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Humidors are the primary need of every cigar smoker. They are containers made of wood that can keep cigars in a controlled humidity environment for long periods. Here are the top 50 desktop humidors. These products are the number one choice of both sellers and buyers both. They have the finest quality of manufacturing, designing, and features.

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1.Visol Gorman Macassar Ebony Cabinet Humidors

Visol Gorman is an attractive small cabinet-style desktop cigar humidor. It includes a transparent glass door with three Spanish cedar wood storage trays. The middle tray has an analog hygrometer to monitor the internal temperature. It looks marvelous on the counter shelves of cigars lounges or bars.

Cigar Capacity: 150

Price: $299

2.Bey-Berk Carbon Fiber Humidors with Yellow Lacquered Wood

Bey-Berk is a genuine carbon fiber exterior humidor. It is one of the most stylish desktop cigar humidors. The yellow lacquer makes the humidor more gorgeous. The chrome accents and mini hygrometer on the outer cover increase the worth and beauty of the humidor. The Spanish cedar-lined interior and humidifier maintain the original flavor of the cigars.

Cigar Capacity: 25

Price: $169

3.Prestige Imports Clevelander Electric Cabinet Humidors

Clevelander is an electric desktop cabinet. It has stainless steel exterior with a tempered glass door. The cabinet includes kiln dried Spanish cedar interior a digital hygrometer, a cooling system, and a water reservoir. The hygrometer of the cabinet works on the battery. The internal temperature can adjust by clicking the control buttons on the top. It is the best choice for all cigars smokers with a bulk collection.

Cigar Capacity: 250

Price: $385

4.Humidor Supreme Constitution w/ Flag Humidors

The humidor supreme is a box-style desktop humidor. The top of the box has a semblance of the US flag with the constitution written by the government. The features include a glass hygrometer to monitor the changes in humidity. It also includes a humidifier for air circulation through it. It does not include any handles or lock to enhance the constitution flag

Cigar Capacity: 100

Price: $165

5.Daniel Marshall Ambiante Humidors

Daniel Marshall Ambiante is an elegant cigar desktop humidor with a plain jet-black exterior. The finish of the box is so fine like a clean transparent mirror. The interior is also as wonderful and simple as the exterior. The digital display monitor hygrometer is more easy and convenient to use as compared to the analog hygrometers. A humidifier is also fixed inside it.

Cigar Capacity: 65

Price: $349

6.Humidors Supreme Blue Line PD

The Supreme Blue Line humidor has designed to pay tribute to the US police force. This cigar desktop humidor has equipped with a Spanish cedar wood interior, glass hygrometer, humidifier, and removable storage tray with dividers. It also includes a lockset along with the key to protecting the collection.

Cigar Capacity: 100

Price: $149

7.Lacquered “Walnut” Wood Humidors with Spanish Cedar Lining and Cigar Accessories Drawer

This quality humidor has an alluring lacquered walnut finish exterior. The top lid stainless steel decorative accents enhance the glamour. A rectangle glass hygrometer with a white base looks attractive on the front panel. A storage drawer at the bottom of the product helps to store the accessories such as cigar cutter, lighter, etc.

Cigars Capacity: 60

Price: $299

8.Cachet Cannabis Humidors by Prestige Imports

Cachet Cannabis humidor has specially designed to store marijuana. t’s purpose is to protect the freshness and quality of marijuana. This desktop humidor product includes spice bottles for storing the weed and a small compartment to store the cigars. It is more suitable for personal use.

Cigars Capacity: 25-50 cigars

Price: $119

9.Daniel Marshall Ambiante Humidors

Daniel Marshall Ambiante is an elegant desktop humidor with a plain jet-black exterior. The finish of the humidor is so fine like a clean transparent mirror. The interior is also as wonderful and simple as the exterior of the humidor. The digital display monitor hygrometer is more easy and convenient to use as compared to the analog hygrometers. A humidifier is also fixed inside of the humidor.

Cigars Capacity: 150

Price: $450

10.Quality Importers Valentino Black or Rosewood Desktop Humidors

The Valentino is an elegant desktop humidor. It can look perfect in any office and home space. The engraved silver side handle and rectangle silver lock enhance the elegance of the cigar box. The features include are Spanish cedar storage trays with dividers and a humidifier.

Cigars Capacity: 250

Price: $279

11.”Carbon Fiber” Matt Finish Wood Humidors with Hygrometer

This desktop humidor has a carbon fiber exterior in black finish. The door of the humidor has a tempered glass center with a wood frame on the sides. Inside the door, four rolling removable drawers provide a sufficient space to keep the cigars. A black external glass hygrometer is attached to check the humidity level.

Cigars Capacity: 60

Price: $209

12.Lacquered “Ebony” Wood Humidors

Lacquered Ebony is a unique classic and graceful product with a glossy lacquered finish. It can store a good amount of cigars in a small box. The interior has lined with Spanish cedar to give the humidor a long and durable life. The silver decorative accent and hygrometer look eye captivating on the ebony finish.

Cigars Capacity: 60

Price: $239

13.Visol Mordy Walnut Finish Humidors

Visol desktop humidor has a gorgeous walnut wood finish exterior. It is one of the best small-size cigar boxes. This statement piece is perfect for a tobacco smoker with few items. It is also convenient for traveling. It has included with silver satin hygrometer and humidifier for cigars preservation.

Cigars Capacity: 10

Price: $49

14.Visol Ridge Mixed Wood Humidors

The Visol Ridge is a beautifully crafted large cigar humidor. Inside the box, there is a humidifier and hygrometer. The outside comes crafted of 5 different and unique woods with a beautiful varnish finish. The Interior has lined with premium kiln cedar, helping keep moisture inside, and comes with a single divider to help separate cigars. The scratch resistant felt-lined bottom prevents the humidor from scratching.

Cigars Capacity: 50

Price: $220

15.The 30 Ammo Can Humidor by Ammodor – 25 Cigar ct

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Cigars Capacity: 25

Price: $99

16.Presidente Humidors

President humidor is a timeless beauty. It has a transparent glass top lid. An external large silver hygrometer helps to monitor readings conveniently. A black hygrometer has placed on the removable coaster of the humidor.

Cigars Capacity: 100

Price: $149

17.Savoy Classic Walnut Humidors

Savoy Classic Walnut humidor is a desktop humidor. The top lid has beveled to decorate the humidor. The finish of the box is burled walnut. It includes an external gold-plated lockset.  The interior has lined with kiln dried Spanish cedar to maintain the moisture. The piano and quadrant hinges are kept hidden. It includes an extra storage tray with two dividers.

Cigars Capacity: 50

Price: $150

18.Savoy Classic Walnut Humidors

Savoy Classic Walnut humidor is a desktop humidor. The top lid has beveled to decorate the humidor. The finish of the humidor is burled walnut. It includes an external gold-plated lockset.  The interior of the humidor has lined with kiln dried Spanish cedar to maintain the moisture. The piano and quadrant hinges are kept hidden. It includes an extra storage tray with two dividers.

Cigars Capacity: 25

Price: $130

19.Savoy Classic African Teak Humidors

Savoy Classic African teak is a texture design humidor. It has a dark brown fine finish with thin black outlines. Inside the lid of the humidor, a gold plated ring glass hygrometer and a rectangular humidifier with the company name and logo have attached.

Cigars Capacity: 25

Price: $120

20.Ashcroft Bass Wood Humidors

The Ashcroft is simple and elegant cigar humidors with Spanish Cedar lining, brass hinges, and a humidifier.

Cigars Capacity: 40

Price: $85

21.Humidor Supreme HUMIDORS – Maiden Voyage DARK ROSEWOOD FINISH Tempered glass top

Humidor Supreme has an appealing and decorated exterior with a dark rosewood finish. The tempered glass top has decorated with engraved compass semblance. The external hygrometer allows the user to monitor the temperature.

Price Price : $249

Cigar Capacity: 100 cigars

22.Cigar Cabinet Adorini Aficionado Deluxe

Adorini Aficionado Deluxe is a transparent front panel and glass-top cigar box. It has two gold-plated acryl adorini deluxe humidifiers with adjustable ventilation openings for an optimum regulation of the humidity levels. The air vent design Spanish cedar tray allows the maximum amount of air to cross ventilate through the cigar.

Cigar Capacity: 400

23.Lacquered “Walnut” Wood Humidors with Spanish Cedar Lining and Glass See-thru Lid

The humidors have a lacquered walnut finish exterior. The top lid of the humidors has stainless steel decorative accents on the side wood borders. The central area of the lid has a high-quality see-thru tempered glass top. The additional features of these humidors include a hygrometer, a humidifier, and a removable tray.

Cigar Capacity: 60

Prices: $249

24.Visol Collin Matte Black Clear Top Cigar Humidor – Holds 100 Cigars

Visol Collin diamond-type shape desktop cigar humidor are mostly suitable for occasional smokers. They include stainless steel front knob, transparent glass top, humidifier, and hygrometer.

Cigars Capacity: 100

Price: $200

25.Porsche Design Carbon Fiber Humidor with Spanish Cedar Humidors

The Porsche Design Carbon fiber is jet black finish desktop cigar humidor. These desktop humidors have lined with Spanish cedar. A round silver glass hygrometer with a black base has attached on the front side of the humidors to keep an easy eye on the changes in humidity level and the internal temperature. Porsche Design’s Carbon Fiber Cigar Humidors features a full-color, high-quality carbon fiber veneer for interior and exterior use, perfect as a gift for your favorite cigar lover.

Cigar Capacity: 50

Price: $880

26.Visol PortHole Burlwood Finish Cigar Humidors

Visol Porthole has an eye-captivating exterior in burl wood finish. The top lid of the humidors has a hole. The hole has covered with a tempered glass top fixed in the stainless steel ring. The front digital hygrometer has a silver border that manifests similarly to the top glass ring.

Cigar Capacity: 75

Price: $230

27.The Berkeley II High Glass Top Humidors by Prestige Import Group

Berkeley II has a stylish two-tone Mahogany and Black finish exterior. The design of the humidor looks elegant and classy. The tempered glass top makes sure a clear view of the collection stored inside the humidor. The external glass hygrometer helps to monitor the change in humidity and temperature. The removable coaster with dividers allows the proper organization of the cigar collection.

Cigar Capacity: 100 cigars

Price: $139.90

28.The Vizcaya by Prestige Import Group

The Vizcaya Desktop cigar Humidor comes in exotic wood veneers. These small desktop humidors include all the basic features such as a hygrometer, humidifier, Spanish cedar lining. Perfect to place on the office desktop!

Cigar Capacity: 50 cigars

Price: $59

29.Quality Importers Medici Large

The Medici is a large size cigar container by the prestige import group. The prestige import group knows as one of the best companies in manufacturing premium quality cigars accessories and humidors for sale. It has a high-quality glossy exterior in mahogany finish. The side engraved handle makes the movement of the humidor easier. The hydrometer has attached inside the humidor.

Cigar Capacity: 500 Cigars

Price: $269

30.The Montgomery Studded Chest by Prestige Import Group

The Montgomery is a unique trunk-styled humidor with an arc-shaped lid and decorated with silver studs. It has a dark glossy wooden finish. The engraved side handle of silver helps in moving.

Cigar Capacity: 150 cigars

Price: $208

31.Quality Importers Humidor Amalfi

The Amalfi humidors are maple finish desktop cigar humidors with an antique walnut finish on the top. These desktop humidors have decorated with a brass nameplate on the front side of them. The hinges are kept hidden to avoid any unauthorized access. The brass nameplate and brass hygrometer increase the worth of it.

Cigars Capacity: 75

Price: $185

32.Humidor Othello Desktop Humidors

The Othello desktop cigar humidors are box-style desktop humidors with an exotic wood checkerboard finish. The interior includes a Spanish cedar tray with three dividers to organize the collection and a glass hygrometer to keep a check on the humidity level.

Cigars Capacity: 100

Price: $155

33.The Capri Glass top Deluxe

The Capri Deluxe is a handmade desktop cigar humidor with a glass top. The lid seal and premium kiln interior make sure the ideal humidity inside the box. The glass hygrometer with a brass ring helps to monitor changes in temperature. This quality product is one of the best gifts for every tobacco lover.

Cigar Capacity: 60

Price: $99

34.Royal Tradition

The royal tradition humidors re masterpiece unique limited edition desktop humidors. The bottom of the humidors is designed with many small cut fine layers. The sides of the humidors are decorated with brass hinges to give an antique look. This type of humidor is rare.

Cigar Capacity: 125

Price: $175

35.Ill Duomo Display Dome

Duomo desktop cigar humidor has a fine matte brown finish with a dome-style glass top lid. The sides have lavish gold hinges. The storage box of the humidors has three sections, the side sections are used to keep cigars and in the middle section, the hygrometer and humidifiers are installed.

Cigar Capacity: 150

Price: $169

36.JFK Humidor by Quality Importers

JFK is fine woodgrain finish desktop cigar humidor. The humidors have a unique and elegant design. The sides of the humidors have engraved gold-plated handles. The humidors include an external analog hygrometer to monitor the change in humidity level, more conveniently. A lockset along with a key attaches to secure the collection.

Cigar Capacity: 70 cigars

Price: $99

37.Quality Importers Venetian

No desktop humidors can batter than Venetian humidors. They are one of the best value humidors for cigar smokers. All basic features are included: round dial gold plate glass hygrometer to monitor the humidity level and humidifier for proper and balances air circulation in the humidor.

Cigar Capacity: 125 cigars

Price: $111.99

38.Esplanade Humidor

Esplanade humidors are small szies desktop or travel humidors. They come in a light brown burl matte finish. On the front side of the humidors, a round gold dial hygrometer has fitted. The storage box of the humidors has divided into two portions.

Cigar Capacity: 30 Cigars

Price: $149

39.Humidor Supreme Red Line FD

The Humidor Supreme Red Line FD 100ct are red fire department-inspired desktop cigar humidors. These humidors feature SureSeal technology for superior humidity control, scratch resistant felt lining on the bottom drawers, gold plated hidden quadrant hinges and a beautiful brass engravable nameplate.

Cigar Capacity: 125

Price: $177

40.Humidor Supreme NAPA Desktop Humidor

The Napa desktop cigar humidor looks stylish. This piece comes lined with kiln-dried Spanish Cedar and uses SureSeal technology to help ensure your cigars stay fresh. These great humidors also feature Spanish cedar linings, gold-plated lock and keys, and a stunning checkerboard exterior.

Cigar Capacity: 125

Price: $166

41.Humidor Supreme CAROLINA Desktop Humidor

The Carolina desktop cigar Humidor Supreme looks simple and elegant with a rusted finish exterior They include analog hygrometers, engravable Brass nameplate, rectangular humidifier, Spanish Cedar tray, Spanish Cedar dividers, and Humidors key.

Cigars Capacity: 125

Price: $166

42.Churchill Humidor by Quality Imports

Churchill humidors are fancy glass top desktop humidors. The glass top allows the user to view the inside collection. They include hygrometers and humidifiers to store the stuff in an ideal environment.

Cigars Capacity: 125

Price: $149

43.Dorado Distressed Heart Wood

Dorado Distressed Heart Wood humidors are antique-style desktop humidors. They have a distressed walnut finish. It is easy to carry because of its slim design. It includes all the basic features that you desire in your humidors, such as the Spanish cedar lined interior, round analog hygrometer, rectangular humidifier, and two adjustable dividers.

Cigar Capacity: 180 cigars

Price: $220

44.Napoleon No. II Humidor

Napoleon humidors are unique and stylish desktop humidors. They are like cabinet-type humidors. A glass top lid and three rolling drawers. The knobs of drawers have brass knobs. The features of the humidors include external glass hygrometers and independent humidifiers.

Cigar Capacity: 150

Price: $289

45.The II Duomo

The II Duomo are glass top desktop humidor. The humidors have equipped with a glass hygrometer to monitor the temperature and humidifiers to control the airflow through it. The SureSeal technology ensures proper lid seal on closure and optimum humidity.

Price: $171

Cigar Capacity: 150

46.Savoy Classic Bubinga

Savoy Classic Bubinga humidors are elegant desktop humidors. The humidors have gold plated small lock. Inside the humidors, a removable tray is available for providing extra storage space. The logo of the company has stamped inside the lid of the humidors.

Cigar Capacity: 25

Price: $100

47.NewAir 400 Count Humidors

NewAir humidors are one of the best electric desktop humidors with Opti-temperature heating and cooling system. They maintain a constant temperature for cigars storage. The interior has designed to place both cigars and boxes in the line organization.

Cigar Capacity: 400

Price: $569.99

48.Bally Digital Humidor

The Bally digital are rosewood lacquered finish glossy humidors. The top lid of these humidors are made of tint transparent glass that helps to give a clear view of the collection placed inside. The round gold plated hygrometers with a digital system are included externally so that you can keep easy monitoring of any changes in temperature.

Cigar Capacity: 100

Price: $120

49.The Hampton Black Desktop Humidor

The Exterior of these humidors features silver stitched triangles and a silver handle to complete a very well co-ordinated design style. The lid of the Hampton Blue humidors has silver tri-hinges and the inside of the humidors have lined with Spanish cedar.

Cigar Capacity: 50

Price: $189

50.Versailles Quality

The Versailles is an attractive and eye-captivating cigar humidor. The lid and front panel of the humidor have an allotment of tempered glass. The side panels have an engraved brass handle that helps to carry and move the box.

Price: $179

Cigar Capacity: 100

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