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5 INcredible mobile cigar lounges

A mobile cigar lounge is a place where one can relax, drink, and smoke cigars or cigarettes in luxury. The mobile lounge is usually used for parties or events or even really cool rides to take to parks or to other things. Here are the list of 5 incredible mobile cigar lounges in the USA.

The Mobile Cigar Lounge

The Mobile Cigar Lounge is a Glastex camper-van that has been converted into a luxurious mobile cigar lounge. Big enough to fit up to 20 people inside, the stylish lounge offers three hours of smoking pleasure, and is also ideal for corporate events and parties. Sit back and relax, and enjoy your favourite smoke while watching the world go by through its tinted windows with a glass of good single malt whisky in one hand and an imported Cuban cigar in the other.

The Mobile Cigar Lounge provides that little bit extra to your party. If the ladies aren’t up for cigars, they can always enjoy a Mojito or Cosmopolitan amongst the rustic decor and carpeted interior. Outside, there’s ample room for up to 20 smokers with a partial glass roof for shade and an ice cooler for refreshments. The “Cigarristas” will happily replenish supplies of beer, wine, champagne and whisky as required throughout the evening.

Badd Ash, Mobile Cigar Lounge

Badd Ash uses a modified trailer that is 32 feet long and 10 feet wide to have room for 10 smokers with seating. They also have a smoking pavilion that can be rented out, it includes a stage, lights, and a sound system. Currently in Las Vegas, NV Badd Ash has plans of spreading throughout the California border into Reno and Sacramento. Badd Ash offers tobacco enthusiasts mobile cigar lounges but also can create an unforgettable private event complete with full liquor bar and catering services.

Badd Ash, is not just a Mobile Cigar Lounge, but more of an experience. With 32 foot trailer and a portable 15 foot outdoor smoking pavilion set with all the tools you need to create a different event experiences, no matter where you go. The Big Drawer for Humidors, Cigars Cases & Supplies, Charging Station for your smokables or charging your mobile devices, Ice Chest with freezer section for all your cold beverages or chilled wine bottles (for special occasions), 2 LCD TV’s with custom made Plasma TV & Blu-ray option. They even have a cigar selfie lighting

Castillo Mobile Cigar Lounge

Our mobile cigar lounge is a three-tiered unit with a porcelain tile top in your choice of color. Units are fully air-conditioned or heated, and are outfitted with an internal bar to allow for cocktails and other libations. Each Z Lounge comes complete with a great selection of premium cigars in a beautiful hand-crafted humidor that will be stocked to complement the occasion and preferences of your guests

Castillo’s large mobile cigar lounge offers a unique and stylish space for your event. Bring the party to you and delight your guests with four luxury ashtrays and stainless steel bottle opener on the outside of the bar, and hand-crafted leather seating inside. The cigar lounge features two adjustable smart fans for controlled air flow. It includes a twelve-cigar humidor to keep your cigars fresh, an ice bucket for refreshments, and a complimentary whiskey pour set.

BON VIe mobile cigar lounge

Bon Vie—the exclusive mobile lounge for the cigar aficionado. Imagine a private smoking nook, accommodating up to six people. Bon Vie is more than a cigar lounge—it’s an environment and an experience rich in elegance, luxury, and personality. An elegant extension of any celebration or occasion, it’s the perfect escape and meeting place—a space where you can relax or enjoy a shared passion.

Get lost in the hardwood floors and the full-throttle stereo. Revel in the champagne bottle chiller and 6 beer taps with built-in LED lighting. Sink into plush seats that can be taken apart for easy storage. And breathe deeply—the ambient LED lighting lets you get on with life around you, even when it’s winding down late at night.

fuego mobile cigar lounge

Fuego Mobile Cigars is Tampa Bay’s finest mobile cigar shop, humidor, coffee bar and trailer. Custom built to mirror a 1960’s vintage camper, Fuego offers high-end, craft cigars along with artisan coffee at our events. Made from cedar wood and featuring the unique brick detailing of an old southern mansion, Fuego is sure to serve as the talk of your event!

Fuego offers hand-rolled stogies for those looking to experience a fine cigar in an all-encompassing atmosphere. You won’t find more personalized service, top-shelf smokeables, or the finest craft coffees. Never before has there been a more expertly curated mobile cigar lounge, ready to serve those who appreciate the finer things in life.

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