Micheal Laffey

5 Stunning Places Around The World To Smoke a Cigar

Smoking a cigar is not just a habit, it is a lifestyle. The first puff that you take releases all your worries and stress away and makes life more enjoyable. This experience gets even better once you are smoking a cigar in an exotic country.

Fine hand-rolled cigars are produced at the most exotic places in the world. There is just something different about smoking a fine cigar that no one other than a smoker will understand.
We dream about smoking cigars in foreign places and here are the five best places around the world to smoke a cigar.

St. Augustine, Florida

If you want to look for places in America to smoke a cigar then go no further because Florida has a very rich cigar culture. Now, you may wonder why not places such as Miami or Tampa Bay but they are mainstream places, and St. Augustine is a very underrated but beautiful city.
You will not get bored as there is a lot to explore here, you can go to the beaches, forts, forests, and much more. All of this will be made better once you smoke your finest cigar

Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

If you want a small glimpse of what heaven looks like while smoking the finest cigar then you need to visit this island. The place is filled with old colonial buildings, small villages that take you back in time, amazing gourmet restaurants, and the cleanest beaches.

There are many rooftop terraces on which you can enjoy a pack of your finest while enjoying the most heavenly view. If you want to purchase a cigar then the best place to get it is from the Liberto Torres tobacco specialist store.

St. Martin – St. Marteen, Virgin Islands

Enjoy a fine cigar on the beach or one of the many beach bars that you will find on this beautiful Island. However, when it comes to purchasing a cigar here make sure you do it from an authentic store or you might end up getting some fake ones.
The island has many tourists all year and rightly so, it is the best place to get away and enjoy a quiet and relaxing beach life in the day and a vibrant nightlife after dark.

Villefranche, France

This town is just a few kilometers away from Nice. The beauty of this small but gorgeous town is unmatched. Once you light up a cigar and relax you will forget everything around you and be dazed by the views.
It is filled with many mountains, hills, a marina with endless restaurants, and gorgeous sandy beaches. One thing you won’t find in this area is a cigar shop, this is why it is better that you carry your travel humidor so you can enjoy a cigar during your visit.


Oh, the fine cigars that you get on this island you won’t find anywhere else. However, they are a tad pricey so if you don’t want to spend a lot on them then you can carry some of your own as well.
You will find old English architecture, palm trees, many beach huts, and some beaches even have pink sand! There are many things to do here from visiting museums to relaxing on the beach to exploring the food scene or even some forts. Any place you choose will be amazing to just sit back, relax, and enjoy a fine cigar.

Bottom Line
There are many other places as well but these are our top picks for smoking cigars around the world. Put them on your bucket list and you will not regret it!