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Xikar Executive II Single Jet Flame LIGHTER – A Detailed Review!

Imagine having your favorite cigar to light in part, but you don’t have any classic lighter to light it up! This can be one of the most embarrassing things you can ever experience. But if you’re a true cigar lover, you will love all Xikar products. After all, xikar lighters are designed with high functionality and sophistication. So why not purchase them?

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Xikar is one of the top-rated brands for releasing cigar lighters with high-quality functionality. There’s no need for you to bear the pain of burned fingertips when you’re using Xikar’s cigar lighters, having functionality to the next level.

There is a long list of worthy cigar lighters at Xikar with five-star ratings, but many users get bewildered because of the large number of options.

If you’re one of these users, we are here to guide you to the right choice! Xikar Executive Single Jet Flame Cigar Lighter is going to blow your mind away with its features.

Xikar Executive II Single Jet Flame Lighter Black

Thus, you don’t have to roam around to pick up the right cigar lighter with flame perfect or other cigar accessories.

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Besides the Executive single jet flame lighter, you can choose many other choices without having any single thought. Every product by Xikar comes with a demanded warranty and reasonable shipping fees. Thus, being a regular customer at Xikar, you don’t have to bear the additional charges in any manner.

The excellent lighter quality of Xikar’s products has won the hearts of customers around the globe. A perfect ignition a verified flame production with a simple push is available with Xikar lighters. The sleek body of Xikar lights is one of those features that make the users shop at first sight.

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Xikar related products are suitable for every age and company. All their products are pretty reasonable. Thus, you can save your money by purchasing Xikar. Smoking can go to the next level with Xikar related products.

A Detailed Review About Xikar Executive Single Jet Flame Cigar Lighter

Xikar’s royal customers have considered Executive single jet flame lighter their top priority for more than ten continuous years. The primary reason behind this demanding preference is the bunch of unique features present in it.

The high-quality metal used in its construction has made the stock ends in days. The demanding durability is also due to its sturdy outlook and manufacturing process. The fuel window is compatible with the users in many undefined ways.

It also acts as a torch lighter, thereby giving a chance to its users to enjoy all features in this single item. Free shipping will also amaze you!

However, some key features that you should know about Xikar executive single jet flame cigar lighter are discussed in the below section.

Key Features:

Explore some of its demanding yet helpful features as under:

Metal Body

Unlike all other cigar lighters, this item by Xikar is made up of the reliable quality of stainless steel. The overall body of the Xikar executive cigar lighter is pretty attractive because of the shine of stainless steel. You’ll love to complement it with your outfits just because of the service it provides to its users.

In addition to this, you don’t have to search for a product that lasts for years. The integration of stainless steel in its structure is available at a reasonable price, making it perfect to light almost all types of cigars. Customers provide a full star rating just because of its manufacturing material.

Oversized Adjustment Wheel

You don’t have to suffer a lot for maintaining the functionality and sophistication of the flame. It comes with a durable adjustment wheel that adjusts the lighter’s flame according to the customer’s demands.

The availability of an adjustment wheel makes it easy for the users to light the cigars with the adjustable flame that they want. This feature will make you purchase this top-rated Xikar product right on the go! There’s no need for you to bear the extra flame by the Xikar executive ii.

Furthermore, the adjustment feature for lighting up is supported with a lifetime warranty that satisfies the customers in many ways.

Cutting-Edge Design

Are you looking for a lighter that not only lights up your cigar but also gives you an elegant class among your fellows? If yes, Xikar’s executive single jet flame cigar lighter is going to be the best choice. It is made with considerations in mind about the sleekest outlook with a minimal design.

You’re going to fall in love with the silver strip that separates the lower body from the upper one. Furthermore, the small size and lightweight features have increased its portability among the users. You’ll not feel your pocket heavy while keeping it along with you.

AYou’ll also see a large number of customer reviews on the official website of Xikar just due to its cutting-edge outlook.

Fuel Window

Many cigar lighters are available with a visual fuel window. But unlike all these products, Xikar executive ii supports the availability of a long-lasting yet minimal fuel window that supports flame production for many days.

Wind Resistance

One of the major concerns that cigar users are always conscious of is the wind resistance in the purchased cigar lighter. If you’ve decided to spend your dollars on buying it, we want to let you know that it provides the best wind resistance during flame production.

You don’t have to light up your cigars again and again. The overall structure is designed in a way to prevent the wind from blowing away the produced flame. Furthermore, the Xikar executive single jet flame cigar lighter’s wind resisting property doesn’t impact the generated flame’s sophistication.

The availability of wind resistance property in this item doesn’t impact its price at any stage. You can also read the details of wind resistance property in the description provided on the website of Xikar.

Lifetime Warranty

Unlike all other cigar lighters, you don’t have to spend your money again and again since it provides a lifetime warranty. It will benefit you with its durable usage and properties. Xikar, being of the most top-rated brands in the cigar industry, offers a lifetime warranty with it.

The warranty provided by the company includes repair and replacement services. Thus, you don’t have to bother about the problems after its purchase. The team at Xikar will be more than happy to assist you!


  • It is pretty easy to use
  • It offers window compatibility
  • It generates a sophisticated flame
  • It comes with a minimal design and outlook
  • This product provides a lifetime warranty


Some durability issues have been reported.


No doubt, there are some issues with its durability, but you can cope with this problem by using it with great care. On the whole, it can be regarded as one of the best purchases for cigar lovers because of the complete bundle of features.