The Cigar Humidors are the most reliable and ideal gadget for cigar smokers for ages. Cigar custom Humidors are enclosed containers with relative humidity and control temperature to keep the cigars or tobacco in the best condition. Humidors are available in different sizes and styles. The selection depends on the choice of the user. The size of the humidors includes desktop humidors, travel humidors, table humidors, and cabinet humidors.

The capacity of each humidor depends on the user’s need. Mostly the humidors come as a single assembled unit. The user chooses the size and design according to their preferences and starts using it. But the large humidors like a cabinet or walk-in humidors allow the buyer to enjoy the facility of personalized humidors. The personalized humidor gives the choice of adding more advanced features in the humidors. The features include an automatic humidification system, different types of hygrometers, and extra storage space. The custom or personalized humidors also allow you to keep the purchase absolute to your budget and requirements. All humidors own personalized ones.

The people investing an enormous amount of money would prefer to have custom or personalized humidors. It typically includes the large humidor or walk-in humidors. Although the small or desktop humidor does have custom options, However, the large humidor possesses a vital scope in this regard.

Most of the renowned companies allow the buyer to create their custom humidors.

Grand Humidors can create your imagination or dreams to a reality within an affordable budget. Our company will give you a perfect and your favorite cigar custom humidors. The buyer can add the features according to his need. But the products manufacturing rights reserved by the company. The company only allows the user to choose the custom option while placing the order. The company gives a chance to the buyer to enjoy their custom design humidors. We can make anything for you, either the design includes a custom logo attached on a glass top cigar humidor or for a large number of Logo embossed Lighters for a group or corporate event.

Here we listed some important features. These features should be available in an ideal best humidor.

Most preferably wood exterior 

Beautiful and premium quality exterior finish

Mahogany or cherry finish

Spanish Cedar lined interior

Premium Quality Hygrometer

High-performance Humidifier

Tempered glass lid

Lock and key

Extra Cedar tray

A moisture level between 65% to 70% 

Affordable price

The common features of all types of the custom humidor are the



A hygrometer is a device that uses to measure the amount of

humidity and moisture in a compact area. It attaches to the door of the cabinet

humidors. It also has a display to monitor the change in moisture level. It

comes in two displays, a digital display,

and an analog display.

In a digital hygrometer, the monitor gives output in

numbers. Whereas, in an analog hygrometer, the monitor gives output with a



A humidifier is a device that controls the moisture and humidity inside the cigar humidor. It circulates the fresh air through the cigar custom humidor.

The ideal moisture level is between 65% to 70%. The humidifier maintains this

ideal humidity so, the cigars may not become too dry or soggy. The humidifiers

hold a gel or clay type material. They are Boveda

Humidity packs. They do available in the humidifier. But you can replace it.

Spanish Cedar Interior:

The interior of the cigar humidors has lined with Spanish cedar.

Because it absorbs an excessive amount of moisture. It also helps to balance

the humidity level in the cigar humidor. The dividers and trays of the cigar humidor

also made from Spanish cedar.


The lockset attaches to cigar humidors for securing the cigar collection. It protects the cigars from strangers and thieves.

Desktop Custom Humidors:

The desktop humidor incorporates lots of beautiful and attractive design. The desktop cigar case has an eye-captivating exterior in black, maple, walnut, ebony, or mahogany finish. The custom desktop humidor has a personalized finish of tints depending on your place or interiors. The price of these custom desktop humidors remains the same. It does not cost any additional price to the buyers. The personalized custom humidors look perfect

with the surrounding. These custom desktop humidors also include the features like an engraved

logo, engraved side handles, glass lid, high-quality Spanish cedar lined

interior, and humidity control system. The glass top enhances the style and

the beauty of the custom desktop humidor. The box style cigar humidor comprising all your

requirements looks gorgeous and beautiful in your home or workplace.

Here are some desktop cigar custom humidors

Quality Importers Tradition Antique Humidor – 125 Cigar ct

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Product Features:

  • 1 Glass hygrometer inside with brass round ring cover
  • 2 large rectangular humidifiers
  • 1 Spanish cedar tray with dividers
  • Spanish cedar aerator for improved circulation.
  • The storage capacity of 125 cigars
  • SureSeal technology to avoid any leaks and proper closure
  • Fully lined with premium kiln-dried Spanish cedar for excellent aroma and moisture retention.
  • Scratch-resistant felt-lined bottom

Best humidor to gift your loved ones

The Dakota Black Humidor with Scissors by Prestige Import Group – 120 Cigar ct

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Cigar Humidor Features:

  • 2 humidifiers
  • External black finish hygrometer
  • Magnetically attach cigar scissors
  • Lock with a key to add security
  • The storage capacity of 120 cigars
  • Black interior
  • 4 adjustable dividers
  • Magnetic deferral panels
  • Humidor Dimensions: 15″ W x 10″ D x 6 1/2″ H

Visol Santa Clara Glass Top with Black Matte Finish Cigar Humidor – Holds 50 Cigars

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Cigar Humidor Features

  • Made with Cedar veneer with Glass Top; Gold color hinges to made Hygrometer; Section Divider included
  • Airtight enclosure to maintain cigar humidity. Includes built-in analog hygrometer and felt bottom to prevent scratching on table/desk. Comes with Humidifier that attaches to the humidor;
  • Dimensions: 8.7 inch(Length) x 10.18 inch(Width) x 4.5(Height) (Weight)3.11 Pounds
  • Ideal for Office or your Home to Match your Wooden Desk
  • Comes Packaged in White Cardboard Box, Can be Easily Gift Wrapped, Comes with Instructions for First Time Use and Maintenance

Quality Importers Milano Elegant Humidor – 75-100 Cigar ct

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Cigar Humidor Features:

  • Holds up to 100 Cigars
  • Tempered Beveled Glass Top
  • 1 Rectangle Humidifier
  • 1 Front Mount Glass Hygrometer with Brass Frame
  • SureSeal Technology Insures Proper Lid Seal on Closure
  • Spanish Cedar Tray with Divider
  • 2 Dividers at Bottom
  • Lined with Premium Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar
  • Gold Plated Lock & Key with Tassel and Hidden Quadrant Hinges
  • Engraveable Brass Nameplate
  • Rosewood Finish
  • Capacity: 75-100 cigars
  • Dimensions (Outside): 13 5/8″W x 9 1/2″D x 6 1/4″H
  • Quantity Per Case: 4
  • Item number: HUM-75DRG

Daniel Marshall Ambiente Humidor

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Cigar Humidor Features:

  • Digital glass hygrometer
  • Humidifier
  • Spanish cedar lined inner
  • Locks set along with the key
  • Black Matte Finish
  • 2 adjustable dividers
  • The storage capacity of 150 cigars

Cabinet Custome or Personalized cigar


The cabinet humidors include all the mandatory features with a large storage capacity. They commonly design for commercial use, but you can also use them at home. A cabinet cigar humidor is a large cupboard look cigar humidor. It is also known as In-Wall Cigar Humidor.

It comes with dual-panels and a single panel depending on the size of the cigar humidor. Cabinet cigar humidor commonly uses on the commercial level, where a large number of products need to store for a long duration. It can store thousands of products. Cabinet humidors come with a digital hygrometer and a humidifier.

Due to the huge size and advanced features, the price of a cabinet cigar humidor is high. Cabinet humidors own large storage shelves, independent rolling drawers, and humidification systems. All cabinets or large humidors don’t have an advanced multifunctional humidification system.

The advanced multifunctional humidification system

includes in the electric humidors. Electric humidors work with the help of sensors. These

sensors detect the amount of moisture outside in the air. It turns on the

ventilator of the cabinet and circulates air through it. The ventilators

automatically turn off when the temperature reaches the preset ideal value.

Electronic cabinets don’t require any person to operate. The user needs only

once to start the system and monitor it occasionally. These are the best humidors

for the cigar smoker. These humidors store your cigars in the best conditions. The

water reservors of these cigar humidors can only refill with distilled water.

The Redford Lite Electric Cabinet by Prestige Import Group:

Cigar Humidor Features:          

  • Black Oak Wood Finish
  • White LED Lighting Illuminates All Shelves
  • 4 Drawer Style Shelves on Metal Slides
  • 1 Removable Tray with 2 Dividers
  • 3 Adjustable Dividers per Shelf
  • Features Cooling & Heating Systems
  • Toggle Between Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Temperature Adjustable 41F-71F
  • Humidity Adjustable 56%-78%
  • Refillable & Removable Water Reservoir
  • Adjustable Hygrometer Calibration
  • Cedar Lined Trays & Shelves
  • Sleek Push Button Digital Control Panel With Adjustable Climate & Humidity Settings
  • De-mist Feature Automatically Maintains Glass Free of Condensation
  • Built-In Electronic Humidification System With Auxiliary Fan
  • De-Humidification Assist Effectively Balances Humidity
  • Tempered Tinted Glass Door with Heavy Duty Seal
  • Operates on 110/120 Volts
  • 220/240 Volt Version Available (Please Inquire)
  • Humidor Dimensions: 25″ W x 24″ D x 52″ H

A cigar humidor is one of the best gifts for your loved ones. A gift is not just an object, but it is an emotion to express your love, care, and affection towards your loved ones. The gift increases the bonding between the individuals. They feel happy with this gesture of love.

Nothing can be a more perfect or special gift for a cigar smoker. This gift will enhance your value. You can gift the favorite humidor of your loved one at a reasonable price with our personalized or custom cigar boxes. You can freely brief us about your favorite humidor and available budget. You can also order the engraved humidor. Their favorite engraved humidor will be a memorable gift for your loved one. The engraved nameplate or love note looks perfect on the gift humidor.

The engraved note will always remind them about your love and affection. The engraved note can add anywhere on the humidor either you like to add it on the top or inside of your gift humidor. This engraved note gives a premium finished appearance to the custom humidor. This engraved note will note cost you a high price. Your loved one will hold this precious gift with great love and care. It will make them feel happy and special. It will also remind them about your good time. You can not give them a more unique or beautiful gift than a custom cigar humidor.

Now we will guide you with some FAQs

that will help you to buy the best product for your collection.

How to set up a custom electric


It can set up with the help of the following steps:


Place a glass filled with distilled water in the container.


Turn on the electronic humidifier.


Attach the hygrometer to monitor the moisture level.


Close lid of the container


Now monitor the readings on the hygrometer. When it reaches the ideal moisture

level (65-70), it means your storage box is ready to store the collection.

How to increase the moisture

level in the hydroelectric custom humidor?


can get it with the help of boveda humidification packets.

What is the best temperature

setting on an electronic humidor to get the best moisture level?

The ideal temperature set according to the 70/70 rule. This rule states

that the temperature should be 70-degree Fahrenheit and the relative moisture

level should be 70 %. In this state, you can achieve the best moisture level to

store the collection in an ideal environment.

How do you control the moisture

level in my electronic humidor?

You can speed up the moisture level process by placing the cabinet in

direct sunlight with an open lid. If your moisture level increase from the

ideal level, lower down the level of the distilled water in the water tank. For

regular use, keep the container away from sunlight and heating cooling

refrigerators. So the humidifier will be able to work properly by own for

maintaining the ideal temperature level and controlled moisture environment.