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2021 Tower Of Power Humidor range Reviewed

The Tower of Power humidor is one of the most affordable Tower cabinet humidors. It is suitable for both personal and commercial use and it is one of the most popular large humidors on the market today. The size and finish of the humidor look attractive and stunning. Quality importers are known as one of the top companies in the manufacturing of cigar accessories and humidors. The company has a well-known reputation due to its eye-captivating designs and premium quality products. The company aims to provide high-end and fully loaded products at affordable prices and it appears that the Tower Humidor range with its attractive price tag fits this bill. We have featured the Tower of Power Humidor on our Best Humidors of 2020 and Best Cabinet Humidors of 2020

We preview the five Humidors
that make up the
2021 range of Tower Humidors

Tower Humidor with Trays
The Tower Humidor with Shelves
The Antique Tower Humidor
The Olde English Tower Humidor
The Verona Tower Humidor
The Mini Tower Humidor
The Hydra Humidifier

Tower of Power is an ideal humidor to store a large number of cigars. The cabinet includes the following features:

Product Features:

  • ·        Large cabinet humidor, Black oak finish exterior,  Tempered beveled glass door,  Glass hygrometer. Gold plated brass knob, Gold  Plated lock along with tassel hanging key, Hidden piano hinges, 2 A/C outlets interior, Spanish cedar lined interior, Kilin lined removable trays, 8 independent rolling drawers with wood knobs, Separate storage for cigar boxes and single cigars,  Glass hygrometer with brass ring, Storage space for 3000 cigars, Humidifier unavailable in the cabinet, 3 removable shelves, Free shipping all over the world
The Tower of Power with Drawset available in four colors

Tower of Power large cabinet humidor

Tower of Power is a large cabinet humidor. It has a beautiful and stunning exterior of black oak finish. It has a beveled glass front panel. The glass panel is tempered bevel to avoid the hits and breakages. The tempered beveled glass door allows the user to have a clear and transparent view of the collection placed inside the cabinet. This tempered beveled glass has a demist feature. This feature helps to keep the view clear by avoiding a layer of smog and moisture on the glass door. This tempered beveled glass has included sureseal technology. The sureseal technology locks the moisture and humidity to avoid any leakages from the humidor. Otherwise, the moisture can leak from the humidor. That will cause an effect on the performance and ideal humidity level inside the cabinet.

The door of the cabinet has a stainless steel handle. The stainless steel handle is a long-lasting accessory as it does not fade the finish or rust. Below the handle, a round chrome plated keyhole is available. The gold-plated lock protects your collection from strangers or thieves and allows access to the cabinet to authorized persons only. The gold-plated lockset has a hanging tassel key chain. The key chain looks gorgeous with the gold-plated lock and black oak finish. The glass door of the tower humidor has hidden piano hinges. These piano hinges are made of brass. It is a premium quality industrial brass. It does not rust off. The hidden piano hinges accomplish the simple and decent exterior of the tower humidor. These hidden piano hinges avoid the forceful or noisy opening of the door of the cabinet.  

View the Tower Humidor at the Grand Humidors online store >

The Tower’s pre- Installed Trays

Inside the cabinet, storage trays are installed. The storage space is divided into two sections. The upper section has removable shelves with dividers. It has 3 removable shelves. These shelves help to organize the cigar collection. The storage trays are made of Spanish cedarwood. It is a type of wood that can hold more moisture compared to ordinary woods. The storage trays can hold the cigar boxes. The dividers of the shelves and removable trays are adjustable. The users can change the adjustments according to their needs or choices. These are removable trays of Spanish cedar.  The lower section of the cabinet has small drawers. These drawers are also made by kiln-dried Spanish cedar. The drawers are used for storing the individual cigars. Sometimes the user may have a collection of cigars with different brands and flavors. The Tower of Power was manufactured by keeping this essential need of the customers. Each drawer has an individual rollers and knobs. The knobs on the drawers are also made of cedarwood to coordinate. Each drawer can store a single cigar collection. It keeps the flavor of the cigar fresh and avoids blending with the other flavors. The Spanish cedar-lined interior enhances the durability and reliability of the humidor.

This version contants no drawers and is more suitable to a public display

The Tower humidor inclusive of only shelves

The Tower of Power humidor cabinet has a top mount glass hygrometer. A hygrometer is a device that is used to measure the amount of humidity and moisture in a compact area. It is attached inside or outside the lid of the humidors. It shows the change in humidity and temperature on the display monitor. The tower of power humidor cabinet has an analog display monitor. It has a high-definition, demiss tempered glass and gold-plated round ring.

 The tower humidor has three A/C outlets on the rare wall. It does not come with a humidifier. However, the user can simply add a humidification system. For this purpose, the outlets are included by the rear wall. The humidors typically work on the alternating current. That’s why the large cabinets come with A/C outlets. The rare wall C outlets keep the view clear. The C outlets allow you to attach more than one humidifier within a cabinet. View the Tower Humidor at the Grand Humidors online store

The Antique Tower Humidor

This variation of the Tower humidor series has a definite antique feel to it. This cabinet is a stylish, high-quality humidor that combines great looks with the exact functionality that discerning cigar enthusiasts expect. Walnut and burled wood have been used to give the exterior panels a rich, warm look and create a continuous grain pattern over the entire humidor. Beautifully styled with a beautiful hardwood finish creating a true old-world classic feel. View the Antique Tower Humidor at the Grand Humidors online store

  • Dimensions (outside): 24″ x 16 1/2″ x 72″ (W x D x H)
  • Decorative Raised Wood Side Panels
  • 1 Glass Hygrometer with Brass Frame
  • 4 Shelves (3 adjustable) for Box Storage
  • 8 Drawers for Storing Single Cigar
  • 4 Removable Trays with Dividers
  • Lined with Premium Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar
  • Tarnished Brass Plated Lock & Key, Knob and Hidden Piano Hinges
  • 2 Interior A/C Outlets
  • Humidifier Dimensions: 4-1/4″ x 11″ x 4-3/4″ (W x L x H)
  • Hydroset adjustable technology
  • Large LED Screen Display for Easy Viewing
  • 2 Internal Fans
  • Instructions Included!

The Tower Olde English display humidor

The Tower Olde English display humidors are an eloquently designed traditionally styled humidor equipped with three removable trays so you can make full use of the storage space. It makes it easy to store unpacked cigars in a safe place in the room without damaging the cigar box. The Humidor uses three adjustable shelves and two drawers, each holding up to 400 loose cigars, as well as a large storage compartment for accessories. The outside of the humidor is decorated with a very fine wood motif, and the inside of the cigar is made of high-quality Spanish cedar. This Custom Cigar Humidor is made of solid mahogany and finished with Stain lacquer. It combines detailed craftsmanship with the same high-quality wood used in Cuba for centuries. Perfect for storing some of the best cigars in the world. View the Olde English Tower Humidor at the Grand Humidors online store

  • Dimensions (outside): 22 1/2″ x 16 1/2″ x 67″ (W x D x H)
  • A dual pane tempered beveled glass door
  • Gold plated lock and key with tassel
  • Hidden piano hinges
  • Holds up to 3000 Cigars
  • Dual Pane Tempered Beveled Glass Door
  • 1 Clock with Brass colored Frame
  • 3 Shelves for Box Storage
  • 8 Drawers for Storing Single Cigars
  • 4 Removable Cedar Trays
  • Corner Wheels for Ease of Movemen
  • Lined with Premium Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar
  • Gold Plated Lock & Key with Tassel
  • Knob and Hidden Piano Hinges
  • 2 Interior A/C Outlets
  • Humidifier Dimensions: 4-1/4″ x 11″ x 4-3/4″ (W x L x H)
  • Hydroset adjustable technology
  • Large LED Screen Display for Easy Viewing
  • 2 Internal Fans
  • Instructions Included!

The Verona Tower Humidor

The Verona Tower Humidor is a beautifully crafted Italian Design inspired Tower Humidor. It is easily identified by its uniquely styled pent top design which is characteristic of traditional Northern European classic shelving. It can easily hold up to 3,000 cigars, so it fits perfectly in a cigar shop or home. The Humidor has a double glass door and a gold-plated lock and key. View the Verona Tower Humidor at the Grand Humidors online store

The  Verona 3000 Tower Humidor Features

  • Attractive Mahogany exterior
  • Lined with Premium Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar 
  • Dual Pane tempered beveled glass door 
  • Gold plated lock and key with tassel
  • Hidden piano hinges 
  • 1 Clock with Brass colored Frame
  • 3 Shelves for Box Storage
  • 8 Drawers for storing single cigars
  • 4 removable cedar trays
  • Corner wheels for ease of movement 
  • 2 Interior A/C outlets
  • Does not include humidification system 
  • HYDRA-LG Electronic Humidifier recommended

Dimensions and Capacity

  • 22 1/2″W x 16 1/2″D x 67″H
  • Capacity is rated based on a Corona-sized cigar

The Mini Tower Humidor

With luxurious design and a touch of sophistication, and with its conveniently stackable miniature cabinets, the Mini Tower can be used as a freestanding storage compartment for your desktop humidor or as a free-standing storage cabinet for desktops or even humidors. By a medium humidor, that one can safely store your 800 – 1000 favorite cigars.. The Humidor is a showcase that sits on a large, high-quality, double-walled mahogany cigar cabinet and can be mounted on any properly secured wall. This cigar humidor is a freestanding humidor with a large brass hydrometer, built-in external hygrometer and a complete – dimensioned, fully equipped, large – capacity meter, stainless steel, an external hygrometer for removal. View the Mini Tower Humidor at the Grand Humidors online store

Choosing a hUMIDIFIER for your Tower Humidor

A device used to control the moisture and humidity inside a close container is known as a humidifier. It circulates the fresh air through the humidor. The ideal humidity level is between 65% to 70%. The humidifier works to maintain the humidity level in the container. It helps to reduce the constant stress of maintaining the cigar collection. It is quite difficult for the user to keep a constant check on the humidity level. The automatic humidifier has included inside electronic humidors for having the ideal humidity level. These humidifiers control the internal temperature of the humidors. They also maintain the ideal humidity to store cigars. The humidity range of humidors is between 56% to 78%. The humidifiers help to keep the original aroma and flavor of the cigars alive. The cigars become too dry if you keep them at a low humidity level and they become too soggy if you store them in a high humidity level. So, the cigars need a specific humidity level range to stay in the same shape and texture. The automatic humidifiers work on the weather conditions. They work best on both too sunny or too cloudy days. 

We suggest the user use Hydra Large Humidifiers in the tower humidor.

Hydra LG HUMIDOR Humidifier:

The Hydra LG humidifier is used in the large cabinet humidors. The humidifier is the best performer to balance the environment of the cabinet. It eliminates all the extra moisture from the cabinet to maintain the ideal humidity level. It can easily store up to 3000 cigars at a time and control humidity and moisture levels. The Hydra LG humidifier comes along with some marvelous features. These features are as following:

  • ·        Remote control humidification system
  • ·        Internal sensors and fans
  • ·        Refillable large capacity water cartridge

Remote control humidification system: It is a complex task to control the humidity level in large cabinets. The Hydra LG humidifier comes with a remote. The remote has some basic functions that you need to calibrate the humidity level. The remote has a large digital display screen. The screen shows the real-time humidity level and temperature inside the cabinet. You can place the remote anywhere in the humidor to know the accurate reading without opening it.

Internal Sensorsand Fans:
The Hydra LG humidifier is equipped with the sensors to access the current environment of the humidor. The sensors monitor the current humidity in every 30 seconds. The sensors immediately turn on the internal fans when the humidity level drops from the ideal. The fans start circulation of fresh air through the cabinet to distribute the equal amount of moisture amongst the cigar collection. This Hydra LG humidifier also has an option of external fans upon user requirement.

Refillable Large Capacity Water Cartridge:
The Hydra LG humidifier refillable cartridge is large in size. It can store a big amount of water at once. The humidifier allows you to fill the cartridge with distilled water. The distilled water helps the humidifier to achieve the ideal humidity easier and more conveniently. The distilled water does not introduce minerals or molds to the cabinet humidor. This humidifier also has a water gauge (audible and visual). The indicator helps you to refill the water timely without any inconvenience. The refillable cartridge does not mean that you will never need to change it. After a certain time, it becomes essential to replace the water cartridge. Otherwise, the performance of the humidifier can be affected.

Additional Features:

Quality importers never disappoint customers with the best deals and products. The Tower of Power humidor does not have a humidifier. However, the user can ask for a humidification system with an affordable additional cost in the price. They also offer some other features too. These features are the following:

  • ·        Hydra Large Humidifier 
  • ·        Cigar Oasis Magna Humidifier
  • ·        HumidiFresh Humidifier
  • ·        Rectangular Digital Glass Hygrometer
  • ·        Round Digital Hygrometer
  • ·        Extra removable trays

You can choose any of the above features according to your requirements. Each feature will cost independently to the total price of the cabinet.
View the Hydra Humidifier at the Grand Humidors online store

FAQ that will help you to buy a cigar humidor.

Do I take cigars out of plastic to put in the humidor?

No, it is not compulsory. But it is a better approach to keep cigars out of packet because the moisture can properly flow through the cigars. And the humidor can work efficiently.

How long can a humidor last?

A humidor can last for years. It depends on the proper use and care.

Does the Tower of Power cabinet come with a humidifier?   

No. The Tower of Power cabinet does not come with a humidifier. However, the user can ask for a humidification system with an additional cost in the price.

Do I need to buy a new humidor if any of the features stop working?

No, you don’t need to change the whole unit. You can find the components of cigars on different sites and go from there.

How long can a cigar last in a humidor?

A cigar can last up to 3 to 4 months in a humidor.

Can anyone under the age of 21 can buy cigars?    

No. According to law, only persons of the age of 21 can buy cigars.

Can I move the cabinet humidor?

As the cabinet humidors are huge in size, it is recommended not to move them frequently. But if you need to move it, wheels are available. You can attach the wheels at the bottom of the humidor and then move it. 

Do I need to buy a new cartridge every time?

No, you don’t. You can refill the same cartridge three times. After refilling it, wait for a few minutes to settle the water level and then reattach it with the unit. 

Can I use any water to refill the cartridge of the humidifier?

No, the cartridge of the humidifier can only be refilled with distilled water. You can not use the tap or ordinary water to refill the cartridge.