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Daniel Marshall Ambiente Humidor Review

Daniel Marshall is a luxurious and gorgeous humidor brand. We contend that if there is a sign or symbol of class when it comes to Humidors, a Daniel Marshall humidor would fit this bill nicely. In fact, we feature this humidor in our best small humidors of 2020 post!

They are exquisite handmade pieces. There is a lot of hard work and dedication behind the making of this excellent craft. The Ambiente Humidor looks like a square box. The exterior of this humidor does not include decorations to coordinate with the elegant and simple look. It is finished with a black tint. The tint looks appealing with a matte finish. The size of the cigar humidor is appropriate to use on counter tables or desktops. Cigars are stored in the ideal environment to keep the original flavor and aroma alive. The digital display hygrometer is attached to the lid. This hygrometer helps the user to monitor the change in temperature to store the cigars.

The humidifier controls the level of humidity and airflow through the humidor. The interior is lined with premium kiln Spanish cedar. Spanish cedar is a premium wood that can hold more moisture compared to ordinary woods. It also has cedarwood partitions included. These partitions help to keep items in the proper organization. The bottom of this cigar humidor is lined with felt-lining.

This type of lining helps to avoid scratching on the surface. It also includes a luxury lockset with a gold-plated coin. This cigar humidor has a unique feature. This feature will help you to know if the humidor is original or not. It is the authentication card of the company with the name and engraved logo.

This cigar humidor is available in two series. The sizes of both series are different from each other. The prices of both series are also different. One of the series has a storage capacity of 65 cigars and the other has a storage capacity of 150 cigars. Both the cigar humidor series’ have the same features and functionalities.


Daniel Marshall Ambiente 65 at Grand Humidors

Daniel Marshall Ambiente 150 at Grand Humidors

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Features Included:
This luxury and high-end humidor include the following features:
Jet black wood exterior
Handmade gorgeous box
Black digital hygrometer
Premium Kelin Spanish cedar Interior
Cedarwood partitions
Luxury lockset with tassel and coin key
Gold plated side hinges
Gold plated locking hinges
Felt-lined bottom
Daniel Marshall Authencity Card

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Sometimes reviews are the best way of describing a Humidor!

“I have been using Daniel Marshall for a long time. I found it one of the best humidors for my cigars. The partitions of cedarwood helped me a lot to organize my flavor and brands separately. It enhanced the interior of my office. Every visitor asks me about it. The performance of the box is outstanding in storage. It keeps my hand-rolled expensive cigars at the ideal humidity level and temperature. The flavor of cigars and the roasted texture of tobacco remains the same as a new cigar. I am impressed with the size of it. The size and weight both are suitable to move. I will recommend it to the people who like to use high end, classy and expensive products”. – Harry Olson 2019.

“I gifted this masterpiece to my father on his 50th birthday. He always dreamed of a handmade cigar box but could not make it. I can not express the priceless expressions of happiness and joy on my father’s face. He has been using it for five months. He feels completely satisfied with the quality and performance of the humidor. Another thing he likes about this box is the digital hygrometer. It is easier for him to monitor the readings as compared to the analog monitor. This cigar humidor can store a sufficient amount of items. I will refer others to buy this lovely piece as a gift for their loved ones who smokes a cigar. It will be a precious and memorable gift for them”. – Jennifer Smith 2018

“I own a cigar bar. Sometimes I need to host VIPs or celebrities at my bar. I was looking for a beautiful cigar humidor that I can represent in front of them. One of my friends recommended I buy a Daniel Marshall humidor. The Daniel Marshall cigar humidor appeals to me with the beautiful and class exterior of the black finish. The size of the humidor feels comfortable to use and move. The quality of the interior of this cigar humidor is also magnificent. The size of this cigar humidor feels convenient for storing in the personal collection of any connaisseur” – Angus Taylor 2017

“Humidors by Daniel Marshall are one of the top quality humidors. I have placed it on my office table. It holds a sufficient amount of cigars for daily use. The size of the box is portable. The item remains fresh at the ideal humidity level. If you want a high-end and luxury cigar humidor, then it is premier among all others. The finish looks new even after a long time of use. – Harold Mullen


The Daniel Marshall Collection is both distinguished and reputable. It comes highly recommended with a touch of style and sophistication that would fit in at a variety of different places. The Ambiente Humidor is one of the most popular of the range and is a safe bet to impress!.

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