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6 of the Biggest and Best Value Cigar Humidors to Choose

Best Large Cigar Humidors to Buy Online

Large humidors are popular with commercial & retail customers. If you are a cigar lover and have a massive collection of cigars which is increasing by every passing day, then perhaps you need a large cigar humidor to store your collection in and make it long-lasting. Without a humidor, it is an impossible job to keep a huge cigar collection safe.

To buy a large cigar humidor, a sufficient amount will need to be invested. So before buying a humidor, it is a great idea to research what to buy or what not to. Here is the solution to your problem. We have shortlisted some of the best large cabinet humidors to buy online. Also, check out our related article on Cabinet Humidors here or the larger Electric Humidors here.

Here Is The List of Suggested Products:

  • Landmark Large Humidor
  • Coffee Table Humidor
  • Indulgence table humidor
  • Remington Light Electric Humidor
  • Montegue End Table Humidor
  • Merchandise large display humidor

Let’s Explore The Features and Qualities Available in These Large Cigar Humidors:

landmark humidor large

Prestige Import Group Landmark Large Humidor

Landmark is the creation of Prestige Import Group, a famous and well-known company in the making of cigar humidors and accessories. This large cigar humidor is a desktop humidor with very unique architecture. The exterior of the humidor looks like a wide side table with many drawers.

This humidor is finished with a glossy cherry fine finish. An analog hygrometer for monitoring the humidity level and floral humidifiers for proper air circulation are included in this humidor. The Spanish cedar lined interior keeps the original taste and aroma of the cigars alive. The individual brass knobs on every drawer look lavish with the exterior finish of the humidor. It is the most affordable large cigar humidor embracing all advanced features installed.

Features of this humidor:

⦁ Cherry wood finish
⦁ Spanish cedar lined inlay
⦁ Round glass analog hygrometer
⦁ Two rectangle humidifiers
⦁ The storage capacity of 300 cigars
⦁ Price: 130$ USD

Quality Importers Glass Top Large Coffee Table Humidor

Quality Importers Glass Top Large Coffee Table Humidor

A prestigious creation of Quality Importers or you can call it a coffee table come cigar humidor. The initial appearance gives the view of a glass top fine coffee table but it includes four rolling drawers with the humidification system embedded. The architecture of this humidor is like an old English coffee table with four wooden legs. This masterpiece has so many benefits in one product as you can use this as you can enjoy your cigar and coffee, or you can play chess with your friends while smoking a cigar. Every drawer has an individual opening. The glass top gives a transparent and clear view of your cigar collection placed in the drawers. Each drawer has an independent humidification system and all the interior is lined with Spanish cedarwood. This humidor is featured in our blog post: The Best Humidors of 2020.

This humidor has overall an amazing architecture with so many possible functionalities.

Features of this humidor:

⦁ Easy to move as only legs need to be attached
⦁ Fine mahogany Finish
⦁ Transparent glass top
⦁ Independent rolling for all four drawers
⦁ Independent humidifiers for each drawer
⦁ Independent locking system for each drawer
⦁ Hygrometer installed
⦁ The storage capacity of 400 cigars
⦁ Brass coated knobs
⦁ Price: 789 $ USD

the Indulgence table large humidor

The Indulgence Large Table Large Humidor

This is a true example of an antique wooden table with the installation of modern technology in this large cigar humidor. It is a wooden table with a large wooden box placed on the top. A very useful storage box for long periods with eye-captivating architecture. It provides you with big storage space in sections so you can place your cigar collection and cigar accessories separately according to the taste or brands of your chosen preferences. It is very easy to move because of the two separate sections divided. The trays placed in the humidor are made from Spanish cedar, the most appropriate wood for balancing humidity. The locking system for the cigar box is provided so you can secure your collection. The transparent glass lid and front gives a modern touch in the antique appearance of the humidor. It does not require a huge space so you can easily place it in small surroundings.

Features of this humidor:

⦁ Dark brown finish exterior
⦁ Three large humidifiers
⦁ A round glass hygrometer
⦁ Wood stand table
⦁ Lower drawer with long slim gold plated handle
⦁ Two removable section trays for cigar organization
⦁ The storage capacity of 500 cigars
⦁ Price : 570 $ USD.

Remington Light large Electric Cabinet humidor

Remington Lite Electric Cabinet humidor

The world has become so advanced and everyone loves to have smart gadgets as they are more reliable and make life easier. The Remington Lite Electric Cabinet is one of the most advanced technology humidors.

The automated humidification and temperature system is installed to manage and maintain the internal environment of the humidor. This system is very easy and flexible to use as you only need to start the system once and later on the changes in humidity and temperature will be done automatically by the system according to the requirement of the environment. This automated system has a digital display as this kind of display is always far easier to operate compared to analog displays.

The fully transparent glass door humidor has sureseal technology to prevent any leakages and the glass is tempered to avoid hits and breakages. Check out our review of the Remington Lite Humidor here.

Features of this humidor:

⦁ Black oka wood matte eye captivating exterior finish
⦁ Featured with cooling and heating systems
⦁ Built-in automated electric humidification system
⦁ Six drawers style shelves on metal sliders
⦁ LED illuminating lights from all drawers
⦁ The storage capacity of 2000 cigars
⦁ Price: 2250 $ USD

large Montague-humidor

Montague End Table Large Humidor

The Montague End Table is the best cigar humidor because of its very simple, elegant looking side-table style architecture with one upper drawer and one bottom cabinet. The drawer and cabinet both have independent openings and locking systems. The lower cabinet has two-doors with stunning brass coated handles and a gold-plated round lock. Inside this lower cabinet, shelves are included to give you more storage space.

This end table humidor has a plain top so you can place a vase or lamp to add decoration to your drawing room etc. The wood used in the making of the humidor is high-quality industrial wood to make it more durable and long-lasting. It can store both single cigars and cigar boxes.

You can buy this beautiful humidor online. It will be well worth paying for this addition to your humidor collection.

Features of this humidor:

⦁ Rosewood glossy fine finish
⦁ Fine curves and details on corners
⦁ One rolling drawer
⦁ One large cabinet
⦁ Adjustable shelves inside the cabinet
⦁ Stylish bent wood feet
⦁ Gold plated locksets
⦁ Brass coated knob and handle
⦁ Outclass and elegant exterior
⦁ The storage capacity of 1500 cigars
⦁ Price: 875$ USD

Merchandise Large Display Humidor

Merchandise Large Display Humidor

Merchandise is included in our best large cigar humidors because of its huge size and great design. This humidor has a fully transparent display with all four glass sides and glass shelves. On the bottom, a wooden cabinet is added to place cigar boxes and extra accessories. The glass used for the side panels has high-definition transparency with the fog-free glass. The built-in hygrometer and humidifiers are included in the humidor to maintain the humidity level at its best and balance the air circulation in it.

As the size of the humidor is huge, to make your findings easy and quick, two lights are included inside the top of it. The overall appearance of the humidor is very attractive, unique, and mesmerizing. The bottom cabinet has wooden panels for giving some privacy factors. A locking system is attached to the glass opening panel to ensure the security and safety of your collection placed inside the humidor.

Features of this humidor:

⦁ Eye captivating black matte fine finish
⦁ Glass sides, back, and front panels
⦁ Tempered Glass shelves
⦁ Humidity and moisturizing embedded system
⦁ Hygrometer installed
⦁ 2 light bulbs at the top
⦁ Fine solid wood frame
⦁ The storage capacity of 2000 cigars
⦁ Price: 1889.95 $ USD

Benefits of Large Humidors:

The most important benefit of having large cigar humidors is that they provide you lots of space within a single container. If your collection is growing very fast then it will be difficult for you to manage and secure the whole collection and if you carry on buying small humidors, it will be a hassled job for you to arrange space for all of them. The large cigar humidors solve this problem completely. You only need to invest once and then your problem will be solved for a long time.

Now coming towards another benefit, in the smaller humidors, it is not possible to include more advanced features compared to the large humidors. In most of the large humidors, with all the important features, some additional features are also installed to make them more reliable. In a large cigar humidor, the interior is made of Spanish cedar lining which keeps the moisture balanced compared to the other woods used in the interior of humidors.

Large Humidor Drawbacks:

If something has pros, it will always have some cons. In large cigar humidors, the main issue or drawback is the size of the humidor. Although it gives you a lot of space to manage the bulk of your collection, on the other hand, it is also very difficult to arrange enough free space for the large cabinet.
Another drawback of large cabinet humidors is that they are difficult to move and you need more manpower or machinery to move the large size cabinets.

Due to the large size, it is also difficult to keep a check on the collection placed in it. For a large cigar humidor under the storage capacity of 1000 cigars, you will need to use the Boveda Humidification Packet for balancing the humidity level in the humidor. A single packet of Boveda covers only the area of one cubic foot which means in large cigar humidors, you need to use a lot of packets for balancing the desired humidity level.

Humidors are made from wood so the weather changes can cause severe effects, meaning you need to invest again in replacing them.