets. They also maintain the ideal humidity to store cigars. The storage capacity of the cabinet depends on the size.

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How an Electric Cigar Humidor Works

An electric cigar cooler humidor works with the help of sensors. The sensor detects the amount of moisture outside. It turns on the ventilator of the cabinet and circulates air through it. The ventilators automatically turn off when the temperature reaches the preset ideal value. Electronic cabinet humidors don’t require a person to operate them. The user needs only once to start the system and monitor it occasionally. Electronic humidors are the best method of storing a cigar.

Here are some of the best electric cigar humidors. These are unbeatable in quality and features. They give perfect humidity to store a growing cigar collection at the optimal temperature.

Adorini Bari Deluxe Display Humidor Cabinet

1. Adorini Bari Deluxe Display Humidor Cabinet

The Adorini Bari Deluxe is a small size cabinet. It is finished with a matte black tint. It is a simple cabinet humidor. However, it can convert into an electronic cabinet. For this reason, a lockable cable opening is included on the rare wall. The transparent glass door and walls portray an elegant and modern look. Rearranging shelves allow the user to organize the cigar collection according to his preferences. It works well as an independent unit.


·        Stylish exterior

·        Tempered glass

·        Airvent storage cedar shelves

·        Prepared for the electronic humidification system

·        Storage capacity for 1100 cigars


“I converted my simple Adorini Bari deluxe into electronic humidification. It works perfectly to keep my collection safe and sound.”

“The Adorini Bari deluxe is the best choice to use in small spaces. It can store a good number of products.”


2. Adorini Salina Electronic Cabinet Humidor

Adorini Salina is a black exterior cabinet humidor. It includes a built-in electric humidification system. The advanced multi-functional control unit displays current humidity, average humidity of 3 days, preset humidity, and the current temperature. The water tank of this cabinet has electronic indicators to inform users about the water level without any hassle. It includes Spanish cedar storage shelves, accessories drawers, and LED lights. It works well as an independent unit.

Features of this cigar humidor box:

·        Exquisite exterior with glass door, sides, and top

·        Commercial use cabinet

·        Built-in electric humidification system

·        Advance multi-functional digital display unit

·        Storage capacity for 1500 cigars


“I am fully satisfied with the working of the Adorini Salina cabinet. I don’t need to feel worried anymore about the long-term storage of my collection.”

“I am impressed by the attractive exterior and advanced functionalities of this cabinet. “

Redford Climate/Humidity-Controlled Cabinet Humidor by Prestige Import Group

3. Redford Climate/Humidity-Controlled Cabinet Humidor by Prestige Import Group

Redford is a tower humidor. It is equipped with an automatic humidity control system. The additional features of the cabinet include a digital hygrometer to monitor the humidity and demisting technology for the glass door to avoid foggy display and heating-cooling system. The dark cherry finish looks attractive on the wood exterior.

Features of this humidor:

·        Dark cherry finish exterior

·        Humidity levels adjustable from 56% to 78%

·        Temperature adjustable from 41F to 71F

·        Toggle between Fahrenheit and Celcius temperature

·        Storage capacity of 1250 cigars


“The Redford electric cabinet has proved to be one of the best cigar humidors for my shop. It stores collections in the ideal humidity levels. “

I have been using the Redford for a long time. It is quite easy to install and use this unit.

The Redford Lite Electric Cigar Cabinet by Prestige Import Group

4. The Redford Lite Electric Cigar Cabinet by Prestige Import Group

The Redford Lite Cabinet humidor has similar features and functionalities to the Redford Cabinet with a slight difference. The hygrometer calibration is optional in this cabinet. The built-in electronic humidification system with an auxiliary fan balances the humidity in the whole unit. It contains a refill water reservoir. The water reservoir can only refill with distilled water.

Features of this electric humidor cabinet:                                        

·        Black oak finish exterior

·        Refill water reservoir

·        Cedar shelves

·        Digital display

·        Automatic control humidification system

·        Tempered glass door

·        Sealed door to avoid leakages

·        Storage capacity for 1250 cigars

·        Operates on 110/120 volts


“The automatic electronic humidification system keeps my cigars and accessories perfect as new for a long time. “

” I am impressed with the outstanding quality of the Redford lite cabinet. The sliding shelves are easy to use.”


5. Clevelander Electric Temperature Controlled Cabinet Humidor

The Clevelander Electric is a stainless steel cabinet humidor. The appearance of the cabinet resembles a coffer. This cabinet includes a digital hygrometer, a cooling system, and a water reservoir. The hygrometer of the cabinet works on a battery. The internal temperature can be adjusted by clicking the control buttons on the top.

Features of this cigar humidor:

·        Stainless steel exterior and Spanish wood interior

·        Toggle between Fahrenheit and Celcius temperature

·        Storage capacity for 250 cigars

·        Thermoelectric cooling system


“I prefer to use the Clevelander because of its toggle temperature feature and adjustable humidity according to my choice.

“I was scared while buying the Clevelander electric cabinet. But I am satisfied with my choice. It is a masterpiece, especially for a small space.”

CWC-351DD Whynter Freestanding 3.6 cu. ft. Wine Cooler and Cigar

6. Whynter Freestanding 3.6 cu ft Wine Cooler and Cigar Humidor

The Whynter freestanding 3.6 ft is a two-in-one unit humidor and wine cooler. It includes a thermoelectric cigar cooling system. The Whynter CWC-351DD has no moving parts and is CFC-free which means that you get silent, long-lasting, and environmentally safe refrigeration for your collection. The Whynter freestanding contains a capacity of 350 cigars.

Features of this cigar humidor / wine cooler:

·       Stainless steel exterior

·        Independent units

·        Cedar shelves

·        Soft LED lights

·        Toggle between Fahrenheit and Celcius temperature

·        Best commercial cigar cooler

“I am loving the Whynter Freestanding unit. It gives me the benefit of a wine cooler and a cabinet in one product.”

“It is an innovative product. The CFC free refrigerator is best for the environment, and the thermoelectric cabinet makes storage convenient and easy. “

Genuine USA Commercial - Retail Electronic Cabinet:

7. Genuine USA Commercial – Retail Electronic Cabinet

The E8448 is made of genuine USA Spanish cedar. It is a large cabinet to use in commercial and retail shops. The humidors can be personalized according to customer choice.

Features of this cigar cabinet humidor:

·        Available in different finish

·        Customize according to choice

·        Storage capacity for 4000 cigars


“I bought the E8448 for my wholesale shop. It is stored almost half of the collection in one cabinet and made my work easy. “

“I customized the cabinets according to my choice. And I must say that this option with a wide range of choices is available only in this cabinet.”


8. The Remington Lite Electric Cabinet Humidor by Prestige Import Group

The Remington Lite is a tower electric cigar humidor. It includes an automatic humidity control system. The additional features of the cabinet include a digital hygrometer to monitor the humidity, demisting technology for the glass door to avoid foggy display and a heating-cooling system. Check out our review of this Humidor.

Features of the Remington Lite tower cigar humidor:

·        Humidity level adjustable from 56% to 78%

·        Temperature adjustable from 41F to 71F

·        Toggle between Fahrenheit and Celcius temperature

·        Storage capacity for 2000 cigars


“The Remington lite electric cabinet is the best humidor with a lot of storage space and a user-friendly interface. “

“I like the premium quality architecture and impressive functionalities of my humidor.”

9.  Visol Gorman Macassar Ebony Cabinet Humidor

Visol Gorman is a small size humidor cabinet. Each storage drawer holds an independent humidifier to maintain ideal humidity. A hygrometer includes managing the level of moisture in the humidor. The Macassar ebony finish looks stylish and appealing. This humidor is priced reasonably!.

Features of this cigar cabinet humidor:

·        Independent hygrometers

·        A humidifier

·        4 Boveda humidification packets

·        Storage capacity of 140 cigars


“Stunning and worthy cabinet for small spaces. “

“The best feature of this cabinet is independent drawers. It helps me to organize different brands and flavors of cigars.  “

Reagan 4000 Electric Cabinet humidor by Prestige Import Group

10.   Reagan 4000 Electric Cabinet humidor by Prestige Import Group

The Reagan 4000 is a big electronic cabinet humidor with dual panels. The control panel displays temperature and humidity on the digital display. The advanced features are electric humidification systems, demisting features, and built-in LED lights.

Features of the Reagon cigar humidor:

·        Dual panels

·        LED illumination

·        Built-in auto humidifying system

·        12 Drawer Style Shelves on Metal Slides

·        2 Removable Tray with 2 Dividers

·        3 Adjustable Dividers per Shelf

·        Features Cooling & Heating Systems

·        Toggle Between Fahrenheit or Celsius

·        Temperature Adjustable 41F-71F

·        Adjustable 56%-78%

·        Refillable & Removable Water Reservoir

·        Adjustable Hygrometer Calibration

·        Cedar Lined Trays & Shelves

·        Sleek Push Button Digital Control Panel With Adjustable Climate & moisture Settings

·        De-mist Feature Automatically Maintains Glass Free of Condensation

·        Built-In Electronic Humidification System With Auxiliary Fan

·        De-Humidification Assist Effectively Balances Humidity

·        Embossed Wood Side Panels & Grand Molding Accents

·        Tempered Tinted Glass Door with Heavy Duty Seal

·        Storage capacity for 4000 cigars


I will recommend everyone to buy the Reagan cabinet. It works best in my shop to store the bulk of the collection.

Prestige group never disappoint the customers with innovative design and high-end features.

The Barbatus Wooden Cabinet Humidor by Prestige Import Group - 4000 Cigar ct

11. The Barbatus Wooden Electronic Humidor Cabinet by Prestige Import Group

The Barbatus Wooden is a cabinet cigar humidor. The transparent glass door gives a clear view of the collection inside the cabinet. The demisting function works to keep the glass door clear. Wooden sliding shelves and drawers help to organize the cigars. The humidifiers are available to maintain the moisture inside the cabinet. It works well as an independent unit.


·        Humidifiers

·        Analog hygrometer

·        Rare wall electricity port

·        Storage for 2000 cigars


“The rare wall port keeps my displaying clear. The storage capacity works best to store collections. “

“The top mount hygrometer is easily accessible, especially in busy days. It allows me to monitor the readings quickly. “


12.   Classic Old English Display Cabinet by Quality Importers

Classic Old is an antique-style display cabinet. The cabinet includes sliding shelves and drawers for organizing the cigars. The interior of the humidor is made from Spanish cedar. The exterior is decorated with wooden embroidery designs.

Features of this large Electronic Humidor:

·        Tempered glass door with sureseal technology

·        Two interior AC outlets

·        Sliding Shelves and rolling drawers

·        Storage capacity for 3500 cigars


” I like this cabinet because it has stored most of my collection. The best part is, it doesn’t occupy a lot of space. “

“The marvelous design of the Classic old English humidors made me fall in love with it.”

The Bundle Bin Commercial 3000 Wall Cabinet Humidor By Quality Importers

13.   Bundle Bin Commercial 3000 Wall Cabinet Humidor By Quality Importers

The Bundle Bin humidor is specially designed for commercial use. It holds small bins to place the cigar boxes. The door is made of transparent glass. The corners of the cabinet include the wheel for movement. It doesn’t have any built-in humidification system. The HYDRA-LG humidifier works best in it.


·        Premium kiln Spanish cedar interior

·        Two AC outlets

·        Storage capacity for 1500 cigars and 75 boxes


“Bundle Bin is one of the best cabinets for commercial use. “

” I always prefer this cigar humidors for my shop because it independently stores the boxes of cigars.”

14.   Quality Importers Tower of Power Cabinet Humidor

The Tower of Power is a cabinet humidor. It includes a front-mounted hygrometer. The additional features of the cabinet include a sureseal technology glass door, demisting technology to avoid a foggy display, and a heating-cooling system. This is one of the most popular larger humidors available, partly down to its competitive pricing and elegant look.


·        Sliding shelves and rolling drawers

·        Two interior AC outlets

·        High quality exterior

·        Storage for 3000 cigars


The Tower of Power has an attractive and smart design. It gives a stylish look in my shop.

“I am in love with the interior of the Tower of Power cabinet Humidor. It allows me to display my collections with some privacy (with the wood drawers).”

15.  NewAir 400 Count Cigar Humidor, Climate Controlled with Opti-Temp

NewAir is a humidor with an opti-temperature heating and cooling system. It maintains a constant temperature for cigar storage. The interior is designed to place both cigars and boxes in a linear organization.


·        Adjustable Spanish cedar lined shelves and drawers

·        Constant temperature

·        LED lights

·        Storage for 400 cigars


 “NewAir works best for domestic use. It is easy to use because it doesn’t contain a complicated humidification system.   I am using the NewAir 400 cigar count to display my collection in my shop. It has a valuable storage capacity that holds all my samples. “

16.   Whynter Stainless Steel 1.2 cu ft. Cigar Cooler

The Whynter stainless steel is a stylish humidor. It includes a digital display monitor, a thermoelectric cooling system, and soft LED lights. An auxiliary fan is circulating the air through every corner of the humidor.


·        Thermoelectric cooling system

·        Soft LED lights

·        Adjustable thermostat temperature between 50-66 Fahrenheit

·        Storage capacity for 250 cigars


” I found The Whynter a long-lasting humidor. I am satisfied with the functionality of this humidor.”

“The stainless steel stylish architecture attracted me to buy the humidor. The advanced features of the humidor are a whip on my cake.”

 Whynter Elite Touch Control Stainless 1.2cu.ft. Cigar Cooler

17.   Whynter Elite Touch Control Stainless 1.2cu.ft. Cigar Cooler

The Whynter Elite Touch Stainless Steel humidor is a stylish display humidor. It includes a digital touch display monitor, a thermoelectric cooling system, and soft LED lights. An auxiliary fan is circulating the air through every corner of the humidor.


·        Touch Display

·        Thermoelectric cooling system

·        Soft LED lights

·        Adjustable thermostat temperature between 50-66 Fahrenheit

·        Storage capacity for 250 cigars


“The digital touch display is the most amazing and valuable feature of the Whynter Elite Cigar Cooler. It is a rare quality. “

I like the automatic cooling system of the humidor. It is quite easy to understand and use. “

Adorini Prato Glass Top - Deluxe cabinet humidor

18.   Adorini Prato Glass Top Cabinet Humidor

The Adorini Prato is an elegant glass-top cigar humidor.  It includes an internal humidification system and a glass hygrometer. The storage shelves are made of Spanish cedar with strip space for the circulation of proper air through the cigars. It works well as an independent unit.


·        Two silver Adorini polymer humidifiers

·        Glass hygrometer

·        Adjustable sliding shelves

·        Storage capacity for 900 cigars


“The exterior of the Adorini Prato looks lavishing. I was not able to stop myself from buying this stylish Adorini Prato cabinet. “

 “The Adorini Parto is the best choice to use in small spaces. It can store a good number of cigars for my personal collection.”

19. Whynter Freestanding 3.6 cu.ft. Wine Cooler and Cigar Center

Whynter Freestanding is a two-in-one cigar humidor. Half of the unit works as a wine cooler and the other work as a humidor. Both compartments include an independent temperature control system. It is a CFC free unit.


·        Stainless steel exterior and glass door

·        Get two in one unit benefits

·        Ecofriendly refrigerator

·        Best cigar Cooler Humidor

·        Storage for 16 wine bottles and 350 cigars


” I love the multi-functional Whynter Freestanding wine and cigar cooler humidor. It smoothly works in two independent units. “

“I am using this product for so long. I never experienced any better wine and cigar cooler before than this one. “

Simple FAQ for Electronic Cigar Humidors

How to keep an electronic cabinet at 70%?

The electronic cabinet can be set at 70% humidity by keeping it away from direct sunlight, refrigerators, and turning off the coolers.

How do you set up an electric humidor?

It can be set up with the help of the following steps:

·        Place a glass filled with distilled water in the container.

·        Turn on the electronic humidifier.

·        Attach the hygrometer to monitor the humidity device.

·        Close lid of the container

·        Now monitor the readings on the hygrometer. When it reaches the ideal humidity level (65-70%), it means your storage box is ready to store the collection.

How many boveda packs do I need in an electric humidor?

One Boveda packet can serve twenty-five cigars. It means the number of boveda packs will depend on the storage capacity of the humidor.

How to increase humidity in the hydroelectric humidor?

You can get it with the help of Boveda humidification packets.

What is the best temperature setting on the electronic humidor to get the best humidity?

The ideal temperature is set according to the 70/70 rule. This rule states that the temperature should be 70-degrees Fahrenheit and the relative humidity should be 70%. In this state you can achieve the best humidity level to store the collection in an ideal environment.

How do I control the humidity in my electronic humidor?

You can speed up the humidity process by placing the cabinet in direct sunlight with an open lid. If your humidity increases from the ideal level, lower down the level of the distilled water in the water tank. For regular use, keep the container away from sunlight and cooling refrigerators. The humidifier will be able to work properly on its own by maintaining the ideal temperature level and controlled moisture environment.

Who can make an electronic humidor for Cuban cigars?

You can make it yourself. It needs a storage box, an electronic or chargeable humidifier and a hygrometer to make containers for the Cuban cigar.