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The modern lifestyle is fast-paced, grueling, and often hectic. Ask the working adults as they know all about it. Daily deadlines, tiring work schedules give rise to a daily anxious cycle. One thing which office-going individuals and college-going teenagers have in common is the constant deadlines. The recent coronavirus pandemic has only worsened the problem, as the work hours have only gotten longer. For college-going scholars, the number of assignments has only increased. Many complain about everything coming to a stop but not the regular exams. Many complain of more stress when compared to their pre-pandemic lifestyle.

One more problem in the last couple of years is the financial difficulties caused due to the lockdown measures across the globe, which is more severe in the United States of America. A study by the Congressional Research Service claims that Teenage women experience an unemployment rate of more than 35% and Teenage men experience an unemployment rate of more than 25%. It is an all-time high since the recent wall street crisis. Many statisticians claim that it might take a couple of years to get back to normalcy, causing serious short/long-term consequences.

Many turn to other ways to cope with the daily stress. Many habits like cigar smoking, alcohol, drugs have become common among working individuals. Many individuals claim that these habits help, but they often develop an addiction. A new trend in the market is CBD-Based products which are much less harmful to the other alternatives in the market. Their consumer base is spread across the world, especially in the United States of America.


CBD-Based products originate from the leaves of the famous Sativa plant. The main constituents like THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and Hemp extract are taken from the leaves by a specialized extraction method. It is critical to be precise, as the process determines the efficiency of Cannabinol.

Cannabidiol-Based products are available in various types like CBD Tincture, CBD Oil, CBD Gummy, and many more. CBD is versatile, one of its unique selling points, and makes it famous among consumers.

Another trait that comes with Cannabidiol-Based products is that they are organic. It ensures that there are no short/long-term side effects. The alternate options on the market are chemically based, severely affecting the consumer. Several cases in the past have associated several skin allergies caused by chemical-based drugs. 

The CBD industry is versatile and innovative. The recent popularity in the country has made many entrepreneurs venture into the business. The intense competition has led to many innovations. Many have tried to push CBD-Based products into various other industries like Food, Cocktails, and fashion. One of them is Vaping based on CBD, which has become very popular worldwide. In the United States of America, 2 out of 40 adults own and continue to buy a CBD vape kit, proving their wide availability across the country.


A cigar is a form of rolls, and tobacco is inside them. The wrapping material can be a thin leaf or any other sheet of quality material. Smoking a Cigar has always been the trend, be it the movies or the wealthy individuals moving around their fancy cars. What remains hidden in the cost comes with them, the monetary and the physical ones.

A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States of America shows that 28 out of 200 individuals who are teenagers or adults consume cigars. What is necessary to note are the short/long-term diseases caused by the cigars. Tobacco is a well-known material, taken as it leads to many serious consequences. It can cause the consumer to get an addiction, making it even more dangerous. Respiratory Diseases, various types of cancer are some of the diseases on the long list. 


As discussed earlier, Vaping is a new trend in society. A product which has been on a high in the market of the United States of America. The unique selling point is that it is a harmless alternative to a dangerous cigar. Yes, you read that right, as vaping does not cause any long/short-term effects on the consumer. Another advantage is that they do not cause any serious diseases in an individual over a long period.  

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Vaping works on an electronic mechanism that runs on batteries or direct electricity. They make an aerosol that can contain nicotine, marijuana, or a mix of both. The innovation coming is in this sector is the use of Sunday Scaries CBD-Based products that make a similar aerosol. As Cannabidiol-Based products are organic, it makes vaping safer and causes no short/long-term side effects on the consumer.


Smoking a cigar and vaping have the same effects on the user but have huge characteristic differences-

  • The cigar has tobacco rolled inside it, with a fine leaflet around it. However, Vaping contains no tobacco and produces the same aerosol for the consumer and with the same efficiency. The smoke present in the vicinity, when taken correctly, can cause a soothing response in the metabolism of the user.
  • As vaping does not contain tobacco, it makes it safer than a cigar. Cigars are dangerous as they can cause various respiratory diseases in an individual. In many cases, the deadly fumes have led to many cancer-related complications. Vaping does not cause any short/long-term consequences on the consumer, making it an effective alternative to cigars.
  • Cigars can be often troublesome to the consumer as they need fire to ignite, which often can be dangerous for novice users. As vaping works on electricity, it is easier to use. Most vaping kits use batteries to operate, but several efforts are to use direct electricity.
  • Vaping can be versatile as it can contain nicotine, marijuana, Cannabidiol-Based products, but cigars can only have tobacco inside. It also makes vaping popular among the various sections of the consumer base.


The above points highlight the general differences between smoking cigars and vaping. Several users can have their preferences, but the new trend directs towards vaping. They are comparatively harmless and cause no short/long-term side effects on the consumer. Adding CBD makes vaping safer and leads to organic aerosol.

With time more and more products have legalized vaping and vaping kits. It has led to many entrepreneurs taking a deep interest in the industry which will only increase the innovation within the industry. More competition will also decrease the prices of the product further.