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Micheal Laffey

The Ten Best Cigar Lounges In London

Are you looking to light it up in London? Don’t worry, there are plenty of cigar lounges and bars for you light it up at. These cigar bars don’t just provide cigars, they provide luxury and sophisticated experiences that you won’t find anywhere else in Europe.

Here are our top ten picks of cigar lounges in London that will provide you with a unique experience.

The Lanesborough


Source: https://www.thegentlemansjournal.com/article/best-cigar-bars-london/

London is all about sophistication and this is exactly what you will find here. Enjoy a Cuban cigar from their wide selection in their open and airy atmosphere with a whiskey or cognac in the other hand. The cigar lounge screams luxury and you won’t find a more luxurious experience than this.

Broadway House

Rooftop garden and bar? Check. Cocktail bar? Check. Outdoor cinema and restaurant? Check. Private meeting rooms? Check. However, such luxury doesn’t come free as you have to be a member of this cigar lounge, but they provide everything a cigar lover will ever need. They have a separate cigar terrace on which you can enjoy a nice smoke while taking in the views of London.

Cigars at No. 10

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Source: https://www.egmcigars.com/blogs/the-cuban-cigars-blog-by-egm-cigars/top-5-cigar-lounges-in-london

Want to sample cigars? This place has something for everyone. You can sample cigars or if you are a beginner, you can ask their friendly staff to guide you on which cigars to enjoy. You can enjoy a nice drink while smoking a cigar either in the lounge or their terrace!

The Ritz


Source: https://www.egmcigars.com/blogs/the-cuban-cigars-blog-by-egm-cigars/top-5-cigar-lounges-in-london

Enjoy an exclusive evening of luxury, cigars, and the finest selection of drinks on their smoking terrace. They have made this area especially for cigar smokers with a shop, terrace, and a tasting room to sample the finest cigars. The ambiance is very intimate and exclusive so you will remember this experience.

Edward Sahakian Cigar Shop And Sampling Lounge At The Bulgari Hotel


Source: https://www.egmcigars.com/blogs/the-cuban-cigars-blog-by-egm-cigars/top-5-cigar-lounges-in-london

Want to smoke a cigar in style? Well head here and you will finally know the true meaning of style and luxury all the while smoking a fine cigar. You will find the rarest cigars here and their décor is exceptional. It is a sight to be seen so don’t forget to visit.

Dukes London

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Source: https://www.cigaraficionado.com/article/lighting-up-in-london-18680

This might be a small cigar smoking place but it is private as the smoking terrace is covered with a tent. It can only accommodate ten people at a time but that just goes to show how exclusive it is. You will find many fine cigars in their selection.

The Churchill Bar and Terrace


Source: https://www.egmcigars.com/blogs/the-cuban-cigars-blog-by-egm-cigars/top-5-cigar-lounges-in-london

Situated in Oxford Street, this bar and terrace provide a luxurious experience with its blue and gold setting. They provide Cuban cigars with Cuban inspired cocktails so be sure to give this one a try as it is the most unique cigar bar in London.

The Wellesley Cigar Terrace

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Source: https://www.cigaraficionado.com/article/lighting-up-in-london-18680

Located near Hyde Park in the Wellesley Hotel, you will find the most unique and interesting portraits of famous figures smoking cigars. You can also enjoy a fine cigar among them!

The Den


Source: https://www.egmcigars.com/blogs/the-cuban-cigars-blog-by-egm-cigars/top-5-cigar-lounges-in-london

This used to be the perfect nightlife place with jazz music and a 50s vibe. However, now it offers a wide selection of Cuban cigars and a fine selection of drinks. This place mostly has current Cubans so don’t expect to find any old Cuban cigars here.

The Montague


Source: https://www.montaguehotel.com/

You will find the rarest Cuban cigars in this place and they are expensive as well, but rightly so. Their cigar terrace is accessible after five so you can easily enjoy an evening cigar on the terrace.

Final words

London has the most luxurious cigar lounges and bars that are unmatched to any other place. These are just a few however, many others will provide you an experience you won’t forget.