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The Old Glory Humidor Review

The Old Glory Humidor is one of the best-selling humidors and is best for desktops or counter tables. It also is known as the ‘American or USA Flag Humidor’ and conjures up a sense of patriotism. It is widely considered as one of the most ideal gifts as it appeals to a very wide audience. It looks like a small square box. It is decorated with USA flag art. The worn finish gives a prestigious appearance of a worthy art piece. It includes all the fundamental features that should be available in a humidor. The price is also very reasonable.

The Old Glory Humidor box contains the following features:

·        Hygrometer

·        Humidifier

·        Spanish cedar interior

·        Sureseal technology

·        Removable tray

·        Lockset along with tassel hanging key

·       100 cigar count capacity & 25 cigar count capacity


A hygrometer is a device that is used to measure the amount of humidity and moisture in a compact area. It is attached inside the lid of a humidor. It shows the change in humidity and temperature on a display monitor. The Old Glory’s hygrometer has an analog display monitor. It has high-definition, demisted tempered glass, and a gold-plated round ring.


A device used to control the moisture and humidity inside a closed container is known as a humidifier. It circulates the fresh air through the humidor. The ideal humidity level is between 65% to 70%. The humidifier works to maintain the humidity level in the container. The humidifier contains a gel or clay material known as Boveda Humidity Packs. They come with a humidifier. After some time, the user needs to change the Boveda Pack. The price of these packs is not too high and you can buy them easily from our website.

Spanish Cedar Interior:

Spanish cedar is a type of wood. It can absorb an excessive amount of moisture. It also helps to balance the humidity level in the box. The dividers and trays of the humidor are also made from the same wood.

Sureseal Technology:

Sureseal technology helps to lock the moisture inside the container.

Removable tray:

The removable tray helps the user with some extra storage space. The user can have more than one brand or flavor of cigars to store in the same storage container. In this case, the removable tray is a useful source.


The lockset attaches to the containers for securing the cigar collection. It protects the cigars from strangers, thieves, or any unauthorized users. Please make sure that you enter the correct information. It will help provide you the best customer service.

Brands of Old Glory:

Our store offers you both brands of this prestigious master art piece. The customer can buy Quality Importers or Humidor Supreme from our store. You can contact us on our website at www.crownhumidors.com to place your order.

Other Popular themed Humidors by humidor supreme


The Constitution Humidor By Humidor Supreme

A similar high-quality humidor with a patriotic flair that includes the American Flag is the Constitution Humidor. This small desktop humidor has the constitution written across it. A beautifully crafted humidor with a high-quality, weatherproof, full-color display case in full size. The Constitution Humidor also has the appealing personalization option, so just check whether you want to personalize your product or not. This humidor has the same features like the Old Glory Humidor including the dimensions: 15W x 10D x 6.5H (inches) and holds 100 cigars.


Humidor Supreme Blue Line PD 100ct w/ Hygrometer & Humidifier 

The humidor is for police officers who want to proudly display their service and for other cigar lovers who want to show their love for the men and women in blue.

This beauty, which can hold up to 100 cigars, features high-gloss woodwork with dark brown wrapping varnish and a light brown finish. This humidor looks striking with its high-gloss wood finish and its dark red color compliments the taste of the dark chocolate of the cigar.

  • Large desktop cigar humidor honoring the Police force and its officers. With “To protect and to serve” in writing.
  • Holds up to 100 cigars. Lined with premium kiln-dried Spanish cedar for excellent aroma and moisture retention.
  • Spanish cedar tray with divider, 2 dividers on the bottom.
  • Sureseal technology for proper lid seal upon closure. Glass hygrometer with brass ring mounted on the underside of the cover.
  • Beautifully designed look that fits every home and office. Perfect gift for cigar lovers.
  • Dimensions (Outside): 15″W x 10″D x 6.5″H.