large cigar humidors or cabinet humidors are commonly designed for commercial use although they are becoming increasingly popular in residential homes. Large humidors include a storage space for the bulk of a cigar collection, either cigar boxes or individual cigars. We have carefully selected the top 10 best large humidors for 2023. We would recommend all of them, although the final decision usually comes down to individual choice and design preference. View our tips on choosing a large Humidor , or for more product recommendations check out our post with the best humidors of 2020.

Large scale Tobacco products can become too dry or soggy without the proper climate control and temperature control environment and humidors help to store cigars in an ideal humidity and temperature. These large cigar humidors are manufactured by well-known cigar and wine cooler brands. These large humidors contain wood trays and drawers to store the cigars and cigar accessories.

The price of the large humidors depends on the features installed in them. The specifications of these large humidors do justice to the price as they incorporate the advanced features and populace accessories. The main features available in a cigar humidor are a hygrometer, a humidifier, a Spanish cedar lined interior, a lockset along with the key as well as LED lights, Thermo Electric Humidifcation systems, plug and play humidification devices.

Below is our selection of the best large humidors of 2023


Remington Lite electric Cabinet humidor

The Remington lite is an electric cabinet with an advanced humidification system. It includes an attractive led touch panel to control the humidity. It can enhance the appearance of any interior with it’s sleek black sleek design. View the Remington Lite Electric Humidor or view our Remington Humidor review

Features of the remington lite:

  • Black oak finish exterior
  • Automatic control humidification system
  • Adjustable hygrometer calibration
  • Humidity level adjustable from 56% to 78%
  • Temperature adjustable from 41F to 71F
  • Toggle between Fahrenheit and Celcius
  • Storage space for 2000 cigars

The Reagan 4000 large Cabinet  humidor

The Reagan is a large electric cabinet. The humidor is equipped with a multi-functional advanced system to control the humidity and temperature. The rich cherry finish looks stunning and lavishing with a transparent glass door and Spanish wood interior. This electric humidor is featured here , or view the Reagan Electric Humidor in our shop.


  • Rich Dark Cherry Finish
  • LED illumination
  • Toggle Between Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Refillable & Removable Water Reservoir
  • Spanish Cedar Lined Trays & Shelves
  • Storage space for 4000 cigars
barbatus humidor

Barbatus Cigar Cabinet

The Barbatus wooden is a stylish traditionally designed cabinet cigar humidor. The transparent glass door gives a clear view of the collection store inside the cabinet. Wood sliding shelves and drawers help to organize the cigars. Humidifiers are available to maintain the moisture inside the cabinet. View the Barbatus Cabinet Humidor

Features of the barbatus:

  • Premium quality exterior
  • Humidifiers
  • Demist feature
  • Rare wall electricity port
  • Spanish cedar lining interior
  • Best Cigar cooler for commercial use
  • Storage space for 2000 cigars
tower of power

Tower of Power Cabinet humidor

The Tower of power is a gorgeous and very well priced cabinet humidor. It includes a front-mounted hygrometer. The additional features of the cabinet include sureseal technology glass door, demist technology to avoid foggy display and heating-cooling system. We have featured the Tower of Power in a full blog post, or view the Tower of Power Humidor in our shop, or visit our blog post reviewing the best cabinet humidors of 2020.


  • Sliding shelves and rolling drawers
  • Two interior AC outlets
  • Spanish cedar lined interior
  • Worthy humidor box for commercial use
  • Premium-quality exterior and interior
  • Storage for 3000 cigars
usa made humidor

E84 Genuine USA Commercial – Retail Electronic Cabinet:

E84 is a Genuine USA commercial humidor. It is a large cabinet to use in commercial and retail shops. The humidors can be personalized and modified according to customer choice. View the American Made Cabinet Humidor here.


  • Available in different finish
  • Customize according to choice
  • Best Humidor for commercial use
  • Cedar tray and shelves
  • Storage capacity for 4000 cigars
adorini capri delux blacxk

Adorini Humidor Capri Deluxe black

Adorini Bari Deluxe is a small size cabinet. It has finished with a matte black tint. A lockable cable opening has included with the rare wall to make an electric cabinet. The transparent glass door and walls portray an elegant and modern look. Rearranging shelves allow the user to organize the cigar collection according to his preferences. View the Adorini Capri Deluve

Features of the Adorini Capri Deluxe:

  •  Electronic humidification system.
  •  Humidity sensor.
  • Space for ventilation of fresh air on front and back.
  • Display three humidity levels.
  •  Display the current humidity level inside the humidor.

Cigar Locker Wall humidor

The Cigar Locker has been specially designed by Quality Importers for commercial use. It has a dark mahogany finish with a solid wood exterior. It does not include a humidity control system. Click here to view the Cigar Locker

Features of the cigar locker humidor:

  • Dark Mahogany Finish large humidor
  • 12 independent cigar cabins
  • 2 interior A/C outlets
  • No humidification system
  • Slotted raised panel sectionals for air circulation
bermuda humidor

The Bermuda Large Display Cabinet Humidor by Prestige Import Group 

Bermuda is a large cabinet humidor with an attractive mahogany finish and transparent glass doors. It has equipped with large wood shelves and ventilated trays to store cigars. the sleek glass door with independent panels helps to access the collection. View the Bermuda Humidor here

Features of the bermuda humidor:

  • Mahogany finish glass door cigar cabinet
  • 12 shelves
  • Hygrometer
  • Humidifier for moisture control
  • Analog glass hygrometer on top
  • High-Quality Glassdoor with wood frames
  • 24 humidifiers for circulation of air
  • Storage capacity for 4000 cigars

Quality Importers Large Cigar Humidor Wine Rack

This elegant humidor has a unique design that involves a humidor and wine rack. It is the best choice for people who want to store cigars along with the presentation of a wine collection. It has a rich mahogany finish exterior and a cedar wood interior. View this product


  • 8 drawers
  • 5 modular display shelves with dividers
  • Interior AC outlet
  • Fully lined in kiln-dried Spanish cedar
  • Analog hygrometer
  • The storage capacity of 3000 cigar