The Reagan Electric Humidor by Prestige Imports is one of the most popular large humidors on the market today and that is why it has made our prominent list of top Electric Electric Humidors.  It is one of the best cigar cabinets for commercial use because of its plush traditional design and its advanced electrical humidification system. It has premium-quality architecture and design. The automatic humidity control stores a very large cigar collection with great care. Unlike the smaller, Clevelander Electric Humidor which is reviewed here, The very large Reagan Cabinet Humidor has exceptional toggle temperature features and adjustable humidity which can be easily maneuvered according to choice. In a lot of ways, this large cabinet humidor is a masterpiece. We love the traditional architecture of this Humidor. If you are looking for something more modern and equally as large, view our reviews of the Adorini Range.

The importance of humidors for Large Cigar collections

For substantially large cigar collections needed for commercial environments, in particular, humidors are the life saviors of long term storage for cigars and tobacco, preserving cigars to keep them safe and fresh in these enclosed storage cabinets. It is important to store cigars in controlled moisture because cigars have dried tobacco leaves rolled in. Humidors keep the dried tobacco fresh and moisture-free. When cigars come in direct contact with air for a long time, they can become soggy or dry. The temperature of the humidors adjusts in such a way that it does not affect the taste of the cigars. The internal climate and humidity of the cabinet are controlled with the help of humidity and temperature control systems. The relative ideal humidity level in humidors is from 68% to 72%. It is the best humidity level for long-term cigar storage.

Thermo-Electric Humidification System

The Reagan is a cabinet humidor because of its large opening glass front doors. This cabinet humidor is equipped with advanced features and big storage space. The Reagon is designed for commercial use but you can also use them at the domestic level if it is a necessity. This cabinet humidor has large shelves, drawers, and advanced humidification controlling systems. In cabinet humidors, the humidity is controlled electrically with the help of sensors.

A closer look at The ReagAn 4000

The Reagan 4000 is a large electric cabinet humidor. It is designed for commercial use. Tobacco stores and Cigar lounges mostly use this cabinet to store their bulk of the collection. The Reagan’s cigar humidifier cabinet is an electric humidor. The electronic cabinet humidors are preferred as compared to the ordinary humidor cabinets. The automatic humidifiers are automatically installed in the electronic humidors. The electric humidifier controls the internal temperature of the cabinet. They also maintain the ideal humidity to store cigars.

The Reagan Humidor is equipped with the following features:

  • ·        Dual Panels
  • ·        Rich Dark Cherry Finish
  • ·        Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Door Frame
  • ·        Tempered Transparent Glass Door
  • ·        Built-in De-mist Glass Door
  • ·        White LED Lighting Illuminates All Shelves
  • ·        12 Drawer Style Shelves on Metal Slides
  • ·        Removable Trays with Dividers
  • ·        3 Adjustable Dividers per Shelf
  • ·        Screw-free Adjustable Dividers
  • ·        Features Cooling & Heating Systems
  • ·        Toggle Between Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • ·        Temperature Adjustable 41F-71F
  • ·        Humidity Adjustable 56%-78%
  • ·        Refillable & Removable Water Reservoir
  • ·        Adjustable Hygrometer Calibration
  • ·        Cedar Lined Trays & Shelves
  • ·        Sleek Push Button Digital Control Panel
  • – Adjustable Climate & Humidity Settings
  • ·        De-mist Feature Automatically Maintains Glass Free of Condensation
  • ·        Built-In Electronic Humidification System With Auxiliary Fan
  • ·        De-Humidification Assist Effectively Balances Humidity
  • ·        Embossed Wood Side Panels & Grand Molding Accents
  • ·        Storage Capacity of 4000 Cigars
  • ·        53″ W x26″ D x 74-1/2″ H
  • ·        Operates on 110/120 Volts
  • ·        220/240 Volt Version Available (Please Inquire)

embossed wood side panels

Lined Trays & Shelves Sleek push Digital instrument panel With Adjustable Climate & Humidity Settings De-mist Feature Automatically Maintains Glass freed from Condensation Built-In Electronic Humidification System With Auxiliary Fan De-Humidification Assist Effectively Balances Humidity Embossed Wood Side Panels & Grand Molding Accents Tempered Tinted Glass Door with Heavy Duty Seal Operates on 110/120 Volts 220/240 Volt Version Available (Please Inquire) Additional Information Name Reagan Finish Dark Cherry Capacity 4000 Cigars Dimension 53″ W x 26″ D x 74 1/2″ H Home Our Story Account Setup Site Map

A roundup of the Reagan’s Humidors Features

The Reagan 4000 Humidor is equipped with all the basic and advanced features. It is a dual-panel cabinet. The frame of the cabinet is made of premium quality industrial wood. The humidor has a dark cherry finish exterior. The dark cherry finish looks stunning and gorgeous on the high-quality industrial wood frame. The dark cherry finish is decorated with a gloss layer to enhance the appearance of the cabinet. The brass handles on both panels look eye-catching with the dark cherry finish. The panels of the humidor have a transparent glass. The glass is protected with a tempered layer to protect it from hits and breakages. The glass door allows you to have a clear view of the collection placed inside the humidor. The glass door of the humidor has a de-mist feature. The de-mist feature provides a clear and fine view of the interior of the cabinet. The de-mist feature automatically maintains the glass door as free of condensation.

Interior of the Reagan Humidor

There are 12 metal sliding shelves inside the humidor. These 12 drawer-style shelves are one of the best features of this big cabinet humidor. All 12 drawer-style shelves have a Spanish cedar wood tray. The drawer-style shelves help you to store and maintain the collection properly. All the 12 drawer-style shelves have high-quality metal sliders to roll out. The user can independently roll out the cedar wood trays. Each drawer-style shelf has wood dividers. These adjustable dividers help you to organize the collection according to your choice. The user can manipulate the wood dividers according to the cigars or cigar boxes. The adjustable dividers do not need any screws or nails to adjust. The bottom has 2 removable wood trays. These removable trays are included, providing extra storage space. The user can remove these trays if he needs to place them in cigar boxes.

shelves on metal slides

Adjustable From 41F-71F Humidity Adjustable From 56%-78% Toggle Between Celcius Or Fahrenheit De-Mist Feature Keeps Glass freed from Condensation Embossed Wood & Side Panels Grand Molding Accents 2 Full-Length Tinted Tempered Glass Doors Tight Heavy Duty Seal 12 Drawer Style Cedar Lined Shelves On Metal Slides 3 Adjustable Dividers Per Shelf Features Flat & Angled Storage 2 Removable Cedar Trays at heart LED Pure White Interior Lighting Built-In Electronic Humidification Systems with Auxiliary Fans 2 Refillable Removable Water Reservoir Tanks Solid Hardwood Construction Lock And Key Set Operates

Reagan Control Panel

The Reagan Humidor has a digital control panel. The control panel is attached to the exterior of the Reagan Humidor. The control panel of this electronic cabinet humidor displays temperature and humidity on the digital display. It has advanced features of electric humidification systems, de-mist features, and built-in LED lights.  

The automatic humidifier helps the user to maintain the constant humidity in the cabinet. These humidifiers control the internal temperature of the humidors. They also maintain the ideal humidity to store cigars. The humidifiers help to keep the original aroma and flavor of the cigars alive. The cigars become too dry if you keep them at a low humidity level and they become too soggy if you store them at a high humidity level. The electric humidifier keeps the cigars at a specific humidity range. This is how the cigars stay in the same shape and texture. The electric cabinets work best on both too sunny or too cloudy days. 

The electric humidification system

The electric humidification system of the Reagan works with the help of sensors. The sensor detects the amount of moisture outside. It turns on the ventilator of the cabinet and circulates air through it. The ventilators automatically turn off when the temperature reaches the preset ideal value. Electronic cabinets don’t require any person to operate. The user only needs to start the system once and monitor it occasionally. The temperature of the Reagan can toggle between Fahrenheit and Celcius temperatures. The user can change the temperature monitor according to their requirements or surroundings. The built-in humidifier for the Reagan cigar cabinet controls the temperature automatically. However, the Reagan Humidor allows the user to adjust the temperature and humidity level if it is a necessity. The temperature of the humidor can adjust between 41F-71F, whereas the humidity level can adjust from 56% to 78%.

The advanced multi-functional control unit displays:

·        Current relative humidity (in percentage)

·        Pre-set relative humidity (in percentage)

·        Average relative humidity of last 3 days

·        Current temperature (in Celsius or Fahrenheit)

The Reagan Cigar Cabinet Humidifier works the same in all climate changes. The automated temperature control system is adjustable according to the external environment or temperature. The change in the external temperature does not affect the performance of the Electric Reagan Cabinet Humidor. The additional features of the humidor include the LED lights. These LED lights look attractive and appealing in the dark.

The lights also help users to find the cigars in darkness. This humidor operates on 110/120 volts. It means that the constant running of the humidor will not cost too much in electricity charges on the user. The humidor has a refillable and adjustable water reservoir. The water reservoir has an indicator to display the water level. The user should refill the water reservoir with distilled water only. Ordinary water can affect the functionality of the humidifier.

If the electricity breaks for some time, it does not mean that your collection will ruin immediately. The humidor can work under critical circumstances. Some people think that humidor constantly uses electricity to store the cigars. It is nothing more than a myth. The system turns on when it detects any changes in the ideal humidity level (both the drop or rise).

Hygrometer Calibration Reagan Cabinet Humidor

The Reagan Cabinet Humidor also has an adjustable hygrometer calibration. A hygrometer is a device that is used to measure the amount of humidity and moisture in a compact area. It is attached inside the lid of this humidor. It shows the change in humidity and temperature on the display monitor. The Reagan Humidor hygrometer has a digital display monitor. It has high-definition and de-mist tempered glass.

The dimensions of the Reagan Cabinet Humidor are 53″ W x 26″ D x 74-1/2″ H. The 53 w x 26 D is the best size for commercial use humidors. The 53 w x 26 D can adjust in normal to big stores. The dimension guide helps the user to know about the size. According to the 53″ W x 26″ D x 74-1/2″ H dimensions, it is good to use this for commercial purposes.  

Frequently Asked Questions about the Reagan:

Ø  How do I increase humidity in the electric humidor?

You can get it by the help of boveda humidification packets.

Ø  What is the best temperature setting on an electronic humidor to get the best humidity?

The ideal temperature is set according to the 70/70 rule. This rule states that the ideal temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit and the relative humidity is 70%. In this state, you can achieve the best humidity level to store the collection in an ideal environment.

Ø  How do I control the humidity in my electronic cabinet?

You can speed up the humidity process by placing the cabinet in direct sunlight with an open lid. If your humidity increases from the ideal level, lower down the level of the distilled water in the water tank. For regular use, keep the container away from sunlight and heating or cooling refrigerators so the humidifier will be able to work properly on its own to maintain the ideal temperature level and controlled moisture.

Ø Can I move the cabinet humidor?

As the cabinet humidors have a huge size, it is recommended not to move them frequently. But if you need to move it, there are wheels available. You can attach the wheels at the bottom of the humidor and then move it.

Ø Do I need to buy a new cartridge every time?

No, you don’t. You can refill the same cartridge three times. After refilling it, wait for a few minutes to settle the water level and then reattach it with the unit.

Ø Can I use any water to refill the cartridge of the humidifier?

No, the cartridge of the humidifier can be refilled with distilled water only. You can not use the tape or ordinary water to refill the cartridge.

Ø Is it a commercial use cabinet?

According to the 53″ W x 26″ D x 74-1/2″ H dimensions, it is good to use for commercial purposes. But it also depends on your requirements. It is not compulsory to use it for commercial purposes only.