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CBD Cigars: How to help you quit Tobacco?

The world has gone through a drastic change in its dynamics over the past couple of years. An average American adult faces enormous amounts of stress and pressure continually. Moreover, it has nearly doubled in the past couple of years. A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that 40 million people in the USA suffer from acute to major smoking addictions. The figure is from the year 2019, which was a couple of years ago and pre-pandemic. The survey covered people of all age groups. It was a worrying concern for people of the country as the survey further reported that of the 40 million, 10% come from the school-going age.

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This statistic is a grave cause of concern because it included people of all age groups. It also showed how the younger generation got exposed to the harmful effects of smoking. 

Why is smoking addiction so common?

An average American smoker consumes one pack of cigars a day, As per reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This figure is substantial considering the American population’s size and its spread across the demographics.

There are multiple reasons due to which cigarette consumption has become such a household phenomenon today. The contributors to that are:

  1. The level of stress and anxiety in the lives of people is continuously increasing. Especially with the ongoing pandemic, the situation has further worsened.
  2. Cigarettes are more readily available than they were before.

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We all are aware of the word Nicotine. It is a repellant for smokers. Smokers around the world have been using this for years to help them quit the urge to smoke. It essentially comes in the form of chewing gums and tablets. Initially, when it came into the market about a decade ago. It took the market by storm. Moreover, eventually, every smoker who aspired to quit smoking was hooked onto this new product.

And here came the problem, since Nicotine was an artificially manufactured product, it came with certain specific properties of its own. And soon, people who were trying to quit their addiction to smoking using Nicotine were getting addicted to Nicotine. Finally, after extensive research and studies on this matter, Nicotine was declared an addiction by organizations.

Boon for some Bane for others

Nicotine led to creating a fiasco of its own which led to the rise of CBD cigars. The safest mode of stimulating and controlling smoking addiction. It works much like any other addiction repellent but in a much more concise manner without leaving behind any side effects of its own.

What are CBD cigars?

CBD-Based products refer to Cannabidiol-Based products. It is essentially an organic component that obtains from the extracts of a hemp plant named Sativa. It is widely available across the United States of America CBD comes with psychotropic properties. It has a wide range of uses starting from the usual mood relaxer to that of medicinal uses. Certain states of the USA have even brought norms to regularize the retail selling of CBD. Now, you can Google CBD dispensary near me and find hundreds of options.

A recent variant of CBD has come into the market in which the CBD is available as pre-rolled cigars. It is becoming increasingly popular with the passing time amongst the youth of today. It is used very widely by people all around the states as a smoking repellant. Find a CBD dispensary near me.

How Do They Control Your Urge to Smoke?

Consumption of CBD cigars releases cannabidiol. It serves as a medium for stimulating the nervous system that causes the urge to smoke in humans. It is highly effective as intake of one CBD cigar can keep you from wanting to smoke for almost a day. And on some days, even a couple of days at a stretch. In addition, when the neural network in the human body gets stimulated by CBD cigars, it enhances the secretion of sleep hormones. These many features of the product have led to such widespread popularity in such a short period.

7 Wonders of CBD Cigars

The pre-rolled CBD cigars have a wide variety of benefits. Especially in their use as a smoking repellant.

We have listed seven such occasions below:

  • It is fully Legal

The CBD cigars sold in the retail market in both online and local stores are now completely legal. Recently an amendment was passed by the government which made the production and retail of CBD completely legal.

  • It comes without any side effects.

CBD comes with FDA (Food and Drug Authorities) approval. It goes to show the safety of the product. After widespread studies by experts around the globe, there are no such appreciable side effects that come from the consumption of CBD.

  • Controls smoking addiction

CBD cigars have got a very rapid response against smoking addiction. As discussed earlier, they offer neural stimulation that leads to the control of the urge to smoke.

  • Naturally obtained 

CBD cigars provide all the benefits of being a smoking repellant. However, since it is derived naturally from plants and does not have any pharmaceutical ingredients, it is not addictive. 

  • Not just used as a smoking repellent but Nicotine repellant.

So far, we have discussed how CBD is beneficial in the fight against smoking addiction. It has been observed from several live examples that CBD cigars are also proven to help get over Nicotine addiction. It adds another additional dimension to the product that increases the popularity and demand of the product a few more folds.

  • CBD Cigars come with Psychotropic effects

CBD Cigars act as stress and anxiety relievers. It has psychotropic properties that provide a sense of light-headedness. It leads to a person consuming CBD cigars having a much-required break from their lives.

  • Enhances sleep

The CBD Cigars also come with another additional layer of benefits. It comes with sleep-enhancing capabilities as they can impact the neural sensitivity of humans. Hence, they can provide better sleep.


All in all, CBD cigars provide a much-required solution to an age-old problem. The issue of smoking addiction has existed throughout the generation, and the means which came earlier to tackle this situation have proven to be ineffective. However, now, with the availability of CBD cigars, the prospect looks very bright for the future. The market will only expand, which will promote the use of the product and leading to many brands venture into the same. In addition, it will lead to a drop in prices, making them more affordable to the user.