Chiemi Irene Alonzo

Battle of the Humidors: The Newair 1500 Vs. The Remington Lite humidor

The Newair 1500 and the Remington Lite, both are electric humidors. The venerable difference between both the humidors is their size and storage capacity. The Newair 1500 comes under the small electric humidors and is preferable easy to handle and understand. It is a good investment for beginners and personal use. Whereas the Remington lite comes in the large cabinet cigar coolers and needs the professional skill to understand and handle. It is good for commercial use like cigar bars, lounges, or clubs.

The electric cigar coolers have a built-in temperature and humidification system. Electronic cabinets don’t require any person to operate. The user needs only once to start the system and monitor it occasionally. Electronic humidors are best to store cigars. This feature is particularly important for people living in extreme hot or cold areas. The temperature change causes the molecular effect on the humidity level. That is why cigar coolers perform better in extreme weather conditions.

Let’s have a detailed review of both the Newair 1500 and Remington Lite humidors.

the remington lite electric cabinet humidor

The Remington Lite is a tower cigar cooler. The exterior of the cigar cooler has made from high-quality industrial wood and then lined with Spanish cedar. The Spanish cedar is used due to its decay and weather conditions resistance. The control and display panel of the cigar cooler is included at the top of it with blue neon light. The neon light allows you to monitor the readings easily in dark. The digital display is an additional feature that increases the worth of this cigar cooler. The readings are far easy to read in the digital system as compared to the analog system. The cigar cooler has eliminated LED lights from every shelf. The light display gives a charming great look in the dark and also helps to view the products in detail without holding the stress of touch light in the hands. The door of the cigar cooler is made from high-quality glass to give a transparent display. The glass is tempered to avoid breakages in case of any hits. The unique specialty of this glass is its de-mist feature that doesn’t allow fogging up the glass. The door of the cigar cooler has embedded with heavy-duty seals to avoid any leaks to keep the moisture lock in the cigar cooler.

The advanced features of the cigar cooler include its built-in electronic temperature and humidity control system, digital climate control system, humidity control system, dehumidification, and adjustable hygrometer calibrations. The humidifier has an advanced feature of calibration that you can toggle between the Fahrenheit and Celcius temperature according to your requirements. The temperature setting can be done with a few clicks only once and then the automatic system will update the temperature according to the humidity and temperature changes of the external climate by itself. The temperature adjustment has been kept smooth and easy in this cigar cooler. The touch-on panel assists the user to set the temperature with only a few clicks on the touchpad and the rest will be handled by the electronic automatic system. The excellent temperature to store cigars for a long duration is from 65 degrees to 68 degrees. This cigar cooler allows you to adjust the temperature range from 41F-71F in only one touch.  You have to set the temperature once and then the change in the environment or external temperature will not affect the inside surroundings of the cigar cooler. The automatic temperature control system will be updated on its own if any changes will be required.

This Remington Lite Electric Built-in automatic humidification system. It is difficult to monitor the humidity on regular basis and if the humidity level in the humidor decrease from the balance limit it can dry out the cigar and if the humidity level increase from the required range it can make cigars soggy and wet. Both situations can destroy the cigars in the humidor so this humidor allows the user to feel free with its automatic humidity control system. The temperature setting can be done with a few clicks only once and then the automatic system will update the temperature according to the humidity and temperature changes of the external climate by itself. You can adjust the humidity even with your own choice by activating the manually controlled humidity system. The range of humidity adjustment is 56% to 78%.

The cigar cooler can be a very useful and desired cigar cooler for any cigar shop in commercial use and for cigar lovers who are worried to store a handsome amount of cigars for the long term. This cigar cooler completely makes to feel independent and hassle-free.

Product Features:

  • Black Oak Wood Finish Exterior
  • Tempered Tinted Glass Door with Heavy Duty Seal
  • Sleek Push Button Digital Control Panel With Adjustable Climate & Humidity Settings
  • De-mist Feature Automatically Maintains
  • Glass Free of Condensation
    LED illuminates shelves
  • Drawer Style Shelves on Metal Sliders
  • Removable Tray with Dividers
    Features Cool & Heat Systems
  • Toggle Between Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Temperature control range 41F-71F
  • Humidity levels Adjustable 56%-78%
  • Built-In Electronic Humidification System With Auxiliary Fan
  • De-Humidification Assist Effectively Balances Humidity
  • Operates on 110/120 Volts
    220/240 Volt required
  • Refillable & Removable Water Reservoir
  • Storage Capacity for 2000 cigars
  • Product Dimensions: 25″ W x 24″ D x 72″ H


Although the Remington Lite is a Luxurious and one of the top of the line humidor the only downside that I can think of is the supply chain demand, hopefully they can make more of this humidor to meet the number of consumers. All in all, I will give this a 4.5 out of 5 star rating.






Newair 1500 Count Electric Cigar Humidor:

The Newair 1500 is a gorgeous and stylish electric cabinet humidor. The NewAir 1500 Count Cigar Humidor makes it easier than ever to store your collection properly, thanks to cutting-edge climate control features that let you set temperature and humidity at the touch of a button. Peek-In Spanish cedar drawers and LED lights to add style and function to a cigar cooler that’s roomy enough for even the most avid collector. The tempered glass door allows you to view the collection without opening the door. The surreal technology ensures proper lid closure to maintain internal humidity and moisture level.

The unit works best for small spaces like bedrooms, office corners, or small cigar stores. The exterior matte finish gives a formal and voguish appearance. The Newair 1500 cigars cooling unit comes with a Spanish cedar-lined interior. The flat shelves use to place the cigars boxes.
The Newair 1500 Count Cigar Humidor features a built-in humidification system that helps you adjust the moisture level, even as conditions change outside. The automatic humidification system helps in keeping your cigars fresh. This system works with the help of sensors. The sensor detects the amount of moisture outside. It turns on the ventilator of the cabinet and circulates air through it. The ventilators automatically turn off when the temperature reaches the preset ideal value.

The temperature can toggle between Fahrenheit and Celcius temperatures. The Opti Temp technology re-circulates the heat and cools uniformly maintaining the stable dispersion. The temperature of the cigar cooler can adjust between 41F-71F, whereas, the humidity levels range can adjust from 56% to78%.

The touch-on panel assists the user to set the temperature with only a few clicks on the touchpad and the rest will be handled by the electronic automatic system. The excellent temperature to store cigars for a long duration is from 65 degrees to 68 degrees. The Newair electric cigar humidifier works the same in all climate changes.

The Internal fan-forced circulation helps for the even humidity and temperature distribution throughout the humidor. The Newair cigar cooler works with a thermoelectric cool system to store the cigar collection under the best humidity and room temperature level.

The Advanced multi-functional control unit displays:

  • Current relative moisture level (in percentage)
  • Pre-set relative moisture level (in percentage)
  • The average relative moisture level of the last 3 days
  • Current temperature (in Celsius or Fahrenheit)

The additional features of the humidor include the LED lights. These LED lights look attractive and appealing in dark. The lights also help users to find cigars in darkness. This humidor operates on 110/120 volts. It means that the constant running of the humidor will not cost too must electricity charges on the user. The cigar cooler has a refillable and adjustable water reservoir. The water reservoir has an indicator to display the water level. The user can refill the water reservoir with distilled water only. Ordinary water can affect the functionality of the humidifier. If the electricity breaks for some time, it does not mean that your collection will ruin it immediately. The cigar cooler can work under critical circumstances. The power consumption has been kept minimal.

Product Features:

  • Black Stainless Steel stylish cabinet humidor
  • Touch control panel on top of a cabinet humidor
  • Tempered transparent glass doors
  • Glass hygrometer on Spanish cedar drawer
  • LED interior light-touch panel to display digital thermostat and temperature control
  • Automatic built-in humidification system with Climate Controlled Opti Temp
  • Thermoelectric heating and cooling system with distilled water
  • Thermostat adjusts between temp range from 52 to 72 f
  • Attractive illumination with led light
  • Peek in Spanish cedar 3 drawers for cigar boxes
  • Newair engraved logo on drawers
  • Adjustable height for Spanish cedar drawers and shelving
  • Lock and key
  • Cigar Storage of 1500
  • Product Dimensions: 23.62″D x 23.81″W x 34.25″H

final verdict:

The NewAir 1500 is our best pick for this battle, it may not have a color variation, but the overall performance of this humidor is superb! plus the NewAir team are very willing to help by any chance that you encountered any issues with your humidor. No doubt! We will give this a 5 out of 5 star rating!