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The Clevelander electric humidor review

The Clevelander Humidor is one of the best small electric humidors around and it features thermoelectric technology which means there is no ongoing maintenance. It is known as a temperature-controlled humidor. It has a stylish and eye-captivating exterior and it also is referred to as Wineador. If you are looking for a stylish and long-lasting humidor, your research ends now. If you are looking for a premium quality electric humidor that is in a humidor cabinet style with a beautiful exterior for an office or home environment, you will be satisfied with the functionality and design. After years of use, it will still look like a new humidor.

It is a temperature-controlled humidor. The humidor has been manufactured by the Prestige Import Group and has built up a reputation as being one of the most stylish yet affordable small humidors on the market. This humidor has been equipped with the latest technology at affordable prices and if you are looking for the largest Electric Humidor from Prestige, then take a look at the expansive Reagan Humidor for comparison.

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The architecture of the Clevelander Humidor

The Clevelander is a small electric humidor. It is a heavy-duty stainless steel humidor. The stainless steel exterior lasts a long time. It does not rust or fade. It has a tempered glass door. The glass door of the humidor includes sureseal technology to avoid leakages. The control panel is attached to the top of the glass door. The frame of the glass door includes a long stainless steel handle. The silver handle on the stainless steel frame looks gorgeous. It includes buttons and a digital display. These pushbuttons help the user to adjust the temperature and humidity level according to the weather conditions.

The Clevelander humidor comes in the size of 14 w x 20. The 14 w x 20 is an ideal size for the small humidors. The 14 w x 20 is a standard size humidor that looks good even in small spaces. It does not look oversized or big. The interior of this humidor includes rolling wood storage trays. The trays are made of Spanish cedarwood. It absorbs the excessive amount of moisture to keep the internal temperature at an ideal level. It also helps to balance the humidity level. The storage trays are removable. It helps the user to adjust the height of the wooden drawers accordingly to the storage requirement. These drawers help the user to organize the cigar collection. It is a free-standing humidor. The humidor does not need any supports to stand. You can place it anywhere in the room without any walls or corners. The base of the Clevelander humidor includes a water reservoir. This water reservoir is filled with distilled water. It is a refillable water tank. It helps the humidifier to maintain the humidity by providing fresh distilled water.

Thermoelectric Cooling

The Clevelander is embedded with thermoelectric cooling. The thermoelectric system works on the Thomson effect. According to this effect, the electric current flows in two junctions to emit and absorb the heat. In a thermoelectric system, the Thomson effect makes the change in temperature by transferring heat in two junctions. When the current flows in two junctions, the heat emits and cooling occurs. In this way, a cooling effect creates and the heat. The thermoelectric cooling system is preferred when compared to the conventional vapor cooling systems. The is because it requires lower maintenance costs. The thermoelectric system does not contain any moving parts. It reduces the maintenance charges.

Insider tip: Many customers buy the Clevelander because of the temperature toggle function. If you live in a region where you need to operate the humidor on both temperatures, it works perfectly on both. The digital monitor helps you do the changes. The Clevelander is one of the best electric humidors. The internal thermoelectric cooling system of the humidors is mindblowing. This automatic system operates easier than you would think. The Clevelander humidor will store your collection at the ideal temperature even in variable weather.

digital hygrometer

The Clevelander Hygrometer:

A device that is used to measure the amount of moisture in a compact area is known as a hygrometer. The hygrometer has a display screen to monitor the change in temperature. In this humidor, the hygrometer is attached to the accessories tray. The hygrometer has a digital display monitor. This monitor shows the current internal temperature of the humidor. The hygrometer does not need any electricity. It works on batteries. The digital hygrometer shows the results in digits. That’s why most users like to use them compared to analog monitors. The analog monitor shows the reading on the dial. It is quite difficult to check the temperature from the analog monitor.

The Clevelander Humidifier:

The humidors are used to assist the users. It helps to reduce the constant stress of maintaining the cigar collection. It is quite difficult for the user to keep a check on the humidity level. The automatic humidifier has been included inside electric humidors to have the ideal humidity level. These humidifiers control the internal temperature of the humidors. They also maintain the ideal humidity to store cigars. The humidity range of humidors is between 56% to 78%. The humidifiers help to keep the original aroma and flavor of the cigars alive. The cigars become too dry if you keep them at a low humidity level and they become too soggy if you store them at a high humidity level. So, the cigars need a specific humidity level range to stay in the same shape and texture. The automatic humidifiers work absolutely on the weather conditions. They work best on both too sunny or too cloudy days.  

The electric system of the Clevelander

This humidor works with the help of sensors. The sensor senses the amount of moisture and the humidity level in the air. It turns on the ventilator of the humidor and circulates the fresh air through it. The ventilators automatically turn off when the temperature reaches the preset ideal value.

The humidor works on its own. It does not require any person to operate. The user needs only once to start the system and monitor it occasionally. This humidor can work at both Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures. It allows the user to toggle between Celsius or Fahrenheit. The user can set the temperature unit with the help of the control buttons on the glass door. The digital monitor with the buttons keeps updating the user about the change of digits and it also helps to check the preset value.

The additional features of the humidor include LED lights. These LED lights look attractive and appealing in the dark. The lights also help users to find cigars in the darkness. This humidor operates on the 110/120 volts. It means that the constant running of the humidor will not cost too much in electricity charges on the user.

It stores 250 cigars at a time. The storage capacity is sufficient for personal use and cigar bar use.

If the electricity breaks for some time, it does not mean that your collection will ruin it immediately. The humidor can work under critical circumstances. Some people think that the humidor constantly uses electricity to store the cigars. It is nothing more than a myth. The system turns on when it detects any changes in the ideal humidity level (both a drop or rise).


Features of the Clevelander Electric Humidor

·        Heavy-duty stainless steel frame

·        Tempered glass door

·        Long steel handle

·        Battery-powered digital glass hygrometer

·        Humidifier

·        Thermoelectric cooling system

·        Toggle between Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature

·        Spanish cedar lined interior

·        Interior LED lights

·        Adjustable drawers

·        Distilled water reservoir

·        Free shipping

·        I year warranty of devices

·        Runs on 110/120 volts

·        Dimensions : 14 w x 20

·        Storage capacity for 250 cigars


In conclusion, the Prestige Imports Clevelander Humidor is a great choice for cigar aficionados and novices alike. Its superior construction and design allow for an optimal storage environment for your favorite cigars, ensuring that you can enjoy every draw with maximum taste and flavor. With its moderate price tag and innovative features, this humidor is a must-have for anyone who wants to maintain an ideal cigar collection. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the Prestige Imports Clevelander Humidor is sure to provide an exceptional experience every time you light up your favorite stogie.