Cigars on top of a black humidor

If you’re wondering what humidity your humidor should be, we have the answers. The humidity and temperature in a humidor must be precise to keep your cigars in good condition and prevent them from expiring.

It’s important to know the ideal temperature and humidity, so you can monitor the levels and adjust them if necessary. Keep reading to learn the optimal settings and what you can do to achieve the right conditions in your cigar humidor.

What Humidity Should My Humidor Be Set To?

The ideal humidity for your cigars is 70% relative humidity. You should keep your humidor set between 65% and 74%. Anything less or more can damage your cigars. It can be hard to know what the humidity for cigars should be. But 70% is definitively the best humidity level.

Humidity is the most important factor when you store cigars. When setting up and monitoring your humidor, the humidity is always the first thing you should check and attend to.

Adjusting Your Humidor’s Humidity

There are a few different ways to adjust the humidity in your humidor. If the humidity is too low, the air will be dry, and you may end up with dry cigars with less flavor and aroma. If the humidity is too high, the cigars will absorb excess water and could begin to grow mold, rot, or become infested with bugs.

Raising Humidity

The method you use to raise the humidity depends on the type of humidor.

Electric humidors are the simplest for cigar storage. Set the humidity level to 70%, and then wait for your humidor to achieve the ideal relative humidity level. Add a shot glass filled with distilled water to your humidor to speed up the process. Make sure your humidifier regulator in the humidor is always filled with distilled water so it can maintain the proper humidity level.

Another method is adding a sponge soaked in water and closing the humidor. Leave it for 24-48 hours, and when you remove the sponge, the air in the humidor should have a higher relative humidity level. You can also use gel humidity beads or floral foam. These items slowly release moisture into the humidor when you leave them in there for a few days. And hot air also increases humidity in the humidor.

Lowering Humidity

High relative humidity in your humidor is a less common problem but can be an issue in more humid climates. If you need to lower humidity, adjust the humidity setting and leave the door open for a few hours. Opening the door will allow some moisture out of the humidor, lowering the relative humidity.

The other methods for lowering moisture level are almost the same as raising it. Floral foam and the gel humidity beads absorb excess moisture in the same way they can release moisture. Keeping one of these items in your humidor is a great way to maintain proper relative humidity for your cigar collection.

Although you should usually never put your humidor in the sun, doing so for an hour or two rapidly lowers the excess humidity if you’re in a hurry. Leaving the door or life open while you do this will also speed up the process. So those are ways to lower humidity in a humidor.

What Temperature Should My Humidor Be Set To?

Humidors need to be set to the right temperature, just like they need the best humidity. The correct temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, or 21 degrees Celsius.

High temperatures can cause cigars to rot and develop mold. And just like low humidity, low temperatures can dry out the cigars, or if they create condensation, can cause more rot.

So let’s discuss how to keep a humidor at 70 degrees, so you can perfectly preserve your precious cigars!

Adjusting Your Humidor’s Temperature

Adjusting your humidor’s temperature isn’t too difficult, but it is crucial. Below are some methods for raising and lowering the temperature in your humidor.

Raising the Temperature

Many electric humidors have a cooler on them to prevent overheating. Turning off this cooler or raising the humidity ever so slightly can fix the temperature, bringing it back up to 70 degrees.

Other ways to raise the temperature include placing it near a heat source, such as a space heater that can raise the temperature in the room. You can also put it in direct sunlight for a few hours, which will warm up the humidor. But make sure you remove the cigars before doing so, or they may dry out!

Lowering the Temperature

Now, let’s talk about lowering the temperature in a humidor. You can lower the temperature by simply letting the door or lid stay open. Doing so will help circulate air and lower the temperature, as well as the relative humidity.

Move your humidor to a cooler location, away from any heat sources or windows where the sun may shine on it. Keep your humidor in a cool, dark place if the temperature rises above 70 degrees.

Cigars on top of a black humidor

Tips for Maintaining Humidor Conditions

Here are some handy tips for maintaining your humidor’s conditions and, in turn, preserving your cigars.

  • Try to keep your humidor away from heating and cooling sources and windows that get a lot of sun. Sunlight is a death sentence to your cigars and can ruin the cedar wood in the humidor.
  • Fill the humidifier regulator at least once a week and check it often to ensure there is enough water to maintain 70% humidity.
  • Check on your humidor thermostat and hygrometer at least once a week, if not once a day. It’s much easier to fix a problem with your humidor if you catch it early.
  • Keep the door and lid closed unless grabbing a cigar. Unless you are trying to lower the humidity, the door should always remain shut to make the environment inside easier to regulate.
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Humidor Accessories

Below are three accessories that you can add to your humidor setup. These accessories are easy to use and key in maintaining the humidity and temperature you need to keep your cigars fresh and flavorful.


A hygrometer is a device that monitors the humidity levels in your humidor. If your humidor does not come with one of these already, it is ideal to have a detachable one you can place in the humidor to monitor the humidity.


The thermostat allows you to monitor the temperature in your humidor to ensure it hovers around 70 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. Most humidors come with one, but you can easily buy a thermometer to check the temperature every so often.

Humidity Adjusters

Humidity adjusters include floral foam blocks or gel humidity beads discussed earlier. These accessories are great for any humidor, especially if you’re struggling to maintain the relative humidity.


In summary, nothing is more important than humidity and temperature when tending to your cigars. Humidors can regulate these aspects of the environment but need a little help to do so. Don’t neglect to check on your humidor to ensure the levels stay where they should.

In the end, the preservation of your cigars is up to you. So, choose the right humidor and make sure you are attentive and aware of its condition at all times.