Micheal Laffey

10 Beach Destinations Ideal For Cigar Smokers

There is nothing like smoking a cigar on the beach. It is the best way to start a day full of relaxation and peace. Only cigar smokers know the feeling of taking out a cigar and freely smoking it on a white, clear, and pristine beach. Nothing can ever compare to it.

If you are looking for new beaches to smoke a cigar, here are the top 10 beach destinations for cigar smokers.


Well, of course, Cuba would be on the top of our list. It has more than three hundred beaches and is the most ideal destination to smoke a cigar after all this is where the finest cigars are made!
Apart from the beaches, you can explore the rich culture and vibrant nightlife. You can even visit one of the factories to see a Cuban cigar being made, isn’t that the dream of every cigar smoker?


Welcome to a mini version of Cuba and its culture. You will find the oldest and most amazing cigar factories here, including gorgeous beaches you can chill at and smoke a fine Cuban cigar.
Miami has a very rich cigar culture so be sure to put it on your list

The Bahamas

This island is nothing short of breathtaking with its diverse range of beaches on every corner. You can visit Grand Bahama, Great Abaco, Eleuthera, and Nassau which is home to the Graycliff cigars.
Just pick an area, take your cigar, beach hat, and enjoy an amazing Caribbean vacation on the most beautiful beaches in the world


There is a lot you can do here from relaxing or diving on the beaches to visiting the tobacco fields or taking factory tours. This is a place that is full of adventure on every corner. The best part is you can enjoy everything while smoking the best cigars

Dominican Republic

Want to hop from one beach to another and enjoy a cigar-filled vacation? Well, this is the ideal destination for that. The Dominican Republic is home to cigars and you can enjoy the best cigars on its sandy beaches that have breathtaking sunset views


Florida has a very rich cigar culture so of course, Tampa is a great beach destination to visit for cigar smoking as well. Visit the Ben T. Davis Beach, light up your cigar, and get lost in the rich cigar culture of this city as it was once the cigar capital of the world.


Did you know it is possible to create your blend of a cigar? Yes, that is right and you can do it here in Nicaragua! Home to the lushest beaches you will find in the Caribbean and to the lushest tobacco fields as well. There is no land more fertile than that of this place.


Who knew Switzerland has beaches? But it does and that is why it is the most ideal destination to smoke a cigar as it is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

French Riviera

Party like no other on the French Riviera. It has the most bustling nightlife you will ever find and you are not going to get bored here in the day either with its endless array of crystal clear beaches that are like no other! Take a stroll, smoke a Cuban, and party like the French


This Caribbean Island has come a long way as more and more people are smoking cigars here. Enjoy your cigar in the most relaxing island in the world

Final words
These places have much more than just the beaches so be sure to enjoy the rest of the experiences these places have to offer as well!