Chiemi Irene Alonzo

5 Unusual Cigar Accessories

If you’re a cigar aficionado, then you know that there are plenty of accessories available to make your smoking experience more enjoyable. Whether it’s the humidor, the lighter or the cutter that defines your style, or an accessory like these 5 unusual ones we’ll discuss here, having the right tools will certainly help enhance the enjoyment and quality of your cigar.

1 Xikar Tactical Triple Torch Lighter

This innovative lighter has three powerful torches that will light your cigar quickly and evenly. The all-metal design is both durable and stylish, and the built-in punch cutter is a handy feature. The three flames are also windproof, so you can light your cigar even in adverse conditions.

2 ST Dupont Defi Extreme Torch Lighter

This high-end lighter from ST Dupont is sure to impress. The sleek design and all-metal construction make it a durable and stylish choice, while the powerful torch will light your cigar quickly and evenly. It also has an adjustable flame height for maximum control.

3 Bey-Berk Table Top Cigar Cutter

This unique cigar cutter is perfect for the cigar aficionado who likes to entertain. The stylish tabletop design makes it a great conversation piece, and the built-in guillotine cutter ensures a clean cut every time.

4 The 30 Ammo Can Humidor by Ammodor

If you’re looking for a cigar humidor that looks like an ammo can, this one is just what the doctor ordered. It has two pull-out drawers and chrome-plated brass hinges to ensure durability. The high-quality Spanish cedar lining holds humidity well while giving your cigars a pleasant aroma when opened up.

5 Visol Kinetic Carbon Fiber & Stainless Steel Adjustable Cigar Case

This unique cigar case is perfect for the smoker on the go. The carbon fiber and stainless steel construction make it durable and stylish, while the adjustable design allows you to fit a variety of different-sized cigars. It’s also TSA-approved, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

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