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14 perfect Cigar Lighter gifts

Cigar Lighters are the basic and compulsory accessory for any tobacco user. Cigar Lighters are the most appropriate source to blaze a cigarette and to light a cigar. They are sturdy and refillable. You can easily carry them with you. The fuel tank of most of the cigar lighters is refillable. If you are a regular cigar smoker, it means you have to use it often. So you should buy it wisely as it is going to be a long-term investment for you.

Best Cigar Lighter

When you are going to buy a cigar lighter, your priority should be a comfort to carry it. If the size of the cigar lighter will big and unfit in your pocket, it might be lost soon. The second thing you should focus on will be the performance and durability of the cigar lighter. If you like to carry expensive, and stylish accessories then you should buy slim and classy cigar lighters with a stainless steel outer. One more thing that should consider while purchasing torch lighters is to buy the one that uses butane fuel to light up.

Xikar Premium Butane – Grand Humidors

Lighter Fluid

The fluid/fuel is liquid is a highly flammable material that helps to burn it. It is a colorless liquid used in the burner or other things to light up. Butane fuel has more power to burn flame in one shot as compared to ordinary fuel. It is the best liquid to use in the cigar industry. All available products related to cigar lightning use it. The refillable butane can light up the flame to 2500oF. The more refined your butane is, the cleaner it burns and is less likely to clog the lighters. The cigar lighter should also have a fuel gauge indicator. It will help you to refill the lighter before the fluid reaches empty. Commonly, the torch flame cigar lighters use butane fuel. The butane flames lighters look eye-catching on the tabletop and in the pocket.

Every smoker likes to have unique and stylish accessories. You should think and do research wisely before buying the cigar torch lighters because it is not only one time or long time investment. But it will also express your taste and sense of styling. A premium quality, stylish cigar lighter is a great gift for a cigar person.

The gift always plays a vital role in expressing your love and affection for your loved ones. Gift connects you directly with the heart of your beloved person. No other gift can play the role better than lighters for cigar aficionados. Most of the jet flames lighters come with beautiful and attractive color packaging and sometimes with gift boxes. The price of the items varies from brand to brand depending on the quality and details of the accessories. The vibrant color and details of the lighters would make a person of any age group fall in love with it.

We will help to guide you about the best cigar lighters that are the finest in quality, performance, and durability. All these products are selected on the basis of premium quality cigar lighter structures, best performance, and worth price points. These best cigar lighters include single, double, triple, and quad torch lighters. The quad flame ones are more powerful as compared to the rest ones. Usually, the quad flame lighters are used on a table top or bar counters. Xikar Volta Quad torch lighter is the best one among all quad torches. The Xikar Volta is unbeatable in performance to date among all others. Alec Bradley is also one of the renowned brands in the niche with premium quality products. A wide range of good cigar lighters gives buyers an option to choose it according to their budget and requirement.

tHE Best Cigar Lighters

A quality cigar lighter should be able to produce a powerful flame that is not only windproof but also shouldn’t add flavor to the cigar when you take out the first few puffs.

All the cigar aficionados will tell you that this is only a small part of what is important to choose a torch for your precious cigar collection. Key characteristics such as flame type, flame setting, size, weight, and type of ignition can have a big impact not only on performance, but also on reliability and, ultimately, the price you pay for your next cigarette lighter.

To make sure you do not get ripped off into purchasing a cigar lighter designed to shatter after a few months of regular use, we have done the hard work for you and reviewed some of the best cigarette lighters currently available in the market to use. These torch items will enhance your style and class with high-end performances and extraordinary design/patterns.

The best tips to find a perfect torch are you should always check on the following things before buying it.

  • Flame type
  • Ignition type
  • Flame size adjustment
  • weight and size of torch
  • Warranty
  • Gift Box
  • Fuel gauge

The best cigar lighters from the top-notch built and with premium performance are the following:

  1. Visol Triflow Gunmetal Triple Torch
  2. Visol Andes Triple Torch Cigar Torch – Silver
  3. Xikar Ultra Lighter/Cutter Combo
  4. Xikar Turrim Double Lighter
  5. Xikar Forte Single Flame Jet
  6. S.T. Dupont Initial Lighter
  7. S.T. Dupont Defi Extreme Lighter
  8. Xikar Pipeline Lighter
  9. Tonino Lamborghini Argo
  10. Xikar EX Lighter
  11.  S.T. Dupont Slim 7 Lighter
  12. S.T. Dupont MegaJet
  13. Visol Saddle Triple Torch- Red
  14. Palio Vesuvio Triple Jet

Visol Triflow Gunmetal Triple Torch

The Visol Triflow is a traditional cigar gauzier. It adds up the power pouch of three flames together to end up producing a large fire. The gunmetal finish gives strength and value to the exterior. It also enhances the style and appearance. This Visol has styled in the traditional design of lighters, the Triflow packs a punch with the three concentrated flames, easily activated with a single action. The triple flame height adjuster and refueling nozzle area are on the base of it. The high-speed ignition action makes the process of lighting a cigar way convenient for table use as compared to double torch or single torch ones. The Visol Triflow Gunmetal cigar lighter comes with a gift box. You can gift it to your loved ones on special occasions. The gift box adds to the beauty and style.

Visol Andes Triple Torch Cigar Lighter – Silver

The Visol Andes Cigarette Lighters are sleek and stylish design. This Visol torch offers a clean-cut appearance, further enhanced by premium silver plating and a brushed satin finish. The silver finish on the solid metal body and flip-top emphasizes the style and class of the Visol Andes.

It features adjustable flame controls for individual control of flame size, as well as an automatic adjustment mechanism for even light distribution. It has equipped with an easy-to-replace flint wheel and refillable butane large fuel tank, this product is a must-have accessory for any cigar lover.

The Visol Andes Torch Cigarette and cigar Lighter is made from a strong metal body. It is designed for triple function and you can use it to easily light your cigar, pipe, and cigarette. It is a great gift option for cigar lovers. The affordable price makes the product easy to buy by every kind of customer. The product comes with a 1-year warranty.

Xikar Ultra Lighter/Cutter Combo

The Xikar Cutters Ultra Lighter/Cutter Combo is the latest cutting-edge product from the great minds at the brand place. This slim lighter’s sleek design magnetizes to an ultra-thin punch cutter, making it the slimmest two-in-one on the market. Its magnetic lock secures your cutter when not in use. Its advanced design and innovative approach to classic lighter and cutter functions make the Ultra Slim Combo is a must-have accessory for all smokers.

The Ultra Lighter/Cutter Combo gives you the comfort of the best cigar accessory one would ask for. It is one of the most appropriate travel cigar lighters. It can easily fit in any of your pockets or a small travel humidor. The jet torch soft flame with an easy push-button makes it more worthy. It is one of the best torch lighters to gift a cigar aficionado.

Xikar Turrim Double Lighter

The Xikar Turrim double torch lighter is solid in the hand and built to last for many years. Its large butane tank allows the user to refill it easily, and its single-action slide top ignition makes it easy to operate. The beauty of Turrim is in its details, although it has capped on both ends to give a smooth surface, the Turrim features a solid metal front panel with a removable stainless steel screen. The side panels are a combination of stylish blue anodized aluminum and brushed stainless steel material. The Turrim double is unbeatable in style and performance.

The Turrim is true artwork of experts and offers a dual torch flame that burns at up to 6000F, with a massive tank that provides up to 135 lights per fill, and a high-end dual-action slide top ignition. This matte black finish is made from stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum designed for easy travel inside your favorite personal humidor or perfectly fits into your pocket. It is one of the most affordable lighters.

Xikar Forte Single Jet Flame Lighter

The Forte is a single torch flame lighter. It comes equipped with easy thumb ignition action. It has a fuel level window that makes it easy to see when the cigar lighter needs to refill the fuel tank and an automatic gas shutoff. The lid is built to withstand the elements that make it perfect for outdoor use. The lighter has been styled with an oversized adjustment wheel and protected by a waterproof lid. The silver finish strip pattern looks stylish on the sides of the lighter.

The Forte single flame lighter has the honor of being crowned 2016 Cigar Accessory of the Year by Cigar Journal! This title enhances the worth of this best lighter. It has built on a newly designed chassis and delivers consistent performance by the time. The metal body features a built-in, razor-sharp, 7mm cigar punch so you can always be prepared when the moment calls for a cigar. It is one of the most affordable lighters.

S.T. Dupont Defi Extreme Lighter

The Dupont Defi Extreme lighter has specially designed for high-class users. It is a stainless steel metal exterior lighter. The exterior has two finishes, the metal has the finish of black tint and the other is the black matte jacket that covers the sides of the lighter. The jacket has made of leather material to protect the exterior from fall and scratch.

This cigar lighter is truly an amazing invention due to its stylish curves of the body. The body of the lighter is stylish but yet also kept a bit simple to use on the daily routine for lighting your cigar without any hesitation or inconvenience. The flame adjustment wheel helps to set the intensity of the flame according to the user’s needs. The fuel window lets you know about the refills.

As the lighter is made to use on a daily basis so that the weight and size are made according to the flexibility of the users that it can be kept easily in any pocket and as light as in weight that you will not even feel the presence of it in your pocket.

S.T. Dupont Initial Lighter

The Dupont Initial Lighter is a gorgeous product for cigar aficionados. The body of the lighter is made of premium quality metal. On the metal body, the lines are engraved in parallel sequence vertically and also horizontally which makes the pattern of squares. It can easily attract the attention of people in gatherings whenever you will use it due to its iconic style and design.

The fire hole of the lighter is covered with a cape that completely looks like the body of the lighter. For once you cannot distinguish between the lower body and the cap of the lighter. The lighter has a white bronze finish that increases the cost of the lighter by balancing with its class.

As the lighter is made to use on a daily basis so that the weight and size are made according to the flexibility of the users that it can be kept easily in any pocket and as light as in weight that you will not even feel the presence of it in your pocket.

Xikar Pipeline Lighter

The Pipeline is the lighter that brought the brand to the top of the premium torch lighter market. It is a gentle slanted flame with flip-start ignition that is just as easy to use as a traditional flame but looks a lot more sophisticated. Features a handy pestle and scraper at the bottom of the base and comes standard with a durable black anodized finish, stainless steel lined fuel tank, ultra-clear window, and a lifetime warranty on workmanship and use normally. . The unique transparent gauge provides visual feedback on how much fuel is left, so you can be sure when it’s time to refuel you will have enough. The flame adjustment feature helps to set the heat and flame height according to user choice.

Combining luxurious style with reliable function and XIKAR’s lifetime warranty, the Pipeline lighter is now THE must-have lighter for all pipe enthusiasts. The stainless steel body encloses a simple, replaceable flintlock ignition system, protected by a hinged ignition cap.

The lighter can be filled with brand butane and contains a stainless steel tamper hidden in the lower part of the body. It is one of the most affordable lighters.

Tonino Lamborghini Argo Lighter

The Tonino Lamborghini Argo is a professional lighter made in Italy. It is covered with a solid metal body with real carbon fiber inlays. The sleek and stylish hinged lid has a built-in power button that ignites the cigar in seconds. The wind-resistant feature makes it more valuable for a cigar smoker.

The Tonino Lamborghini Argo lighter is perfect for those who demand a unique handmade lighter. It is handcrafted from the finest materials and features a truly refined style. The top-notch performance and useful functionality like butane flame lights, fuel windows, adjustable flame, and lifetime warranty make it one of the best cigar lighters.

The unique flip-up lid can be opened with your thumb to reveal the dual flame which, when pushed down, produces an intense blue flame making lighting a cigar easy and safe. This chrome finished lighter has a matte finish on the front with the laser engraved Tonino Lamborghini logo.

Xikar EX Lighter

The EX is the most impressive and elegant cigar lighter. Flip the case over and you’ll see an engineering marvel that features a powerful and reliable windproof flame light, adjustable flame height control, and a see-through refill window. The solid brass case has a solid construction and looks great.

The battery-less power supply uses butane, so you don’t have to worry about charging, turning on, or shutting down. What makes this lighter really exciting is that it has all the features you are used to seeing in high-end lighters in one. The single flame lighter with immense power makes the lighter works best with soft flame but powerful enough to light cigars of every type. The fuel adjustment

The stylish and durable housing protects a powerful and reliable windproof flame in the EX lighter. Balancing style, materials, price, and performance, the EX lighter is exactly what you expected. It is one of the most stylish and elegant cigar lighters. The style icon EX can easily fit in any of your pockets or small humidors. The jet torch soft flame with an easy push-button makes it more worthy. It is the best light with the jet flame to gift a cigar aficionado. It will also look astonishing on the table top in an office or home bar. It is one of the most affordable lighters.

 S.T. Dupont Slim 7 Lighter

The lighter is the basic necessity for lighting a cigarette or cigar, but it also represents the personality and taste of the person. The Dupont slim lighter series is one of the best-selling and famous in their lighter collection. It has a very small size and a slim body to easily slip into any pocket. The other cover is made of high-quality steel and is finished in bright colors. It is a single torch lighter. But the flame intensity is enough to light up the cigars.

A beautiful lighter gives an amazing experience for cigar smoking. The flip top looks really amazing. The slim and sleek design looks stylish and appealing. The Dupont Slim 7 Lighter comes with a lifetime warranty. As the lighter is made to use on a daily basis so that the weight and size are made according to the flexibility of the users that it can be kept easily in any pocket and as light as in weight that a cigar aficionado will not even feel the presence of it in his pocket.

S.T. Dupont MegaJet

 The MegaJet lighter from Dupont features a sleek, streamlined body with a distinctive elegance that is sure to impress. This luxurious lighter features a shielded triple jet flame system for high performance and unmatched reliability. The seamless interior structure provides a clean finish, paying homage only to the striking flames.

The matte black and silver exterior looks more appealing with the engraved company logo on the bottom corner. This logo represents the brand beautifully. The high-quality lighter gives you a great smoking experience. The flat flame and sleek design are key features of these lighters. It comes with a 1-year warranty. Let the good times roll with a MegaJet from Dupont!

Visol Saddle Triple Flames Torch- Red

The Visol Saddle is a triple flames torch lighter in a solid red finish. It has a small cylinder shape structure that fits perfectly in the pocket. The red finish on the solid metal body looks eye-catching. The metal exterior enhances the life of the product. It has manufactured by premium quality stainless steel metal that does not rust. Free laser engraving is available. It means you can customize your product with your name or the company logo. The personalized product always looks outclass and impactful. The butane refillable lighting liquid works best to enhance the better performance.

As this cigar punch is made to use on a daily basis so that the weight and size are made according to the flexibility of the users that it can be kept easily in any pocket and as light as in weight that you will not even feel the presence of it in your pocket. The company ships it without lightning liquid due to shipping regulations. But a refill nozzle comes with the first purchase and you can easily fill it on your own. The manual guides the process of lighting liquid filling. The gauge on the tank helps you to know about the available liquid level so you can refill it whenever you need it. It comes with Neoprene Pouch to secure with a 1-year warranty. It also comes along with a gift pack.

Palio Vesuvio Triple Flame Jet

The Palio Vesuvio is a transparent glass lighter with three flames. The structure of the lighter is quite unusual but attractive. Its see-through body lets you check your butane level at any time, and its relatively small size allows you to easily carry it on the go. It’s easy to use and lighting a cigar as compared to other butane lighters, it’s ready when you are, and it’s easy to use.

The vase-shaped is available in five translucent colors: clear, smoky, red, blue, and green. The transparent body of the torch also allows you to check your butane level at any time.

If you’re looking for a torch that is stylish enough to match your other jewelry, this one should be at the top of your list. You can find it in five different colors and it is affordable. There is no other butane lighter available at such an affordable price. Let the Palio Vesuvio Triple flame lighter relieve your pocket of extra weight with its innovative torch design.

Imagine for a moment that you are sitting with your friends around in a tobacco bar or cafe, in your new cave, with a box of newly acquired Cubans. Now imagine everyone’s expression when you offer each of your friends to taste one of these coveted cigars.

They admire them, smell them, lick their lips and prepare for an experience that only happens once in a blue moon. Then you take out a cheap lighter, or worse yet, a box of matches or zippo from your pocket that you have from years ago. Now See how instantly the expressions of everyone changes. All the above torch lighter are the top picks of cigar experts and cannabis professionals. It provides the exact amount of heat to light up your cigar without affecting the quality.

Some of the people think that there are other sources available to lightning the cigars such as matches, zippo, or bics. They ask cigar advisors and experts to use these alternatives to light a cigar up or tobacco products. Although, these can be used sometimes matches ruin the tobacco texture of flavor. That is why the experts always advise using professional equipment to light up the cigars and cigarettes.