Christy Milan

Smoking Kratom Cigar v/s Smoking CBD Cigar. Which One Is Better?

There is a multitude of choices available for people that are seeking treatment through natural remedies. There is an outburst of Kratom and hemp product companies that have manufactured countless products to help people ease various ailments.

Among these choices are— Kratom & CBD. Although both are plant-derived substances, they cannot be regarded as similar. They have different chemical structures and physical properties. However, their therapeutic effects remain much the same. Both Kratom and CBD are available in edible forms like gummies, tinctures, and oils; you can easily find them by Googling “where to find kratom”.

Apart from these edible options, most people are considering smoking Kratom and CBD cigars. It would be enlightening to know that these substances deliver the same medicinal benefits when smoked. However, the only dilemma people have is to choose between the two. Which one is better? Which one is more effective? Or, which one has more benefits? Keep reading this article to decide for yourself. However, first, let us define what these terms mean.



Kratom is a broad term generally associated with the powder made out of the Kratom tree leaves. This tree is native to the Southeast coastal regions of Asia and shares botanic similarities with the coffee plant. The natives consumed this herb for energizing benefits.

Today, Kratom leaves are dried and crushed to make their powder. Its tree shows diversity in having variable amounts of the active alkaloid- Mitragynine. Its powder has three main strains— Green, Red, and White. These strains have different variants of their kind, such as Green Malay Kratom, Red Bali Kratom, Red Bentuangie Kratom, Maeng Da Kratom, etc.


Even though cannabidiol (CBD) is related to the cannabis species, it does not make you high. CBD, because of its non-psychoactive properties, is more popular and widely used. It is a cannabinoid known to have medicinal and therapeutic properties. U.S laws only permit hemp-derived cannabidiol for public consumption and distribution.

Hemp leaves are processed to extract CBD from them. This procedure leaves insignificant or no traces of THC in the distillate. Consuming this cannabinoid may help you deal with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, insomnia, and inflammation. Its products include- gummies, oils, tinctures, vaping liquids, creams, and cigars.

Kratom and CBD as cigars.

The growing popularity of Kratom and CBD products has triggered smokers into trying their smoking options. While Kratom cigars may be used to deal with nicotine and opioid withdrawal, CBD cigars may have anxiolytic advantages. Nevertheless, both these chemicals look promising in their area of expertise. However, to find the better one among the two, let us compare them on precise parameters.

What are the different parameters that can be used to compare the two?

A comparison on the grounds of characteristics connected with these compounds can be made. It seems a wise way to know which type of cigar has got the upper hand. The parameters are—


Smoking Kratom might give you that required spark of energy. It may uplift your mood and make you feel relaxed. Meanwhile, smoking CBD has a more calming effect on the mind and body. It soothes down disturbing thoughts and helps you deal with stress.


Both the cigars may start to show effects sooner or later. To know which cigar among the two works faster can be tricky to answer. It entirely depends on your body type and physical attributions.

It may be that the body reacts faster to CBD cigars than the Kratom one. Alternatively, maybe the effects of the Kratom cigar remain longer than the CBD cigar.

Health benefits

Smoking Kratom may help you with the following health advantages—

  • Boost of energy
  • Cough relief
  • Antidiarrheal 
  • Controls diabetes
  • Relieve fatigue
  • Provides concentration power
  • Induces sleep

Whereas smoking CBD may have a completely different aspect of health benefits that come along with it. Like—

  • Relief from Anxiety
  • Calms down your mind
  • Helps with sleep
  • Analgesic properties
  • Reduce symptoms of depression
  • Reduces inflammation

One can witness few similarities in the benefits offered by the smoking of Kratom and CBD cigars. The rest depends on the physical need of the individual.


Because CBD products have been in the market for a longer time, they are easily available. You may check online or offline stores and conveniently order your CBD cigars.

Whereas, Kratom is comparatively new in this field. You may have to do some hard work to find its cigars.


Smoking Kratom might be on the costlier side than smoking CBD cigars. The reason may be the sourcing of raw materials and public demand.

User friendly

One may find smoking CBD cigars more convenient. It is because it is available in different concentrations and flavors. On the other hand, Kratom cigars may be burdensome to find and smoke.

Side effects

Smoking CBD may not be addictive, but smoking Kratom could be. A significant drawback of smoking might be the common side effects that come with it. These include—

  • Drowsiness
  • Blurry vision
  • Vomiting
  • Anxiety
  • Product dependency

Smoking CBD may have fewer side effects even if used regularly. Its products are less likely to be addictive. If used in high concentrations, the common side effects are— nausea, low blood pressure, dizziness, and sleepiness.

The legal status of Kratom and CBD cigars.

CBD products (hemp-derived only) are legal in all states, whereas Kratom is not. It could be because CBD products are not addictive and have fewer side effects even if used in higher doses. Smoking Kratom is comparatively a newer practice, while smoking CBD is widely done.

Conclusion— Which one is better?

This answer could be best given by a consumer. Both varieties have unique effects and modes of acting on the body. Both Kratom cigars and CBD cigars may be used to treat numerous health aspects. However, smoking it is less damaging than smoking Kratom.

CBD cigars are more popular and liked among people for their mild relaxing effects. Nevertheless, Kratom cigars might also get popular in the coming times. An individual may use either of these cigars depending on their needs.