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The 10 Best Cigar Lounges In New York

When it comes to the best cigar lounges in New York, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better selection. Whether you’re looking for the york’s oldest cigar bars or a unique, new spot to try out, there’s plenty of choices for aficionados and curious newcomers alike. The cigar lounges of New York offer an impressive range of premium cigars, cigar shops and cigar accessories.

From the cigar-loving east coast to the cigar bars of the west, you’ll find everything you need for your cigar cravings.

Grand Havana Room



Now, this is a very exclusive cigar lounge and you can’t just enter it. This is what makes it so great, you either have to be a member or know a member, but this is one of the best cigar lounges you will find. All around you will find the wealthiest people, the best cigars, and the most stunning interior and food. It provides an experience like no other.

Club Macanudo



This cigar lounge is located on the Upper East Side. It is owned by the General Cigar Company which means only one thing; you will find the finest hand-rolled cigars in this club. It is an upscale lounge with wooden furniture and leather chairs and is a great lounge to smoke some cigars with friends or business partners.

Nat Sherman Townhouse


Source:  Business Insider

Want an even more expansive experience? This is the perfect lounge for that as it includes lounges and conference rooms, plus it is three stories high so there is plenty of space and rooms. The stunning wooden furniture all around will make you feel right at home.

Davidoff of Geneva



This is also a member’s only club and is one of the finest lounges. It offers much more than just cigars with an endless array of tobacco-related products. Apart from relaxing in the lounge, you can purchase from their fine selection of items.

Soho Cigar Bar



Enjoy a fine cigar while watching your favorite sport as this lounge includes flat screens as well. You can even enjoy a cocktail with your cigar and have a well-rounded experience in this cigar lounge.

The Carnegie Club



This lounge focuses on whiskey and cigars so if you are a fan of both, head over here. You will enjoy the experience because of the amazing modern furniture that includes a touch of the old world, as well as wooden carved bookcases that you will just fall in love with.

Cigar Inn



Situated on the Upper East Side, this cigar lounge knows how to keep their fans happy. They provide the most comfortable experiences out of all the lounges as they know how to conduct their business. The place is very spacious so you won’t feel suffocated for a minute.

Merchants NY Cigar Bar



A cigar lounge that provides an exquisite selection of drinks and cigars. You will love the furniture as well as you will find the most gorgeous carpets and beautiful English décor all around. It is a great place to enjoy a night with friends or colleagues and be served by the best bartenders you could find in New York.

Hudson Bar & Books



This bar is known for its service and hospitality that you won’t find in any other cigar lounge. Enjoy your cigars with the best drinks and the best service.

Velvet Cigar Lounge

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Situated in the East Village, they have the finest selection in the area and is the most comfortable cigar lounge. If you are ever in the neighborhood, don’t forget to have a smoke there.

Final words

These are the best cigar lounges in New York. However, you will find many more as the list is endless. These are our top picks that you will not be disappointed in visiting!