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5 Reasons why are Portable Air Conditioners essential in a household?

A portable air conditioner can anticipate a chill and create a refreshing environment in hot summers to sit and relax. Portable Air conditioners are a great substituting option in today’s household where a standard air condition could not install. It is a small unit with an air vent pipe. The portable air conditioner brings air from the outside, cools it, and through it with the circulating fan. It also through the hot air from the unit outside the room. The portable air conditioner need a window for the installation of the exhaust hose kit. These portable units are beneficial in small spaces.

The portable air conditioners are easy to use. A digital screen and control buttons include operating the unit.

Why are portable air conditioners essential for a room?

portable air conditioners
Portable Air Conditioner

A portable air conditioner is not away from any standard air conditioners in terms of features and functionalities.

The best portable air conditioner provides you the following benefits:

  • Size and Installation
  • Energy Consumption
  • Eco Friendly
  • Affordability
  • Additional Features

1. Size and Installation of the Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners are perfect if you live in a small space or a restricted space. The portable air conditioner looks like a tower air purifier or a room fridge. It doesn’t occupy a lot of space. The size of the air conditioner is convenient to move from one room to another room in the house. It can be store easily when not using it.

Portable air conditioners don’t need any permanent installation. For a standard air conditioner installation, you need to reach out to a professional installer. But the portable ac doesn’t require it. It needs just a power outlet and a window for installation. So, it is easy for you to move it to the other rooms in the house. The portable air condition doesn’t have any drain hole.

You can find help from the following table to buy the portable air conditioner. This table will tell you about the require ac size according to your space.

BTUs The area in Square feet The area in Cubic Feet

7,500 150 sq ft. 1200
9,000 200 sq ft. 1600
10,000 300 sq ft. 2400
12,000 400 sq ft. 3200
13,000 450 sq ft. 3600
14,000 500 sq ft. 4000

BTU stands for British thermal unit. It tells about how much heat a portable air conditioner can take out from a room per hour. All the measurements estimated an 8-foot ceiling. (Hint: Before buying a portable air conditioner, you always need to know about the measurements of the room including the ceiling)

2. Energy Consumption:

The standard air conditioner consumes a lot of energy. Whereas the portable air conditioners design in such a way that they work on less power. The portable unit requires only 300 watts. It saves from 75% to 85% of electricity as compared to the standard wall mount or window air conditions. The less consumption of electricity saves energy. It costs an affordable electricity bill for the user. That’s how a portable air conditioner provides you cool and chill environment with a minor cost of electricity.

3. Is it Eco Friendly?

Portable air conditioners are eco friendly. Because the standard air conditioners induce an excessive amount of heat when cooling a room. They also produce HFC refrigerant gases that are causing global warming and CO2. That’s is why the ozone layer is also damaging.

The portable air conditioner has equipped with a refrigeration circuit. This circuit keeps all the toxic gases in itself and absorbs them. The harmful gases don’t transferer to the fresh air. In this way, the portable air conditioner helps to slow down global warming. The portable air conditioner are best for the environment. The standard air conditioners should replace with the personal units.

4. Affordability:

Portable air conditioners are economical to use. These air conditioners don’t require any high maintenance. The purchasing cost may feel a bit expensive. But the electricity cost of portable air conditioners is affordable.
The portable air conditioners don’t require any professional maintenance like standard air conditioners. The filters for the air cleaner in the conditioner can wash with a simple brush and detergent twice a month. So, the maintenance cost is also affordable for portable air conditioners.

5. Additional Features:

The portable air conditioners are small in size. But, they include many advanced features like a big standard air conditioner. These additional features increase the worth and credibility of the portable air conditioner.

The advanced features include:

Timer: The timer helps the user to control the switch on/switch off operations of the air conditioner. For example, if the user is going away for a while, he can set the switch on time to come home in the chill environment. He needs to set the timer on the clock of his portable air conditioner.

The remote helps the user to operate the functions from a specific distance. The distance depends on the range of the remote. The user doesn’t need to go to the unit every time to change the temperature or on/off.

Wireless connection: The word is developing very fast. People like to use smart devices. For this reason, the portable air conditioner includes a wifi module. The wifi module allows you to connect your unit with an application on your smartphone. So, you can operate all the functions of the air conditioner on the phone.

Dehumidification: The portable air conditioners also include dehumidification. The dehumidification feature works to maintain the humidity level in the room. It is an enhancement for a healthy and comfortable environment. Dehumidification also reduces energy costs by balancing the moisture.

Oscillation: Portable air conditioners oscillate the air throughout the room. It helps to spread the cooling evenly in the room.

Fan speed: Some of the portable air conditioners allow the user to control the fan speed along with the temperature control.

These all benefit mention above makes a portable air condition essential for today’s households.
I hope this helped you with a better understating of the features of the portable air conditioner.

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