The Newair Wineador Electric Cigar Humidor is one of the best-selling humidors on the market, it’s small aesthetically pleasing yet sturdy build is backed up with a one-year warranty and is highly rated amongst cigar connoisseurs. This humidor is something that every cigar lover with a growing collection of stogies should consider. If you are new to the concept of Electric Humidors and are looking for something on the stylish side yet value longevity, your research stops here.

What’s special about the Newair range is it also comes with an adjustable thermostat with an accurate display, a built-in hygrometer, a stainless steel body, and a removable internal water reservoir to help maintain the humidity levels. You can see our full review of the smallest model here >.

Newair wineador humidors have a sleek and eye-captivating stainless steel finish built with a silver steel exterior topped with sophisticated Spanish cedar shelving which blends tradition with modern design and an extremely reliable electronic cooling system that is very easy to use and user-friendly.

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The Newair 840 Electric CIGAR Humidor

The Newair 840 humidor works to maintain cigar freshness and aroma altogether. This humidor can keep the freshness and aroma of each cigar without the need to check the internal temperature from time to time.

It is perfect to maintain your cigar collection in diverse weather conditions, so even when the basking heat or the chilly winter weather arrives, you can be assured your cigars will stay fresh. The wide variation of this Humidor has very generous space to organize your entire cigar collection!

Aside from the solid 1-year warranty that this humidor offers, the most recent addition to the Newair family product lineup is the NewAir 840 Count Electric Wineador Humidor. It is the most luxurious model from NewAir and was released this year. Judging by the name itself, The Newair 840 has a capacity of 840 cigars storage count humidor but it can go over to 1000 depending on the size of your cigars.

Equipped with very stylish four-tier Spanish cedar drawers along with a matt black stainless steel door, rimmed LED lights to help you find your most favorite cigar, or simply for your Spanish cedar to stand out. This 840 count cigar humidor has an elegant stainless steel black-toned finish. Lastly, what’s good about this humidor is that it heats and cools.

The Newair 840 electric cigar humidor is also equipped with a built-in humidification system, among other improvements from its previous product releases. In addition, The glass door is locked with sureseal technology. Sureseal technology ensures proper lid closure to maintain internal humidity and moisture level. 

Reasons why you should need to get the Newair 840 count cigar humidor:

  • The spanish cedar drawers are spacious and it can hold up to a max of 1000 individual cigars
  • It has a built-in humidification system that helps you easily manage the moisture levels
  • The Spanish Cedar finish emits an aroma that gives your cigar a full flavor
  • It has a sleek Stainless Steel finish.
  • It has a consistent temperature control
  • The highly quality Spanish cedar drawers preserve your cigars and create a very stylish display
  • It has a quality door seal
  • The door rimmed led lights make it easier to find the perfect cigar of your choice
  • The door handle is very easy to assemble and makes for a smooth opening of the unit.
  • It has a very quiet motor compared to other models
  • It has heavy-duty spanish cedar drawers with stainless steel finish and metal rails
  • It has a very sturdy magnetic refrigerator seal
  • It has 3 light settings
  • Turn the lights on constantly for display
  • Turn the lights on when you open the door
  • The light is off at all times

THE CONS for the newair 840 count cigar humidor:

  • You need to remove the drawer to check the water indicator for the humidifier
  • You need to open the door to change settings
  • The stainless steel black finish easily attracts fingerprints – you need to clean it from time to time
  • This is a freestanding humidor and can’t be placed on top of a desk or table as it weighs 80lbs without cigars

The Newair 840 count cigar Humidor Features:

  •  Black Stainless Steel stylish exterior
  • Product Dimensions: 23.62 x 19.01 x 32.3 inches
  • Product Weight: 81.4 pounds
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Wattage: 160 watts
  • Touch control panel on top
  • Built-in Humidification System with Opti-Temp
  • Heating and Cooling System
  • All-year-round humidity and temperature control, thanks to its internal humidifier.
  • It is also best for individually wrapped cigars
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • LED Lighting
  • Spanish Drawers that emits a distinctive aroma that gives your cigar a nice flavour.
  • Easily place cigar boxes as it holds up to 1000 cigars
  • Sureseal technology to avoid leakages
  • Digital interior hygrometer
  • Ambient Temperature Range: 68° – 77 F
  • Temperature Range between 52° and 74 F
  • Fahrenheit to Celsius Temp calibration feature
  • Refillable water reservoirs

thoughts about thIS electric cigar humidor:

If I were to request some changes, I can definitely state a few:

In the future, I hope that there will be an alert once the humidity gets low to avoid temperature fluctuations. Lastly, Newair cc could innovate a different way to fill in the reservoir tank without removing the Spanish drawer.

Overall, I would give this product a star rating of 4 out of 5 stars as it only needs a little revamping but with the new features, the high-end Spanish cedar finish plus the stainless steel aesthetics, I am sure that all of the modern-day cigar enthusiasts will love this!











NewAir 250 Count Cigar Humidor Wineador with Opti-Temp™

The Newair 250 cigar count wineador humidor has similar features to the 400 count cigar humidor. (The CC 300) the only difference between the two is the cigar count capacity. The 250 count cigar storage count has a cigar capacity of up to 300 cigar storage and this product has a built-in opti-temp with a thermostat where you can calibrate the heating and the cooling with stable humidity level.

The Newair 250 count cigars climate-controlled temperature will surely keep your cigars fresh as it controls the humidity level whether when the basking heat of summer comes in or the cold snowy winter days. This is particularly advantageous for people living in areas with high seasonal contrasts.

It is also equipped with lavishly made Spanish drawers. It also has an easy-touch digital thermostat with led light indicators that gives you full humidity and temperature range that you can calibrate from 52-74F degrees Fahrenheit. This humidor will be a great choice for cigar lovers and your entire cigar collection.

The Newair cc desktop humidor is especially practical in areas where November and December presents cold winter temperatures and it becomes more difficult to store cigars in an optimal environment. You will definitely love this humidor to stores cigars as it has consistent temperature control and controlled humidity that suitably fits any climate change.

Reasons why you should get the Newair 250 count cigar HUMIDOR with Opti-Temp:

  • It has an optimal and consistent temperature control that will surely keep your cigars fresh with its ability to heat and cool all year round.
  • Easily store loose cigars up to a maximum of 300 cigar count
  • It has an upgraded hygrometer and security lock features.
  • Removable and interchangeable cedar drawers and shelves
  • The Cedar finish emits an aroma that gives your cigar a full flavor
  • Precise ambient temperature range between 52-74f
  • It has a quality door seal
  • A perfect humidor for display and showcasing your favorite cigars.
  • Works perfectly without adding humidity packets
  • The fan is quiet compared to previous newair cc releases
  • More compact and has the same features like the CC 300
  • The price is surely worth it as you will surely get what you paid for.

cons for the Newair 250 with opti-temp:

  • The water tray for the humidity has no gauge level
  • The LED light is could be a touch brighter
  • There are times that the adjustable feet are wobbly so make sure that you will check it first before placing it on your desired space.
Key Features FoR THE NEWAIR 250 with opti-temp:
  • Digital-touch panel controls
  • Product Dimensions: 19.3 x 13.6 x 18.5 inches
  • Product Weight: 32 pounds
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Adjustable feet for leveling
  • Precision temperature
  • Digital hygrometer
  • Full glass front door with stainless steel body
  • Interior LED lights
  • Customizable spanish cedar enhances and spanish boxes.
  • Key/lock set
  • Thermoelectric cooling and heating system
  • Toggle temperature between Fahrenheit and Celcius

thoughts about the newair 250 electric cigar humidor with opti-temp:

After a full review, I hope that they can change the water gauge for humidity as there is no indication of where the water level should be. Also, it would be a greater addition if they adjust the led lights, probably adding more as if you are a cigar collector, you’d really want your cigars to stand out.

Like the other models, the NCH250SS01 cigar humidor excels in interchangeable spanish shelves and temperature. Actual storage in most of the humidors will always be more than based on the actual advertisement and by far for this unit, they listed it at 250 cigar count, but here at the cigar lounge, we found out that the store count is close to 300. by far by its amazing capabilities, I will give this a star rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.








PRICE 100%



Newair 250 Count Cigar Humidor Wineador

Among the nooks and crannies for cigar lovers in the market, NewAir hits the spot within the design of the wineador (wine fridge that is rebuilt to keep your cigar and cigar boxes) style system. NewAir offers a wide variety of climate-controlled humidors, each comes in different sizes and a sleek stainless steel finish, the 250 count cigar humidor, 400 count cigar humidor (the cc 300), and the latest addition which is the 840 count cigar humidor.

With the 250 count cigar humidor, the lavish black and stainless steel finish will surely make it stand out and the Newair 250 count cigar humidor has a clean and modern stylish look that will not overpower the crowd, perfect enough to blend in any area of your house or display area.

It’s almost the same design as the CC 300 count cigar humidor with the most recognizable change as the touch panel is now located under the glass compared to the CC 300 which is located outside the unit.

The Newair 250 count cigar humidor provides thermoelectric cooling with consistent temperature to keep their cigars fresh and the thermostat can be set between 52 – 74 F. Also, the NewAir 250 count cigar humidor brings your desired humidity levels by adding distilled water to the bottom dish of the unit.

Along with that is it has an adjustable fit that can surely fit in any place that you’d wish, a lock key for additional security, lavishly designed Spanish cedar shelves, plus an internal light to showcase your cigar and cigar boxes.

Reasons why you should get the Newair 250 count cigar humidor:

  • it has a very stylish sleek design that is perfect for desktop humidors.
  • It has a digital hygrometer compared to the previous models which have the analog hygrometer
  • tight magnetic seal to keep your cigars intact.
  • The Spanish Cedar finish emits an aroma that gives your cigar a full flavor
  • It has an adjustable leg
  • It is very easy to use
  • It has a consistent temperature
  • It is more energy-efficient compared to the previous release humidors
  • It has a stylish double pane glass and a stainless steel finish
  • Lock in moisture with thermoelectric cooling that will keep your cigars fresh.
  • Precision temperature from 52-74 F 
  • Perfect for any weather as it has consistent and controlled humidity.
  • Removable Spanish cedar drawer and vented spanish cedar shelves 
  • New hygrometer and upgraded lock  

ThE cons for the newair 250 count cigar humidor:

  • The manual has no specific seasoning instructions
  • The humidifier water tray has no indicator
  • The inside light is not bright enough
  • The locking mechanism has gaps and there is a possibility that you can still open it
Key Features for the newair 250 count cigar humidor:
  • Sleek Stainless Steel Finish
  • Product Dimensions: 19.3 x 13.6 x 18.5 inches
  • Product Weight: 26.9 pounds
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • 1 Year Solid Warranty
  • Thermoelectric Cooling System
  • Holds up to 300 cigars
  • Digital Touch Panel
  • Customizable Spanish Cedar Shelves
  • Key/Lock for Security

thoughts about the newair 250 count electric cigar humidor:

Although there are cons with this product, After a full review, I will give this humidor a star rating of 5 stars because, despite the flaws, the Newair 250 count cigar humidor is very easy to use and will surely keep your cigars fresh all year round.


After a full review of their wide variations, the Newair humidors are pretty impressive when it comes to durability and its function most. What I like most is the sleek modern stainless steel finish and the ability to adapt to the weather changes all year round! thanks to its stable temperature.








PRICE 100%



What about you? what is your most favorite Newair product and what is the best feature that you love so far?

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