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Top 10 Cigar E-Juice/E-Liquid Flavors

Over the past few years, vaping has grown in popularity thanks to research highlighting how it acts as a safer alternative to smoking. One of the primary advantages that vape pens and e-cigars provide is the option of choosing between hundreds of flavors. Due to the large variety of options on the market, people are sure to find something they enjoy. Are you on the lookout for the best cigar e-juice or e-liquid flavor? If so, read on to learn more about the best cigar e-liquid flavors as well as cheap vape juice of 2021 and what they have to offer!

What are e-juices?

E-cigarettes allow individuals to inhale vapor instead of tobacco smoke, making it a safer, more economical, and healthier alternative. However, these vapors come from a concoction filled within an atomizer or vaporizer inside the device. These juices or liquids may or may not contain nicotine, depending on the user’s preference. The device has a heating element that transmits heat onto this liquid and vaporizes it. The user can then inhale this vapor rather than ruining their lungs and heart by smoking traditional cigarettes. 

The American Cancer Society estimates that smoke from cigarettes contains over 7000 chemicals, and 70 are carcinogenic. While smoking requires the substances to burn and oxidize and turn into new compounds, vaporization does not change chemical structures. Therefore, the vapor you inhale through an e-cigarette contains the same compounds found in the e-juice or e-liquid. Hence, consumers need to research and market and ensure they buy the highest quality e-liquids. 

Why are e-juice flavors vital?

The rise in popularity of vaping has increased the number of flavors in the cannabis market. Nowadays, consumers can pick from different flavors, including candy, custard, fruits, menthol, seasoning, and tobacco. As a result, each individual can find something they enjoy and would love to experiment using. For individuals trying to kick their nicotine addiction, finding the right flavor and e-juice is crucial. Many people do not like the inherent earthy and bitter taste of tobacco. When they find something more refreshing and tasty, they receive further encouragement to kick the unhealthy habit of smoking.

Hence, people hoping to transition away from nicotine prioritize finding the right e-juice flavor to ensure they avoid smoking. However, many enjoy the taste of tobacco and look for flavors that contain the same taste profile. The market has various products that contain hints of tobacco to help such individuals avoid cigarettes and cigars. As a result, flavored e-juices or e-liquids encourage people to kick unhealthy habits and transition to more sustainable ones. 

Top 10 E–Juice Flavors

  1. Kemuri – Yami Vapor: Exquisite blending and crafting help make this e-liquid one of the best tobacco-flavored e-juices on the market. The well-crafted profile, coupled with the expert blending and mixing, makes this an aromatic addition to this list. The southern tobacco-based nicotine hit receives additional support from Kentucky Bourbon and Madagascan vanilla. Both these undertones help elevate the final product and add extra dimensions to the overall profile. The extra hit of the alcohol blends well with the vanilla’s sweetness creating a beautiful harmony. These are available in 100ml bottles with the nicotine concentration ranging between 0 to 6mg/ml.
  2. American Patriots – Naked 100: The American Patriots is a signature blend from a company that offers several excellent flavors. While most of them tend to be fruity and sweet, this one has a simple profile that contains pure tobacco with no additional components. The blend is smooth and provides a premium experience by shying away from additives and other flavoring agents. The product comes in a 60ml bottle with nicotine levels varying between 0 to 12mg/ml.
  3. Virginia Tobacco – Black Note: While the brand is famous for its NET mixes, this particular blend is their most popular tobacco-based blend. It has a softer texture and none of the complexity that the other products in this list have, but it is light and delicious. The subtle flavors come together to create a soft, sweet, and robust profile that tobacco users will love. These are available in 30ml bottles and have six nicotine concentrations that fall between 0 and 24mg/ml.
  4. Apple Tobacco – Pachamama: While this brand is mainly known for its fruity flavors, the Apple Tobacco variant is one of the best tobacco-flavored e-juices on the market. The flavorful and unique formula helps preserve the tobacco flavor perfectly. Additionally, to keep things interesting, the company introduces subtle hints of apple, creating a perfectly balanced combination. Each component used in this mixture complements the other creating a complex yet flavorful profile. They are available in 30ml and 60ml bottles and come in varying nicotine levels ranging between 0 to 50mg/ml. 
  5. Candied Cavendish – Plume Room: The Plume Room is a world-renowned e-liquid manufacturer that offers several flavors and products. They also have a line of naturally-extracted tobacco blends that taste and smell great. These products have a distinct and unique flavor profile that imitates tobacco perfectly, thanks to their advanced manufacturing and extraction technique. The Candied Cavendish has hints of banana and other fruits and has a sweet demeanor that complements the tobacco tinge perfectly. These products come in 10ml and 30ml bottles with nicotine strength ranging between 0 to 24mg/ml. 
  6. Butterscotch Reserve – Glas Basix: While the company is famous for its mod boxes, this line of e-juice is the perfect blend of flavors. Butterscotch Reserve follows the RY4 format, and the robust tobacco twang goes well with the melted caramel. These unique tastes blend with the creaminess of the butterscotch, creating a smooth concoction that tastes and smells great. These come in 60ml bottles with the tobacco content ranging between 0 and 6mg/ml.
  7. Boba’s Bounty – Alien Visions: A legendary blend that contains hints of chocolate, biscuits, and tobacco. These come together to create a unique flavor that you will either grow to love or hate. These are available in bottles with a capacity ranging between 6ml to 100ml and have nicotine concentrations in the range of 0 to 24mg/ml.
  8. Tribeca – Halo: One of the most popular tobacco e-liquids in the market, Tribeca blends caramel, vanilla, and tobacco in an RY4 formula. It has a unique profile that is both light, sweet, impactful, and delicious. Consumers can get these in bottles of either 7ml or 30ml with the tobacco concentration ranging between 0 to 24mg/ml.
  9. Deadly Sin – Good Life Vapor: A sturdy flavor that brings together cookies, cinnamon buns, and sweet desserts. It strikes the perfect balance between the robustness of tobacco and the sweetness of bakery goods, creating a unique and flavorful product. The company offers the product in 10ml, 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml bottles with nicotine levels falling between 0 and 24mg/ml.
  10. Vanilla Tobacco – Yogi: The company renowned for its unique blends, this particular product offers the best of vanilla and tobacco with hints of granola. The e-juice is sweet, flavorful, and punchy, thanks to the honey-glazed granola hints spiking through effectively. The multi-layered product is available in 60ml bottles with 0 to 6mg/ml nicotine levels.

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As you can see, the market has something to offer everyone with over a hundred flavors and combinations. Use this list to curate the best e-juices to help you transition from smoking to a healthier and more sustainable habit. What is your favorite cigar e-liquid from this list? Mention the names of your preferred manufacturers and flavor profiles in the comments below!