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NewAir 840 Count Electric cigar cooler Humidor, Built-in Humidification System with Opti-Temp™

The NewAir 840 cigar cooler is the latest game-changing innovative release from NewAir humidors. Launched at the end of January 2021, its sales far surpassed initial expectations. The first production release was quickly sold out by the end of February. Was this one of the best cigar humidors of 2023?

Representatives at Newair state, “The response from the cigar community has been overwhelming around our humidors. We are dedicated to providing cigar collectors with the best way to store their cigars and will continue to come out with best-in-class solutions for your cigar collection””. 

The NewAir 840 humidors have been launched to meet the rapidly expanding market demand for larger thermoelectric humidors (View our Guide to Newair Humidors here). This fast growing humidor market has developed in recent years and represents a challenge to the traditional Cigar cooler Humidor powered by independent humidification systems. We would agree that Newair has fulfilled its promise of being a market leader by introducing this brand new Electric cigar humidor with its patented electronically powered humidification system. With already glowing reviews, we think this is one of the best new humidors of 2023, alongside the even higher capacity Newair 1500 humidor which we review here >

The Newair 840 holds the latest electric cigar humidor technology to meet all requirements of the cigar connoisseur. Mari Uytiepo, Head of Product Marketing, “was excited about the new sleek design for this humidor and simple humidification feature making this one of the best cigar humidor options on the market”.

The unit works to maintain the original aroma and flavor of cigars alive. Although bigger than a desktop humidor, The NewAir 840 Count is a winead or cigar cooler. Included with this functionality is the 250 count cigar cooler. A cigar cooler or wineador is a type of wine cooler to store cigars. It functions because, like wine, the cigars need an environment with a stable and ideal temperature and humidity. Otherwise, the cigar can lose its freshness, aroma flavor, and blend.

The features you would enjoy in the NewAir 840 Cigar Humidor

The NewAir cigar humidors can satisfy the needs of the modern serious cigar afficiado. These latest versions of NewAir cigar humidors are the best humidors to place in any part of your home. Because of the opti temp technology which includes a heating functionality, these humidors can be placed in the basement and can easily handle four seasons of extreme weather and swift changes of external temperature. This is one of the key features of the best cigar humidors, the Newair 840 humidor.

NewAir 840 Count Electric Cigar Humidor

The Newair 840 features many functions the best humidors should have:

– Stainless steel exterior with Spanish cedar wood interior
– Gorgeous jet black side panels and tint glass door which allows you to see your cigars
– Sureseal technology to avoid leakages
– Electronic Humidification system with climate control heater and cooler
– Internal Humidifier
– Touch control panel
– Digital interior hygrometer
– Soft interior LED lights add style with three modes
– Adjustable shelves
– Movable Spanish cedar storage compartments
– Temperature Range between 52° and 74°F 
– Ambient Temperature Range: 68° – 77° F 
– Fahrenheit to Celsius Temp calibration feature
– Refillable water reservoirs

Newair 840’s Cigar Humidor has a sleekly designed Exterior

First and foremost, there is no question the NewAir 840 is a gorgeous, stylish and masculine-looking modern electric cigar cooler. The humidors stainless steel matt finish exterior with a premium quality wood interior is class. The humidor has been manufactured using premium quality stainless steel material in a black finish. The duo of transparent glass door with black tint looks sleek.

The long steel handle looks smart and masculine on the glass door. The glass door is locked with sureseal technology. Sureseal technology ensures proper lid closure to maintain internal humidity and moisture level. The product works well for small spaces like bedrooms, office corners, or small cigar stores. It does not look big and clunky. The led lights add style while the exterior matte finish gives a formal and voguish appearance.

Our only complaint about this humidor’s look is that it does look modern. Even though you have the customary visible spanish cedar shelving arrangement we contend that you could overlay the exterior with wood and create variations of the design aesthetic.

Spanish Cedar Interior & a beautiful organization

The NewAir 840 humidors come with a Spanish cedar-lined interior. The Spanish cedar interior works best among all weather conditions and moisture changes in the environment. It keeps the original aroma and flavor of cigars as perfect as the brand new cigars. The removable Spanish cedar shelves help the user to organize the cigars according to their preferences.

The storage space for cigars has provided with Spanish wood drawers. These NewAir 840 count cigar cabinet drawers are more useful as compared to the Old Newair humidors. The cigar collection is easier to access and view. These Spanish cedar wood drawers have manufactured with steel rollings to make them convenient for customer’s utilization. The drawer helps the customer to store their personal or expensive cigar collections. The flat shelves are used to place the cigar boxes. It has equipped with a humidity tray and a hygrometer. The humidity tray has humidifiers that help to circulate the required amount of air through the cigars and to maintain the ideal humidity and moisture level in the cabinet.

Soft Interior led lights add style on this humidor!

The soft interior LED lights add style of gracious ambiance to the humidor. The Newair 840 has three operational modes. These modes include always-on lights, lights on with open glass doors, and always off lights. The user can push control buttons on top of the unit to switch between the modes. The cigar collection looks stylish with these soft LED lights and the lights also help you to find your cigars in darkness.


Electric Humidification System:

The NewAir 840 Count Cigar Humidors features include a built-in humidification system that helps you adjust the moisture level, even as conditions change outside. Building your own wineador has never been so easy — it’s a true convenience that’s a game-changer for cigar lovers everywhere. The electric humidification system of the cigar humidors works with the help of sensors. The sensor detects the amount of moisture outside. It turns on the ventilator of the cigar humidors and circulates air through it. The ventilators automatically turn off when the temperature reaches the preset ideal humidity levels. Electric cigar humidors don’t require any person to operate them. This is a key feature of the best cigar humidors

The user needs only once to start the system and monitor it occasionally. The temperature of the NewAir 840 count electric humidors toggle can switch between the Fahrenheit and Celcius temperatures. The user can change the temperature monitor according to their requirement or external temperature. The built-in humidifier for the NewAir 840 count cigar humidors controls the temperature automatically. However, the NewAir allows the user to adjust the temperature and humidity level if it is a necessity. The temperature of the humidor can adjust between 41F-71F, whereas, the humidity level can adjust from 56% to 78%.

The Advanced multi-functional control unit displays:

  • Current relative humidity levels (in percentage)
  • Pre-set relative humidity levels(in percentage)
  • The average relative humidity level of the last 3 days
  • Current temperature (in Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  • Humidification unit installed inside

This humidor’s power capacity operates on 110/120 volts. It means that the constant running of the humidor will not cost too must electricity charges on the user. The humidor’s refillable and adjustable water reservoir is functional and practical. The water reservoir has an indicator to display the water level. The user can refill the water reservoir with distilled water only. Ordinary water can affect the functionality of the humidifier. If the electricity breaks for some time, it does not mean that your collection will ruin immediately.

The humidor’s ability to work under pressure and critical circumstances are outstanding . Some people think that cigar humidors constantly use electricity to store the best cigar. It is nothing than a myth. The system turns on when it detects any changes in the ideal humidity levels. (both the drop or rise). The Internal fan-forced circulation helps for the even humidity and temperature distribution throughout the humidor. The Newair humidor works with a thermoelectric cooling system to store the cigar collection under the best humidity and temperature level.

humidor Thermoelectric Heating and Cooling System; THE POWER OF OPTI-TEMP…….

The NewAir electric cigar humidifier works the same in all climates. This means your best cigar will be just fine if the outside temperature is cools down dramatically…. No need to worry about your cigars in cool winters and no fuss with your humidor being in the freezing basement. The automated temperature control system is adjustable according to the external environment or temperature. The change in the external temperature does not affect the performance of the NewAir 840 count cigar humidors.

The Newair 840 cigar count humidor is embedded with thermoelectric cooling. The system works on the Thomson effect. According to this system, the electric current flows in two junctions to emit and absorb the heat. In this system, a change in temperature by transferring heat in two junctions. When the current flows in two junctions, the heat emits and cooling occurs. In this way, a cooling and heating sequel creates. The thermoelectric cooling system prefers as compare to the conventional vapor cooling systems. The reason is, it requires fewer maintenance costs. The thermo-electric system does not contain any moving parts. It reduces the maintenance charges. This is how the cigar humidor’s entire cigar collection can be kept at ideal humidity.

The noise-free thermoelectric cooling system of the NewAir 840 cigar count humidor works best without producing any annoying sound. The hygrometer allows the user to monitor the change in the internal temperature of the Newair 840 count humidors. The humidors is adjustable with a temperature range from 540F to 740F. The touch panel allows the user to change the temp level according to external weather conditions. The enhanced touch panel display unit helps to monitor the change in condensation.

The digital temperature display panels are easier to monitor as compared to the analog panels. It has manufactured with all premium quality solid components for long time durability and reliability. The power consumption of the product is minor and affordable. Although the purchasing price looks a bit high, it is worth buying in terms of electricity consumption. The billing and electricity consumption cost of the humidor accomplishes the purchase cost of the cabinet. Moreover, it works best to keep the original aroma and flavor of cigars alive.


Storage Capacity of the Cigar humidor

This NewAir cigar humidor can hold up to 840 cigars at a time. The best cigar storage capacity of NewAir 840 is significantly higher as compared to the previous NewAir humidors. The larger storage capacity of cigars makes this latest version of the NewAir Electric humidor amongs the limited sphere of larger Electric Humidors. The storage capacity is identically divided between the Spanish cedar wood drawers.

The Spanish cedar drawers store the cigar items and cigar accessories with proper organization. The drawers have Spanish cedar partitions to place the small cigar accessories like cigar cutters, lighters, etc in a uniform pattern. The Spanish cedar drawers also allow you to organize the cigar collection of different flavors and brands. The access of the cigar items is far easier and convenient as compared to the previous models of NewAir humidors.

The NewAir 840 Cigar count humidors do not include a digital hygrometer or analog hygrometer. The previous versions do have the digital hygrometer. The digital hygrometer helps to measure the humidity. The absence of a hygrometer is the only flaw of this latest NewAir version we can fine, otherwise it’s one of the best humidors for personal use.

Photo Credits: NewAir

Detailed Specifications of the NewAir 840 Cigars Count Electric Cigar Humidor:

  • Model: NCH840BK00
  • Product Type: Electronic Humidor, Climate
  • Controlled With Heater
  • Product Dimensions: 23.62″D x
  • 19.01″W x 32.30″H
  • Product Internal Volume: 4.13 ft3
  • Product Weight: 81.4 lbs.
  • Product Color: Black
  • Application: Stores Cigars
  • Voltage: 110-120 volts
  • Watts: 70 watts
  • Amps: 1.0 amps
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Noise Level: 43 dB
  • Certifications: ETL/cETL, DOE, CEC
  • Capacity: 840 cigars
  • Sliding Shelves: 3
  • Drawers: 1
  • Reversible Door: No
  • Key and Lock on Door: Yes
  • Interior Lighting: Yes, soft LED
  • Material Lined With: Spanish Cedar
  • Adjustable Shelves: Yes
  • Adjustable Legs: Yes
  • Includes Hygrometer: Yes
  • Water Tank Capacity 50.7 fl oz
  • Est days of operation/tank: 1 week
  • Temperature Range: 52° – 74° F
  • Ambient Temperature Range: 68° – 77° F
  • Interior Light: Top and side LEDs, white, auto on/off
  • Adjustable Legs: Yes
  • Refrigerant: R600a

NewAir 840 Electric cabinet humidor as a gift for cigar smoker:

Gift giving is an act of self-gratification. The gift is a good way of strengthening relationships. If you are in a friendship or a relationship, you should always show the other person how much you care for him or her. A gift plays a vital role to express your feelings towards your loved ones. Your act of giving a gift tells them how much they are important for you. The NewAir 840 Electric cabinet can one of the best gifts for a tobacco lover. This gift would be a treat for your cigar smoker loved one.



Is this new version of Newair cigar cabinets convenient as Travel Humidors?

No, the NewAir cigar humidors are not traveling humidors. However, you can shift them once in a while if necessary.

How many boveda packs do I need in an electric humidor to make the best cigar humidors?

One boveda packet can serve twenty-five cigars. It means the number of boveda packs will depend on the storage capacity of the humidors and there is no ideal or fix the value of boveda packs to make them as best cigar humidors.

How do I increase humidity in the hydroelectric humidor?

The customer or user can get it with the help of boveda humidification packets.

What is the best temperature setting on an electronic humidor to get the best humidity?

The ideal temperature set according to the 70/70 rule. This rule states that the temperature should be 70-degree Fahrenheit and the relative humidity should be 70 %. In this state, you can achieve the best humidity to store the collection in an ideal environment.

Are electric humidors for anyone?

Yes, anyone can use electric humidors because they are reliable and efficient. Meanwhile, they are expensive as compared to traditional humidors.

What happens when the cigar gets in direct contact with the air for more than 4 to 5 days?

The cigars absorb and release moisture. If you keep a cigar without a humidor, it will dry out. The humidor is the best way to keep a cigar for storage.

Do I take cigars out of plastic to put in the cigar humidor?

No, it is not compulsory. But it is a good approach to keep cigars out of the packet because the humidity can properly pass through the cigars. And the humidor can work efficiently.

Do I need to buy new cartridges for a humidifier or I can refill the same one?

No, you do not have to buy a new cartridge every time. you can refill the same cartridges three times but only with the distilled water.  After refilling it, wait for a few minutes to settle the water level and then reattach it with the unit. But make sure the refill should be of distilling water. Otherwise, it can cause trouble for the storage of cigars.

How long can a cigar within a humidor last?

A humidor can last for years. It depends on the proper use and care.

How do I control the humidity in my electronic humidor?

You can speed up the humidity process by placing the cabinet in direct sunlight with an open lid. If your humidity increase from the ideal level, lower down the level of the distilled water in the water tank. For regular use, keep the container away from sunlight and heating cooling refrigerators. So the humidifier will be able to work properly by own for maintaining the ideal temperature level and controlled environment.