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No other wood has amazing and delights the smell like Spanish cedar most especially for cigar aficionados. Mostly it is used in lining, but now it is used in the bottom of the clothes drawers. Typically Spanish cedar sheets are used in external projects like on the surface just because of their sparkle look. It gives a straightforward and clear look after completing the wood project.

You can see cedar oil spots on many sheets. It happens when they are sliced freshly. One important thing that should keep in mind that this oil takes time to dry off, but don’t wait for this after applying the finish. The oil will not leave any spots or stains after the finish. Many familiar names are used for these types of sheets, such as it, Mexican cedar, Cigar Box cedar, etc.


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Scientific Name of Cedar Spanish


The scientific name of Spanish cedar wood is Cedrela odorata. The family from this wood belongs to is Meliaceae. Its colors range from tan to orange. The Spanish cedar sheets originate from the pacific coast of Mexico, Central America, and North America. The textured form of these items is Moderately soft and medium texture along with the interlocked grain. Spanish cedar is a part of the mahogany family, which is naturally termite and not resistant.

The Wood

The structure of Spanish cedar is like diffuse-porous mahogany for deciding of ring-porous. The cedar odor is charming and volatile oil is present in it. When it grows in a maximum of moisture and the wood’s color is light in color, significantly less in density and less oil content present in it. A gum-like substance or liquid is present in Spanish cedar wood along with aromatic oil. The use of Spanish cedar is getting dry by a specific method, and the oil is released to the rough surface.

Durability Test

The Spanish cedar text is performed in Yale University School of the forestry show, which is variable in resistance to decay. This heartwood is very durable to moderately durable upon exposure to the white rot fungus and brown rot fungus.

Pinhole borers often attacked the wood and provided low resistance for other birds like on marine borers. The Spanish cedar wood has good qualities according to the weather way when happens without any paint on the element.

Working Characteristics

Spanish cedar worked smoothly on the hand and power tools, and it also gives good results in shaping, mortising, planning, and sanding. This wood is easy to turn and very difficult to bore and torn, just because of roughed grain present in this wood. Gum is present in the wood and difficult to polish also. In general, the wood finishes and stains will become well after the finish.


It provides the right nail and screw holding. The wood is easy to glue or on anything, and good gluing properties are excellent. It’s a good blending wood from sides.


Spanish cedar products are used for many purposes where easy working is done, light and strong and durable wood is required. This Spanish wood is used in cabinets, musical instruments, millwork, patterns, boats, decoration things, and utility veneers. It is also used on a vast scale to make cigar wrapper and packed in a box that gives a pleasant odor. The delivery address is also added to the cart. The stock is much in the cart. Cart contains all the information on plywood sheets and cedar plywood.


Spanish wood is very different from other mahogany woods and different on longitudinal surfaces. Cedar plywood in 1/4 and 3/4 thickness is easy to carry. With all identification plywood sheets, information is also essential.

Spanish Cedar in a Humidor

Spanish cedar is not essential for a humidor, such as much passionate use of airtight con strainers. There are also benefits of Spanish cedar, such as in glass and plastic, and it also helps regulate humidity.

Cedar Best Use

By nature, the cedar is rot-resistant and insect-resistant. The best uses are in outdoor applications,such as cabinets and furniture. It is also used in chests and tables just because it has a reddish color and a pleasant scent. The reviews of the product through your email will also add-in the product of cedar board footage.

As cedar cost is added from department setting is very low as compared to Spanish cedar. And price needs to be quiet because when they low the price, adding the touch of customers will also be high. Questions arise just on the best uses of cedar. The customer needs to stay in touch and add their questions and reviews in email.

Spanish Cedar Plywood

Spanish plywood is available in 4×8, and thickness is 1/4. Aromatic plywood has a pleasant heartwood and scent to be reddish and violent. Color is pale yellow and appears in heartwood strips and sticks an A-grade quality. Cedar plywood should be an A grade quality. Department settings also make plywood sheets. The departments’ settings plywood is done from the head. Plywood sheets side is made with A grade quality. The shipping costs are also low. That’s why in cedar plywood, good reviews make possible through customers. The details are all given. In cedar, plywood you have to set the password and password of brands should not forget through the customer. Newsletter store and order are also completed.


It is a backslash is a very famous way to comment on the counter top. It has a substantial board thickness that is 3/4 wide and present in any length. You can also add to the cart. Cigar boxes are also made from this wood. In Cigar boxes, this wood is mostly added. If you buy these per item, the shipping quote is also charged to the customer. Orders and questions from the customers should put before the delivery time. After delivery order, it will create some issues for the order.

Spanish Cedar Cost

From 1-99, the Spanish cedar cost is $9.99, and when you buy 100+ cedar, $7.49 = along with 25% off. The price depends on how many cedars species you are going to buy. To buy a Spanish cedar, call them and get it on your doorstep. Mi length texture cigars of Spanish A grade have many standards.

Use Regular cedar for a Humidor.

From now on, you will know the best wood you should choose used to make a cigar is humidor is Spanish cedarwood. It might not be beneficial, but it’s perfect in cigar manufacturing because the American red cedar is good quality wood for a cigar humidor. The suitable job is to absorb humidity and not cost much such as Spanish cedar models.

The woods like oak and cherry are not so good as cedar Spanish. And the drawback of the Spanish cedar cigar is that it is costly. Use regular cedar for a humidor if it is low in price, but it isn’t easy to buy a humidor because its price is different in every country, and its size is also different. The size of cedar and shipping price is also varied in every country. And shipping is just on your one phone call. You call and get your humidor’s cedar. They also want reviews. Keep in mind after getting an order from a customer without any error, give them good reviews.

Cedar is used in a humidor.

The most common woods that are used in cigar humidors is Spanish cedar and American red cedar. But the matter is American red cedar is not very useful as it and is still used in the construction of a cigar because it’s a reliable wood.

It is essential to know what wood gives a pleasing aroma, but its price is less than Spanish cedar. Spanish cedar price is very high to buy from phone also. If you have the credit, you can buy by paying the phone cost, but if you afford the price to buy. You can buy it from your phone through a phone call or email. The material used in cedar is natural so, you can trust its material. Honduran Mahogany has an absorption rate similar to Spanish cedar. But the odor never matches the cedar. It’s maintains the flavor, but mahogany doesn’t.

Difference between Cedar and Spanish cedar south america

First of all, there is a significant difference between the name of cedar and Spanish cedar. It’s cannot spin as it is grown in Mexico and Central America and South America foothills. This wood is exported to Africa for plantation, which helps to meet the global demand. That’s why it is not cedar at all.

This wood is hardwood and related to mahogany. It has pores and a grainy structure. Its means that at every control point, its releases and absorb. It also provides flexibility in weather humidity to your cigars. Cigars are very much costly and unable to be afford. The reason is, cedarwood has an odor, and it’s getting very high in the market and other countries as well. 

cedrela odorata

ORIGIN Central & South America BOTANICAL NAME Cedrela Odorata OTHER NAMES Acajou, Ceder, Cedre Rouge, South

 dark reddish brown

reddish-brown when freshly cut, becoming red or dark reddish-brown, sometimes with a purplish tinge, after exposure