Micheal Laffey

Hillside Cigar lounge

Ever wondered about a place that provides the sense of being at home? Well, if no then Hill Side Cigar Lounge is the way to go! We guarantee a place where your liberty will never be snatch or compromised. Moreover, the hillside cigar lounge offers a rich ambiance, lavish and with artistic furniture.

Suited in Texas, it provides you with the opportunity to spend time with your loved ones or alone. We know juggling various roles can sometimes be stressful; therefore, we offer you an atmosphere that promotes peace and tranquility.

Hillside Cigar lounge has everything you are seeking for. We are new in town and we will be the answer to your dreams and desires. It is located at 1409 N Cockrell Hill Rd Suite 200, DeSoto, TX 75115. Our website is at https://hillsidecigarlounge.com/. You can reach out to us via email at info@hillsidecigarlounge.com or on mobile with (469) 372-7040