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The Most Expensive Cigar in the World

Are you wondering what the most expensive cigar is? This topic is a fun question for cigar enthusiasts to ponder and research. Lucky for you, we did the research! Keep reading to learn about the most expensive cigar in the entire world and why it’s so pricey.

Whether you want to ball out on a high-end cigar or are just curious about the outrageous prices some people pay, check out the most expensive cigar ever made and the ten runner-ups behind it!

What Is the Most Expensive Cigar?

The most expensive cigar in the world is the Gurkha Royal Courtesan Cigar. The Gurkha Royal Courtesan cigar costs over $1 million, about $1.36 million depending on applicable taxes.

It is one of the rarest cigars in the world. Only the most prestigious cigar rollers are permitted to craft these. They also must do so blindfolded to heighten their other senses and feel the cigar roll rather than look at it.

The Gurkha is infused with Remy Martin Black Pearl Louis XIII, a $165,000 bottle of alcohol. The tobacco comes from the finest tobacco plants across the Himalayas, watered with pure Fiji water.

To add to the extravagance, they wrap the cigars in gold leaf and encrust them with five karat diamonds. If you have the money to buy one of these cigars, a white-gloved attendant hand delivers it with the utmost care.

cigar on cigar box

Top 10 Most Expensive Cigars

Below are the ten best cigars you can buy, excluding the Gurkha Royal Courtesan mentioned above, though you will find other Gurkha cigars on this list. If you’re thinking about buying an extravagant premium cigar, consider one of these almost-famous options.

The prices listed are for a single cigar, but some of these are only sold in boxes, so they may cost you more.

1. Mayan Sicars

Price: $507,000

2. Gran Habano No. 5 “El Gigante”

Price: $185,000

3. Regius Double Corona

Price: $52,785

4. King of Denmark

Price: $4,500

5. Gurkha Black Dragon

Price: $1150

6. Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve

Price: $750

7. Cohiba Behike

Price: $450

8.    Arturo Fuente Opus X

Price: $300

9. The AniverXario

Price: $78

10. Arturo Fuente Opus X BBMF

Price: $55

Criteria For Cigar Prices

To understand why cigar prices are what they are, here is a quick overview of how cigars are priced and the aspects behind that price.


This factor is easy to understand. The bigger the cigar, the higher the price. For most people, this concept makes sense because you get a bigger wrapper, more tobacco, and a longer smoking experience with a large cigar. People who like to enjoy their cigars for more than an hour like to buy bigger ones. Some people just like a 45-minute burn.


The combustibility refers to the rate at which the cigar burns. Cheaper cigars will burn much faster, while high-quality tobacco leaves and wrappers will burn slower. Many cigar-smokers don’t mind a fast-burning cigar, but it’s something to keep in mind when browsing your options.


The texture of cigars should be soft and smooth. A bumpy or rough wrapper implies a cheap wrapper or poor roll, which will make the smoking experience less enjoyable. The cigar should also have a certain firmness and evenness when you hold it. You don’t want uneven parts when you roll the cigar through your fingers, as it means low rolling quality. All of the leaves on the wrapper should spiral in the same direction, indicating it was rolled well.


The flavor has to do with the quality of tobacco leaves and other products. Usually, sweet flavors are slightly cheaper because they are not beloved in the serious cigar smoking community, while earthy, robust flavors are beloved in the cigar community. Nutty flavors or coffee notes fall somewhere in the middle, as they are earthy but sometimes sweet at the same time.


The elasticity refers to the firmness of the cigar when you hold it. You want the cigar to feel firm but not overly packed. An over-packed cigar will have bounce or elasticity when you gently squeeze it. On the other hand, you don’t want a cigar that is too easily squeezed and does not bounce back to its proper shape.


When choosing a cigar, you want a pleasant aroma. If you can barely smell the cigar when you hold it, you will likely be disappointed in the flavor. And on the other hand, if it has an intense overpowering scent, it may produce a very harsh smoke or a bad taste. You should choose a cigar with an aroma you immediately enjoy, just like when buying a candle. 


Usually, the darkness of the tobacco and wrapper indicates the flavor will be bolder, while lighter colors are a more subtle, smooth flavor. The color is not an exact science, but most brands abide by this color standard and expectation.

Balance of Oil and Nicotine

Enthusiastic cigar smokers may notice if there is too much oil or nicotine in a cigar. They need to be well-balanced, or the smoke may be too harsh, or the cigar may be difficult to pull.

burning cigar


In conclusion, you can spend anywhere from $1 to $1 million on a premium cigar. So whether you live like a king or not, you can afford to buy a cigar. Many cigar enthusiasts will never smoke the million-dollar cigar. But on special occasions, they want to enjoy a fancier one that may have cost a few hundred.

Many cigar-lovers also love knowing about these cigars. They’re like fun facts or trivia for a cigar aficionado. The possibility of these high prices shows just how much care and attention go into growing the tobacco, crafting the fine cigar, and keeping it perfect until it’s time to smoke it.

But remember, like with fine wine, just because the price is super high that doesn’t mean the cigar will be the best. Many people price cigars high and make them more expensive than they’re worth to cultivate an aura of quality that isn’t actually there. Sometimes the best cigars are just $10 or $20, so don’t snub the more affordable ones or revere the insanely expensive ones.


Below are some helpful questions and answers for cigar lovers interested in cigar prices.

What is the average price of a cigar?

The average price of a single cigar is between $25 and $50. These cigars are usually good quality. However, it depends on the manufacturer and the other factors discussed above.

What is the cheapest cigar?

There is no one cheap cigar, as many places offer cigars as cheap as $1. These cigars are usually not the best, but if you don’t care about the quality and want any old cigar, there are super inexpensive options out there.