Chiemi Irene Alonzo

5 Cannabis Storage Tips

As more states legalize cannabis for medicinal uses, the cannabis sector is
experiencing rapid growth. Cannabis consumption methods are evolving as society
becomes more open to the plant. There are now many ways to consume cannabis, and
each offers its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Some people prefer to smoke it,
while others may choose to eat or drink it. Some want to use dab rigs like these offered
by Daily High Club, while others might prefer a traditional joint.

No matter which consumption method you prefer, or what you’re using cannabis for, you
need to keep your marijuana fresh. A wide range of factors must be taken into
consideration when it comes to cannabis storage, and it is crucial to understand which
ones are important. As part of this post, we’ll go over some cannabis storage tips that
you may pass along to friends and family members who may be interested in keeping
their stash of cannabis as well.

Find a Suitable Container to Store Your Cannabis

If you’re looking to preserve marijuana, the basic guideline is that glass is preferred to
metallic or plastic containers. Even though plastic and metal can be used temporarily,
they will eventually degrade the aroma and flavor of the product. Furthermore, because
plastic has a static charge, trichomes tend to fall off the buds and cling to the surfaces
of the container. It is not necessary to use a container of military quality, but it is
recommended that you use something that closes securely. Marijuana can be stored in
Mason jars or any other sort of sealable glass jar, which is recommended. You can also
buy jars that have a UV-resistant treatment on the outside. This can assist in protecting
your bud from the perils of potentially harmful ultraviolet rays. Try to stay away from
“sweaty” plastic containers or bags, loose-lipped tins, and anything else that is difficult
to clean after use.

Keep it Out of the Reach of Children and Pets

Keep cannabis items locked up and out of reach of children in child-resistant containers,
just as you would with medications and other potentially toxic products. Never use any
type of cannabis in front of children, whether it’s for medical or recreational purposes,
regardless of how it’s packaged. Not only might the mere sight of the things allure you,
but using them could make it more difficult to create a safe environment for all. Follow
up by returning marijuana products to their child-resistant packaging and storing them in
a secure and out-of-reach location as soon as they are through using them. Cannabis,
particularly in the form of edibles, is extremely appealing to pets and children, so make
sure they are kept safely out of reach.

Store it in a Cool, Dry Place

Exposure to light, air, and moisture, just as with cannabis buds, can have a substantial
impact on the quality of your gummies or candies, resulting in rapid degradation. Storing
marijuana at high temperatures depletes the terpenes and causes the buds to become
rigid. As a result, the flavor is highly unpleasant, and the ingestion experience is
extremely uncomfortable. Alternatively, holding your stock at an excessively low
temperature can cause terpene and cannabinoid breakdown, resulting in diminished
potency. The key is to keep the humidity levels within acceptable standards at all times.

Use Airtight Containers

Dryness and other forms of degradation can be avoided if your cannabis products are
stored in an airtight container. There’s almost nothing that beats a good old-fashioned
mason jar when it comes to finding an inexpensive airtight container. They come in a
variety of sizes. On the whole, the glass will keep out more air and moisture than plastic
while also not having an unfavorable effect on the scent or taste, as the metal has been
reported to have caused it previously.

Label the Container with its Contents

When it comes to marking boxes placed in your portable storage container, the most
obvious reason is to keep track of what is contained within them. The labeling of a
product is still another important consideration. It should provide factual information
about the product. This is even more important when dealing with products like your
cannabis. Labels help to raise awareness and provide information about if a product
includes harmful compounds, which is especially important if the product is not intended
for minors.