Micheal Laffey

The Ten Best Cigar Lounges In Miami

If you’re looking for a cigar bar near you, look no further! Whether it’s an Española Cigar review or the ever-popular Ashes Cigar and Lounge, you can find it all. And if their superb customer service isn’t enough to convince you – just listen out for the guys kicking back in their chairs and boxes of cigars depending from the walls.

If Miami is your destination, you will want to check out the 10 best cigar lounges in Miami.

Casa De Montecristo



Did you know that they have a state-of-the-art air control system which replaces all the air in the lounge? This is why it is such a great location to smoke because the lounge is almost always smoke-free. It is a spacious lounge that you can either visit to smoke a cigar or opt for a membership. It has a whiskey bar, a walk-in humidor and the best cigars you will find in Miami!

Little Havana Cigar Factory



Don’t be confused by the name as it is a factory and features a cigar lounge. You can take a tour of the factory, stock up on some great cigars, then proceed to smoke them in the fine lounge!

Smith & Wollensky

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Want to smoke on a nice balcony and enjoy the views of Miami? Well this lounge provides just that experience, along with its selection of fine Cuban cigars and a variety of cocktails to choose from. The perfect place to have a cigar when the weather is nice.

Aromas of Havana Cigar Bar

You’ll find this place to be the poshest cigar lounge of Miami. Enter the lounge, sit back, relax and enjoy a fine drink with an even finer cigar.

Espanola Cigar Bar & Lounge

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This is located right in the heart of South Beach and you will find the most delectable menu with a great selection of drinks and cigars. The staff is known for its friendliness and hospitality so you will have the most comfortable experience in this cigar lounge.

C Lounge & Cigar Bar

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Let this lounge take you back in time and enjoy the glam this place has to offer. It is situated on the waterfront and you can do much more than just smoking cigars; you can choose to drink or have their hookah!

Cuban Crafters Cigars

Ever smoked a cigar while getting a haircut? Well, you can do that here. This is a very diverse cigar lounge that offers a variety of experiences to their customers. You will also find a selection of cigars that are made by them and they are worthy of indulging in.

Galiano Cigar Room

You will find a wide variety of drinks to choose from and a walk-in humidor in this cigar lounge. It has a very quiet and peaceful atmosphere that you will probably not find anywhere else in Miami. It is also very spacious so you won’t feel suffocated at all.

Master Cigars Lounge

This cigar lounge features a wide selection of hand-rolled selections and is a good place to hang out and get to know other cigar smokers. The atmosphere is very chill and friendly so you will feel comfortable and blend right in.

City Cigar Lounge

Want to enjoy Cuban cigars with Cuban food as well? Well then head straight to the City Cigar Lounge and enjoy the experience. It has a very bright and open atmosphere and so you will feel relaxed and right at home here while indulging in the best cigars and food.

Final words

Honestly, you will find either a cigar shop or a lounge on every corner of Miami, but these are the best ones that will provide you a great experience with the finest cigars so don’t forget to head to these.