Here are the Medici Large Desktop Humidor Review

Quality Importers Medici LARGE DESKTOP Humidor review:

You will appreciate The Medici large desktop humidor which holds 400 to 500 cigars, has 2 large rectangle humidifiers, 1 proper lid seal, 2 dividers at the bottom, and lock & key with tassel. The exterior design and size of this cigars box fits perfectly anywhere. The cigars capacity of 400 – 500 is enough for a solid cigar collection. The beautiful and class exterior of the Medici has a rich walnut and mahogany finish. The size of the cigar box feels comfortable to use and is easy tp move. The quality of the interior of this cigar box is also magnificent.

The Quality Importers 500 count Medici Humidor is a very simple and functional large desktop humidor. It is the ideal basic storage solution for a growing collection of cigars. The Medici humidor is also packed with all the essential attributes that make it one of the best large desktop humidors available on the market. It is shaped like a basic box (previously known as the Havana footlocker Humidor) and is the best value for money for a humidor that stores up to 500 cigars. The humidor also is manufactured with a premium quality exterior and interior.

Quality Importers Humidors:  

Quality importers are known as one of the top companies in the manufacturing of cigar accessories and humidors. The company has a well-known reputation due to eye-captivating designs and premium quality products. Quality Importers aims to provide high-end humidor products at affordable prices. The company does not compromise the quality of the features included in the cigar boxes and has been at the forefront of humidor technology with patented technology. They provide premium quality accessories with all the boxes.

Features of the Medici Humidor:

  • ·        Rich Walnut Finish Exterior
  • ·        Engraved brass side handles
  • ·        Interior lined with Premium kiln dried Spanish cedar
  • ·        Premium Kiln dried Spanish cedar tray
  • ·        Spanish cedar trays with dividers 2
  • ·        Lid seal on closure
  • ·        Quadrant and piano hinges lid
  • ·        Opens and closes smoothly on quadrant and piano hinges
  • ·        Piano hinges scratch resistant felt
  • ·        Large rectangle humidifiers
  • ·        resistant felt lined bottom
  • ·        1 analog Glass hygrometer
  • ·        Sureseal technology proper lid seal
  • ·        Dried Spanish cedar gold plated lock
  • ·        Key with tassel handles
  • ·        Tassel handles hidden quadrant
  • ·        Storage capacity for 400 500 cigars
  • ·        Dimensions Outside 16 3 4 W x 11 7 8 d x 16 1 2 h
  • ·        SKU: HUM-400FL
  • ·        Cost-efficient with builtin rectangle humidifiers, 1 analog glass hygrometer with brass ring

Medici Humidor Exterior:

The Medici has an attractive and elegant exterior. The structure of the box is made of premium quality industrial wood. The wood exterior is finished with a high gloss layer of mahogany walnut finish. The finish can perfectly coordinate with the other wood furniture in the office or home. The glossy crown makes the humidor look stylish and eye-catching.

Gold Plated Lock and Key:

The Medici cigar box features an engravable brass nameplate, gold plated lock and key with tassel. The gold plated lock and key with tassels enhance the rich exterior. The gold plated lock and key with tassel look gorgeous with the walnut glossy finish. The proper lid seal of gold plated lock and key with tassels not only strengthen the exterior beauty of the box, but it also protects the cigar collection from thieves or unauthorized persons. The dried Spanish cedar gold plated lock to increase the glamour of the humidor.

Sureseal Technology

The humidor has sureseal technology. Sureseal technology was developed by the masterminds of the Quality Importers.  The sureseal technology makes sure there is a proper lid seal on closure. This sureseal technology of lid seal on closure helps to maintain the ideal humidity level by avoiding leakage. The lid seal on closure also protects the cigars from environmental pollution.

Engravable brass handles

The hinges feature engravable brass handles attached to both sides of the humidor. These enhance the exterior style of the humidor. It also helps you to move the cigar box from one place to another. The quadrant and piano hinges are another huge features of the Medici cigars box. The piano hinges are manufactured of stainless steel long pieces and join with brass pins. The piano hinges feature to assist in the convenient and hassle-free smooth opening and closing of the cigars box.

The humidor is lined with a scratch-resistant felt-lined bottom. This scratch resistant felt lined bottom protects the base of the humidor and the desk. The humidor has Dimensions Outside 16 3 4 W x 11 7 8 d x 16 1 2 h. The brass nameplate gold plated feature lets the user customize the cigar box. The featured nameplate gold plated lock and key with tassel enhance the worth and glory of the Medici.

The Clever Humidor Interior:

The Medici large desktop humidor interior has been cleverly thought out. The interior is lined with premium kiln-dried Spanish cedar. Kiln-dried is a type of wood. This wood helps to reduce the sap production that can cause a damaging effect on contact with the cigars. Spanish cedar is also a good wood type. Spanish cedar is usually used to line the cigar boxes. It helps to maintain the contemporary flavor and aroma of the cigars. The interior of the cigar box has a simple design with impressive storage capacity. This impressive storage capacity is revealed by a box opening at the top which is convenient for storage of the prestigious cigar collection inside the box.

Two Spanish Cedar Trays:

The Medici cigar box includes a large storage container and 2 Spanish cedar trays with dividers for storage. The dividers at the bottom are lined with premium cedarwood to protect the cigar collection. These 2 Spanish cedar trays allow the user to organize the cigar collection according to personal requirements. These 2 Spanish Cedar trays are removable and serve as extra storage space. These trays are easy to install or remove as they do not include any screws to fix. The storage trays and dividers at the bottom are lined with premium Spanish cedar to avoid scratches.

Glass Hygrometer with brass ring And 2 large rectangle humidifiers:

The hygrometer in the Medici cigar box is a device that uses to measure the amount of humidity and moisture inside the box. It has attached inside the lid of the box. It shows the change in humidity and temperature on the display monitor. The Medici has an analog display monitor. It has a high-definition, demiss tempered glass and gold plated brass round ring. The Medici cigar box has equipped with 2 large rectangle humidifiers. The humidifiers maintain the ideal humidity level inside the cigar box. They also keep the original flavor and aroma of the cigars alive.

500 Cigar Storage Capacity:

The Medici holds up to 500 cigars at a time. The storage capacity of 400 to 500 cigars are more than good enough for a personal desktop humidor. In fact, 500 cigars is a very generous number!. The storage capacity of 400 – 500 with 2 dividers at the bottom allows the user to organize the cigar collection of different flavors and brands.

We think the Medici Humidor is a practical and no-nonsense humidor that hits the sweet spot of cigar connoisseurs who are looking for a large affordable and simple cigar storage solution.