The 2023 Newair Electric Humidor Review

The Newair Electric cigar Humidor is one of the best small Electric humidors on the market. Highly rated in all departments and backed up by a solid one year warranty, a Newair humidor is difficult not to consider. In fact, If you are looking for a stylish and long-lasting humidor, your research may well end now. Newair humidors have a stylish and eye-captivating silver steel exterior coupled with sleek efficient Spanish cedar shelving and an extremely reliable electronic cooling system that requires minimal maintenance efforts. View the Newair range at Grand Humidors

NewAir 840 Count Electric Cigar Humidor:

The NewAir 840 count is a big humidor as compared to other NewAir humidors and is the newest of the Newair range with its sleek modern black design. It has the ability to store 840 cigars within optimal temperature and climate control. The touch panel allows the user to set the temperature and humidity level at the touch of the button. The stylish exterior gives an elite and rich look to the surroundings.

The built-in humidification system helps you to adjust the moisture level regardless of the external environment or temperature. The built-in heating and cooling system work on its own to keep the cigar collection fresh. The kiln-dried cedar trays and illuminating LED gives a classy touch to the modern and attractive design of the humidor. The LED light also helps the user to keep a check on the collection without opening the door and disturbing the humidity inside the humidor. This humidor is one of the best of all NewAir Electric Cigars humidors. You can view our

  •  Black Stainless Steel stylish exterior
  • Touch control panel on top
  • Built-in Humidification System with Opti-Temp
  • Heating and Cooling System
  • Precision Temperature
  • LED Lighting
  • Spanish Cedar Drawers











400 count cigar Humidor cc 300h

The Newair cc 300h is a wineador humidor. A wineador is a type of wine cooler that modified into a humidor to store the cigars. As with wine, the cigars need an environment with stable moisture and humidity. Otherwise, the cigar can lose its freshness, flavor, and blend.

The Newair cc 300 is a gorgeous and stylish electric cigar humidor. The humidor has a steel exterior with a premium quality wood interior. The humidor has manufactured using the premium quality stainless steel material in black finish. The duo of transparent glass door with black tint looks lavishing. The product works best for small spaces like bedrooms, office corners, or small cigar stores. The steel of the outside has a matte finish.


Inside the Newair Humidor

The product has a Spanish cedar lined interior. The cedar interior works best among all weather conditions and moisture changes in the environment. The long steel handle looks smart and pretty on the glass door. The removable cedar shelves help the user to organize the cigars according to their preferences. It also includes a wood drawer for the avail of privacy. The drawer helps the customer to store their personal or expensive cigar collections. The flat shelves use to place the cigar boxes.

It is equipped with a humidity tray and a hygrometer. The humidity tray has humidifiers that help to circulate the required amount of air through the cigars and to maintain the ideal humidity and moisture level in the cabinet. The Internal fan-forced circulation helps for the even humidity and temperature distribution throughout the cabinet. The Newair humidors work with a thermoelectric cooling system to store the cigar collection under the best humidity and temperature level.


The Thermoelectric Humidor difference

A Newair cc 300h stainless steel humidor cc 300 is considered one of the best desktop humidors due to its electric system. It works with the help of sensors. The sensor detects the amount of moisture outside. It turns on the ventilator of the cabinet and circulates air through it. The ventilators automatically turn off when the moisture level reaches the preset ideal value. Electronic cabinets don’t require anybody to operate them. The user needs only once to start the system and monitor it occasionally. The electronic cabinet is best to store tobacco products. This also prevents any curious customers from opening the humidor too often and disrupting their cigars. It also keeps the cigars fresh.

The vibration-free thermoelectric cooling system of Newair cc 300h works best without producing any annoying noise. The hygrometer allows the user to monitor the change in the internal temp of the Newair 250 count humidor. The thermostat of the humidor is adjustable with a temperature range from 540 F to 740F. The touch panel allows the user to change the temp level according to external weather conditions. The enhanced touch panel display unit helps to monitor the change in moisture level. The digital temp display panels are easier to monitor as compared to the analog panels. The soft interior LED lighting with an on/off switch looks stunning in dark. It has manufactured with all premium quality solid components for long time durability and reliability. The power consumption of the product is minor and affordable. Although the purchasing price looks a bit high, it is worth buying in terms of electricity consumption. The billing and electricity consumption cost of this product accomplishes the purchase cost of the cabinet.


NewAir 250 Count Electric Cigar Humidor Wineador with Opti-Temp

The Newair 250 cigar count contains all the similar features of the 400 cigar count. The only feature that distinguishes between these two humidors is the storage capacity. The Newair 250 cigar count can store up to 300 cigars. NewAir 250 count humidor has equipped with Opti-temperature heating and cooling system. It maintains a constant temperature for cigar storage. The cigars enable to nourish their original flavor and aroma at the right humidity level. More advanced features include a touch control panel and digital hygrometer to make it an ideal storage container.



  • Lavishing stainless steel exterior with solid wood interior
  • Gorgeous jet black side panels and tint glass door
  • Electronic Humidor with climate control heater and cooler
  • Touch control panel
  • Digital interior hygrometer
  • Soft interior LED lights
  • Adjustable shelve and wood drawer
  • Temperature Range between 52° and 74° F 
  • Ambient Temperature Range: 68° – 77° F 

The Newair desktop humidor considered one of the best products for the months of November and December. In the winter season of November and December, it becomes more difficult to store the cigars in an ideal environment. You need this humidor to store the cigar even at 70 degrees or above. The consistent cigar customer finds it one of the best cabinets for winter.

Thi stylish NewAir Desktop humidor has equipped with the following features:

Newair cc 300h Features:

  • Black Stainless Steel stylish exterior wineador
  • One unit wineador cigar cooler
  • Touch control panel on top of wineador
  • Tempered transparent glass door
  • Glass hygrometer on Spanish cedar drawer
  • LED touch panel to display digital thermostat and temperature control
  • Automatic humidification system with Climate Controlled opti temp
  • Thermoelectric heating and cooling system with distilled water
  • Thermostat adjusts between temp range from 54 to 74 f
  • Attractive illumination with led light
  • Spanish cedar shelves and drawers for cigar boxes
  • Newair engraved logo on drawers
  • Adjustable height for Spanish cedar shelving
  • Lock and key
  • Cigar Storage of 250 cigars and cigar storage of 400 cigars
  • Wineador Fridges built-in width back: 16.30 W
  • 1-year warranty of the product automatic system








PRICE 100%



More about Thermoelectric Cooling:

The Newair cc 300h wine fridge has embedded with the thermoelectric cooling. The system works on the Thomson effect. According to this effect, the electric current flows in two junctions to emit and absorb the heat. In this system, the Thomson effect makes the change in temperature by transferring heat in two junctions. When the current flows in two junctions, the heat emits and cooling occurs. In this way, a cooling effect creates and the heat. The thermo-electric cooling system prefers as compare to the conventional vapor cooling systems. The reason is, it requires fewer maintenance costs. The thermo-electric system does not contain any moving parts. It reduces the maintenance charges. This is how the wine fridge keeps the entire cigar collection at ideal humidity.

Automatic Cooling System

In the electronic humidor cabinet, the built-in digital hygrometer installs. The user needs to adjust the temperature and humidity level only once. After the system starts working, it monitors the amount of moisture by itself and maintains the ideal humidity by absorbing or releasing the air depending on the requirement. It turns on the fan when the moisture level drops from the set point. And automatically turns off the fan when it reaches back to the required humidity or moisture level. The Advanced multi-functional control unit displays:

·        Current relative moisture level (in percentage)

·        Pre-set relative moisture level (in percentage)

·        Average relative moisture level of the last 3 days

·        Current temperature (in Celsius or Fahrenheit)

It also removes the musty air from the humidor. In a simple humidor, the user needs to keep a check on the changes in the moisture level.

Spanish Cedar Shelves

The Spanish cedar is wood type. It uses to make the interior of the humidors. Spanish cedar interior absorbs the extra moisture and humidity. It maintains the humidity level to keep the original flavor and aroma of cigars alive. The Newair Small Cabinet humidor contains adjustable Spanish cedar shelvings and wood drawers. The cedar shelves allow the user to place cigar boxes and other cigar accessories. The wood drawer provides privacy. The user can store the expensive and valuable cigar collection inside the wooden drawer.



How many boveda packs do I need in an electric humidor?

One boveda packet can serve twenty-five cigars. It means the number of boveda packs will depend on the storage capacity of the humidor.

How to increase humidity in the hydroelectric humidor?

The customer or user can get it with the help of boveda humidification packets.

What is the best temperature setting on an electronic humidor to get the best humidity?

The ideal temperature set according to the 70/70 rule. This rule states that the temperature should be 70-degree Fahrenheit and the relative humidity should be 70 %. In this state, you can achieve the best humidity to store the collection in an ideal environment.

Are electric humidor products for anyone?

Yes, anyone can use electric humidors because they are more reliable and efficient. Meanwhile, they are expensive as compare to simple humidors.

What happens when the cigar direct contact with the air for more than 4 to 5 days?

The cigars absorb and release moisture. If you keep a cigar without a humidor, it will dry out. The humidor is the best way to keep a cigar for storage.

Do I take cigars out of plastic to put in the cigar humidor?

No, it is not compulsory. But it is a good approach to keep cigars out of the packet because the moisture can properly pass through the cigars. And the humidor can work efficiently.

Do I need to buy new cartridges for a humidifier or I can refill the same one?

No, you do not have to buy a new cartridge every time. you can refill the same cartridges three times but only with the distill water.  After refilling it, wait for a few minutes to settle the water level and then reattach it with the unit. But make sure the refill should be of distill water. Otherwise, it can cause trouble for the storage of cigars.

How long can a cigar within a humidor last?

A humidor can last for years. It depends on the proper use and care.

How do I control the humidity in my electronic humidor?

You can speed up the humidity process by placing the cabinet in direct sunlight with an open lid. If your humidity increase from the ideal level, lower down the level of the distilled water in the water tank. For regular use, keep the container away from sunlight and heating cooling refrigerators. So the humidifier will be able to work properly by own for maintaining the ideal temperature level and controlled moisture environment.

Who can make an electronic humidor for Cuban cigars?

You can make it by yourself. It needs a storage box, an electronic or chargeable humidifier, and a hygrometer to make containers for the Cuban cigar. For more information, please visit our website. ur dedicated customer service staff is here to help.  In our store, you will get the best products at affordable prices. We are offering the best humidors for sale with free shipping. The modification rights reserved by the company.

Are tobacco beetles harmful?

If a cigar gets infested with tobacco beetles, it can ruin the cigar. Otherwise, it is not harmful to humans or a pet. It happens when temp degree increments.