Christy Milan

Is Cigar Smoking Safer Than CBD Cigarette Smoking?

Every one of us is aware that cigarettes are harmful to our health; even smokers are conscious of the risks they are putting themselves in, but they continue to smoke. Cigarette companies advise their customers about the dangers of smoking right on the package. What about cigars, though? Are cigars a healthier alternative to cigarettes? This one is a frequently asked question.

Cigars are said to be a more sophisticated alternative to traditional cigarette rolls. Cigarettes, on the other hand, are considered addictive and toxic. To begin, all types of smoking are detrimental to health, but there are better and far less damaging alternatives open to us. So, let us look at how CBD cigarettes differ.

Key Facts About CBD Cigarettes

CBD cigarettes or CBD pre-rolls resemble traditional cigarettes but do not contain tobacco. Instead, they comprise powdered CBD hemp flowers carefully rolled into a smokable product molded like a cigarette, buy the best CBD products at CBDfx. They are non-addictive and generate sensory experiences analogous to conventional cigarettes.

The CBD cigarette, like any other standard cigarette, is lit from one end only. Causing it to smolder, and the ensuing smoke is breathed in orally from the opposite end. CBD cigarettes show indisputable therapeutic and health advantages over nicotine cigars. Some smokers rely on CBD pre-rolls to reduce inflammation and treat pains, while others appreciate the soothing effect that CBD hemp provides.

Now that we know what exactly CBD cigarettes are; Let us look at what tends to make them superior to traditional tobacco cigars.

1. There is no possibility of dependence on the drug

2. Pain alleviation

3. Risk-free ingredients

4. Increased concentration

5. Mood-boosting effects

6. Better or worse, there will be no smell

Key Facts About Cigars 

Cigars are packaged tobacco leaves that have been crushed and aged for consumption. Cigars are available in a variety of shapes and widths. Cigar smoking can have serious health consequences, such as an increased chance of developing diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

In many aspects, smoking cigars is comparable to smoking ordinary cigarettes. However, the main difference is that it includes far more harmful substances such as carbon monoxide, ammonia, tar, NNK, etc. Cigar smoking can directly lead to an increase in the risk of lung, oral, and esophageal cancer, among other diseases. Cigar smokers are more likely to get COPD.

Which Is Safer: CBD Cigarette Smoking or Cigar Smoking?

CBD Cigarettes and cigars have several physical and behavioral qualities that may influence how they are inhaled and savored. 

Cigars surround a mist of myths about them. There exists a misconception that smoking a cigar isn’t the same as smoking a standard cigarette. It’s considerably more glamorous, and it denotes riches. All of this, though, is a misunderstanding. In this regard, cigars are no better than cigarettes. They are as harmful to your well-being as cigarettes.

Before we proceed to uncover the fact that cigars are equally toxic to our health and well-being, let us start with the fundamental and two most crucial distinctions between the two.

1. The amount of nicotine in both products varies significantly. CBD cigarettes are nicotine-free, while cigars have 100-200 milligrams. One cigar is equivalent to an entire pack of unfiltered cigarettes.

2. Another distinction between the two is the way they are smoked. CBD Cigarette smoke goes to your lungs, whereas cigar smoke lingers around and stays in your mouth. 

Why Are CBD Cigarettes Safer Than Cigars?

Contrary to common opinion, cigar smoking is not superior to CBD cigarette smoking for the following reasons:

1. Passive cigar smoke is highly harmful to other people.

The passive smoke emitted by cigars is far more poisonous and dangerous than CBD cigarettes. This phenomenon happens due to numerous reasons. The majority of which have to do with the manufacturing stage of these cigars and their wrappers.

2. Cigars contain nicotine, which can lead to drug dependency. Cigar fumes degrade in mouth/saliva, enabling the consumer to easily accommodate nicotine via the mouth lining in large amounts to create dependency even if the vapor does not travel inside the system.  Furthermore, the amount of nicotine in one cigar is exuberant than that of a cigarette.

4. Cigar smoking is connected to oral and dental health problems. 

Cigar smokers, compared to nonsmokers, have an increased risk of oral and dental disorders such as early tooth loss and gum inflammation, according to studies. Cigar and pipe smokers are also at a higher risk of losing alveolar bone (the bone that binds the tooth in place).

5. Cigar smoking raises the risk of acquiring cancers such as throat and oral cancer. Cigar smoking is known to cause several malignancies in our bodies, the most prevalent of which are mouth and throat cancers. Cigar smokers are also more prone to develop lung cancer, pancreatic and thyroid cancer. Regular cigar smoking raises the risk of respiratory disorders and cardiovascular illness. 


It is important to remember that there is no such thing as a healthy and safe cigarette product. Cigars are no different. Do not be deceived by assumptions about its physical look and status symbolism. Cigars, like all other kinds of smoking techniques, pose medical problems and risks. Avoid smoking cigars and the passive smoke they emit. 

Your body will reward you if you give up smoking. If you are an active smoker, there are a plethora of compelling reasons to quit. Despite that, it is not always a simple task. It may take something more than your determination and drive. Set a goal for yourself and commit to it as your initial step toward a tobacco-free existence.

If you must smoke, CBD cigarettes are far superior to nicotine cigars in several aspects. They seem to be less hazardous than regular cigars and offer several health benefits. CBD cigarette smoking is a workable substitute for traditional cigars.