The Prestige Import Group Cannabis Humidor

The Prestige Import group is a well-renowned company in the making of innovative and durable products as well as cigar storage cabinets and cigar accessories. The company has garnered a great reputation in the market because of the excellent performance of its cutting-edge humidification products, particularly cigars. Recently the company launched a new variant of a cigar humidor. This is known as Cachet Cannabis Humidor also known as a Marijuana Humidor or Weed Humidor. The quality and the design of this humidor is as good as to be expected by the quality of this company. View the Cannabis Cache Humidor at Grand Humidors

The Huge advantage of a Cannabis Humidor

Cannabis Humidors are life savors for long-time storage of weed or marijuana. The cannabis remains moist and fresh in these enclosed storage cabinets and provides for a much more authentic and pure experience. It is important to store cannabis in controlled moisture because marijuana will dry out. When Cannabis comes in direct contact with air for a long time, they can be soggy or dry.

it is all about humidity control

The internal climate and humidity of the cabinet are controlled with the help of humidity and temperature control systems. There are cannabis humidors also known as weed humidors which are special boxes that can store your cannabis in the exact relative humidity, ensuring that your weed stays fresh and produces a smoother smoking experience. If the cannabis buds dry out and become brittle, they turn into a powder. One of the ways Prestige Imports has incorporated humidity control into a weed humidor is by using a lock and key that prevents people without permission to access the humidor. Storing cannabis in a closed cannabis humidor next to your beverages is the perfect place.

the addition of glass jars

One new thing about this cannabis humidor is what has attracted many people to it. Infact this is one of the fastest-selling Prestige Imports Products. The new addition to the humidor was adding transparent jars inside the cabinet. The humidors have specifically designed to store the Cannabis weed also known as marijuana humidor. The people who know tobacco and marijuana usually have ample knowledge to prevent it from drying out. The purpose of these humidors is to protect the quality and freshness of the expensive Cannabis (marijuana). If you like to store your weed in good condition, then investing in good cannabis humidors is a must. It is critical to protect it from moisture as well as to store it in good condition without any bad smell.

the cache cannabis humidor in more detail

The Cachet one of the top best Cannabis humidors keeps your cigars and cannabis fresh and safe. The Cachet Cannabis humidor by Prestige Imports group includes primary features such as Hygrometer, Humidifier for relative humidity, accessories box, lock, and key set. It looks like the others. It has two inside compartments. It includes a separate cart to place stash jars.
The cannabis humidor has a rich mahogany exterior with a natural finish. The design of the box holds a lot of hard work and dedication adjacent to the making of this excellent craft. It looks like a square box. The exterior of the humidor does not include decorations to coordinate with the elegant and simple look. It has finished with a gloss layer. The tint looks appealing with its attractive and eye-catching finish. The company launched a new idea, which is why they kept the box size small to make the users more familiar with a new style of cannabis cabinet.

The size of the cigar box has made it appropriate to use for counter tables or desktops. The items have stored in the ideal environment to keep the original flavor and aroma alive. It includes a clear polymer crystal hygrometer with a magnetic back. The magnet helps to attach and detach the humidifier from the cabinet. The humidifier controls the level of humidity and airflow through the storage box. The humidity system of the marijuana humidor works perfectly to control the humidity level. The interior has lined with premium kiln Spanish cedar. Spanish cedar is a premium wood that can hold more moisture as compared to ordinary wood. It has also included cedarwood partitions. These partitions help to keep items with proper organization. The bottom of this cigar cannabis humidor has lined with felt-linning. This type of lining helps to avoid scratching on the surface. It also includes a luxury lockset with an ancient style key.

The addition of Transparent Containers:

The main feature of the cannador humidor is glass containers. Inside the cannador humidor, the Cachet Cannabis humidor includes four containers. Each container contains a capacity of up to 3oz of hash to fit inside. These four jars allow you to store your different types of hash separately. The top of each jar contains adjustable ventilation. You can adjust the ventilated lid of the container according to your hash requirement. The right side storage box has a separate wood lid. You can use this wood box to store extra accessories of cigars such as lighter, cigar cutters, etc. The cannador humidor comes with all the cautions and instructions to increase the operating life of the storage box.

Features Included the CACHE CANNABIS HUMIDOR:

This luxury and high-end innovative cannador humidor include the following features:    

  • Natural mahogany wood exterior    
  • Cherry wood interior    
  • Handmade gorgeous box      
  • 4 (3oz.) Glass Jars with Adjustable Ventilated Tops
  • Choose from Fully Closed, Small, Medium, or Large Air Holes to Allow for Just the Right Amount of Moisture
  • Storage Compartment with Lid for Tools & Accessories
  • Clear Polymer Crystal Humidifier with Magnetic Back
  • Premium quality humidifier to way humidity
  • Premium Kelin Spanish cedar Interior
  • Cedarwood partitions
  • Luxury lockset with antique style key
  • Hidden piano hinges
  • Gold plated locking hinges
  • Felt-lined bottom
  • Separate cart to place hash jars
  • One of the best premium quality product of Prestige Importers

ConcLusions to make from this masterpiece

You can trust the Cachet cannabis humidor by prestige imports group for maximum results. The price of the product is perfect according to the functionalities and related system without any icky smells of bud. You will be satisfied with the working of the Cachet Cannabis by Prestige imports. you won’t need to feel worried about the storage of your weed collection. It will make your life easier.   You will be impressed by the simple and elegant exterior and functionalities of this cannabis humidor. The humidor protects weed from moisture as well as keep it stored in good condition. It has made the storage of hash easy.