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Humidors Custom for Cigar Lovers

A personalized humidor or cigar box is a treat for the cigar lover. It creates an eternal bond between itself and a cigar smoker. It is a pleasing feeling to own a product that completely belongs to your own taste and vibe. Cigar lovers rather like to buy personalized humidors for themselves or other cigar smokers as a personalized gift with engraved nameplates, love notes, company logo, etc.

A laser engraved beautiful humidor is one of the best cigar gifts for your loved ones. A gift is not just an object, but it is an emotion to express your love, care, and affection towards your loved ones. The gift increases the bonding between the individuals. They feel happy with this gesture of love. Nothing can be a more perfect or special gift for a cigar smoker. This gift will enhance your value. You can gift the favorite cigars humidor of your loved one at a reasonable price with our personalized or custom cigar boxes. You can freely brief us about your favorite humidor and available budget. You can also order the engraved humidor. Their favorite engraved humidor will be a memorable gift for your loved one. The engraved nameplate or love note looks perfect on the gift humidor. The engraved note will always remind them about your love and affection. The engraved note can be added anywhere on the cigar box either you like to add it on the top or inside your gift humidor. This engraved note gives an elegant and premium finished appearance to the humidor.

Your loved one will hold this precious gift with great love and care. It will make them feel happy and special. It will also remind them about your good time. You can not give them a more unique or beautiful gift than a custom cigar humidor. This engraved note will note cost you a high price.

Grand Humidors can create your imagination or dreams into a reality within an affordable budget. The elegant free engraving turns it into a perfect gift for your favorite cigar aficionado. Our company will give perfect and your favorite custom cigar humidor in premium quality. The buyer can add the features according to his need. But the product manufacturing rights are reserved by the company. The company only allows the user to choose the custom option while purchasing. The company gives a chance to the customer to purchase and enjoy their custom design cigars gift box. We can make anything for you, either the design includes a custom logo attached on a glass top cigar humidor or for a large number of Logo embossed Lighters for a group or corporate event. The custom engraved humidor is ideal for cigar aficionados, father’s day gift, groomsmen present, or a husband. The free engraving enhances the worth of the humidor and makes it an elegant, memorable, and perfect gift for any special occasion. The free engraving does not require any additional price.

Personalized Cigar box

Personalized cigar boxes are small humidors, typically desktop or travel cigars boxes, etc. The desktop humidor incorporates lots of beautiful and captivating designs. The desktop cigar case has an eye-captivating premium quality exterior in black, maple, walnut, ebony, or mahogany finish. The custom box has a personalized finish of tints depending on your place or interiors. The price of these custom boxes remains the same. It does not cost any additional price to the buyers. The personalized cigars box looks perfect with the surrounding. The personalized cigars box also includes the features like an engraved logo, engraved side handles, glass lid, high-quality Spanish cedar lined interior, and humidity control system. The glass top enhances the style and beauty of the custom humidor. The box-style cigar humidor comprising all your requirements looks elegant gorgeous and beautiful in your home or workplace. The box-style cigar humidor comprising all your requirements looks gorgeous and beautiful in your home or workplace. The cigar boxes are the most common gifts personalized for cigar lovers.

Some of the mainstream custom features are:

  • Custom Engraved Humidor
  • Tempered beveled Glass Top Lid
  • Removable Tray (For extra storage space)
  • Smoking Accessories (cigar cutter, lighter, )

Bay Berk and Visol are top-notch brands that have a wide range of personalized products.

Custom Humidor Logo for Bey-Berk

Custom Logo Bey-Berk humidor has an option to add your engraved name or most preferably your company logo on the lid for branding. Laser Engraved text is applied with precision laser CO2 technology, where the top surface of the item is burned creating a highly detailed branded surface for the decorated area. The color and finish of the branded surface will vary from item to item depending on the dye content of the item. This method is an excellent way to personalize leather and wood surfaces to achieve premium-quality long-lasting work.  The Charles Bubinga Finish Humidor with decorative wood inlay is the perfect small desktop humidor for the office or your man cave. It includes humidifier for ideal temperature maintenance.

Visol Santa Clara Glass Top with Black Matte Finish Cigar Humidor – Holds 50 Cigars

Visol Santa Clara is a custom cigars box. It can customize into various fine quality exteriors. It is the best large desktop humidor for a cigar lover for the accumulation of favorite cigars. The Visol Santa Clara allows the user to custom the humidor exterior according to their choice. The customer can also turn it into a personalized box by adding notes, logo, or name initial on the glass top. It will intensify the humidor design. It has numerous custom finish wood exteriors. The humidor features include a Cedar veneer Glass Top with border inlay, a Tempered glass top to avoid breakages, Gold color hinges, a Hygrometer, and a cedar interior. It is an ideal choice for the office or your Home to Match your Wooden Desk. Nothing can be a better gift than this alluring cigar box. A wife can shop it to gift her husband with engraving some special quote, note or date, etc.

Some other custom cigar boxes are:
  • Quality Importers Milano Elegant
  • Quality Importers Tradition Antique

Csonka Personalized Humidor

Csonka offers their cigar case personalized with name initials, company logo, and personalized art for a special gift. A Laser engraved beautiful humidor is served as the best-personalized gifts for cigar aficionados. The buyer can add the required asterisk Csonka Valet humidor is a great gift that a husband absolutely loved to receive from his wife.

Customized Csonka Travel Humidor Engraved

Csonka travel valet is the perfect travel partner for a cigar smoker to keep his cigars fresh. It includes all the cigar accessories such as a cigar cutter, hygrometer, lighter, and cigar kit. It has an automatic built-in humidification system and a stainless steel cigar cutter. You can monitor the humidity level with the analog ring round glass hygrometer installed inside the lid. It can store from 2-3 cigars at a time. The customer can customize the cigars box according to budget by adding to removing the extra accessories in it. This Csonka humidor is a great gift for a cigar lover.

Csonka personalized Humidor

It is a sleek classic desktop cigars box with a beautiful Cherry finish. This cigars box is Very compact and can easily store up to 20 cigars at a time. It comes with a built-in humidification system. The Interior has Spanish Cedar to improvise the durability. It can easily engrave and customized with names, logos, etc. The engraving does not cost any additional purchase charges. A wife can shop it to gift her husband with engraving some special quote, note or date, etc.

Cabinet Personalized Humidor

The cabinet humidors include all the mandatory features with a large capacity required to store cigars. They commonly design for commercial use, but you can also use them at home. A cabinet cigar humidor is a large cupboard look cigar humidor. It comes with dual panels and a single panel depending on the size of the cigar humidor. Cabinet cigar humidor commonly uses on the commercial level, where a large number of products need to store for a long duration. It can store thousands of products. They come with Spanish cedar lining, a hygrometer, and a humidifier. They own large storage shelves, independent rolling drawers, and sometimes humidification systems. All cabinets or large humidors don’t have an advanced multifunctional humidification system. A cabinet humidor can be personalized by adding an advanced humidification system or removable Spanish cedar lining trays.

The advanced multifunctional humidification system turns an ordinary humidor into a personalized humidor. This humidification system works on electricity thus it turns into an electric humidor. Electric humidor works with the help of sensors to store your favorite cigars. These sensors detect the amount of moisture outside in the air. It turns on the ventilator of the cabinet and circulates air through it. The ventilators automatically turn off when the temperature reaches the preset ideal value. Electronic cabinets don’t require any person to operate. The user needs only once to start the system and monitor it occasionally. It is the best humidor for cigar smokers. It stores your cigars in the best conditions. The water reservors can only refill with distilled water.

Walk-In Personalized Cigar Humidor

The Walk-In humidors are the most suitable and cost-effective option for large cigar store owners or cigar dealers who do not like to constantly interact with cigar manufacturing companies. It is exactly what a customer wants to the personalized unit for cigars. A walk-in humidor is a large room or some part of the room converted into a humidor to store the cigar collection in perfect condition for a longer time. A person can walk through this room to ingress the collection. A Walk-in humidor is able to maintain absolute temperature control and humidity regardless of the outdoor climate: it’s like creating a self-made ecosystem in your home or work with exactly what you need for your cigars. This humidor is a fully custom cigar room. The size, functionality, and features depend on the customer’s requirement or needs. However, the core steps or protocols remain the same i.e; Spanish cedar wood interior, hygrometer, humidifier. Here are some construction required materials:

  • Hygrometer
  • Humidifier
  • Spanish cedar
  • Walnut paper backed veneer
  • Red Oak
  • Decorative inlay strips
  • Maple plywood
  • Redwood burl slab

A walk-in humidor can customize in three different ways:


Loosening between the top and bottom options, the partial humidor is ideal if you have a spacious room where its section can be used for cigar storage. This type of humidor is simple in the sense that it uses a room design and does not require you to make a roof. However, it poses a challenge that you will need to make a solid wall and door.


Often seen in small tobacco shops, a freestanding walk-in humidor is a unit that contains it inside the room. In some cases, they are modular cabinets that can be customized but usually, the manufacturers offer them as a single-size solution. The obvious advantage of a freestanding walk-in humidor is that it is very small and only stays in the room. For people who just want the humidor to enter the basement, a human cave, or a study, it is a great option.


Creating a Full Room Conversion Walk-In cabinets is not the same as making a wardrobe. In short, he basically builds a room inside the room. However, the full flow room inside the humidor is very different. If you have a separate room that you would like to turn into great humidity, this is easy to do. While you can’t build any of the walls, the job will be to mark and replace the existing line.

Seasoning a Walk-in Humidor:

Before you begin the seasoning process of your humidor, make sure you read the instructions from the manual that came with your new humidor. More importantly, make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s manual so that you don’t render the warranty null and void. But if there are no specific instructions, follow the steps below. 


When it comes to seasoning your device, you will have to use distilled water an unscented clean sponge and a cloth. The last and very important ingredient to this process is patience – at least for the next few days. Don’t go for the tap water instead of distilled water. 

Next, start by dampening the sponge with distilled water or the cloth. Then use it to wipe the cedar inside the humidor. That also includes cleaning the trays and the lid. Keep in mind, you don’t want to damage the humidor. Therefore, do not saturate the interior with water or choose to pour water directly into the humidor. 


After the cleaning is complete, place the wet sponge on a plastic bag and then place both of them in the humidor. Remember you should not oversaturate the sponge with water and also do not let the sponge touch the wood on the sides.


According to your manual, fill up the humidification device with either distilled water or humidifying solution. Check whether the water dripped on the sides and get rid of it. This will cause an oversaturation in the humidor. Then place the humidification device inside the humidor. 


This is the hard part. You will have to wait for twenty-four hours then repeat the entire process the next day. This time, do not place the sponge inside the humidor. The next thing is to wait for another twenty-four hours. Inspect the device for any dampness.

Before placing your pricey cigars in the humidor, check for any dampness on the cedar. In case the cedar is still damp, you will have to wait for another 24 hours. Also, during the seasoning process, you will have to ignore the readings on the hygrometer if you have any. But if after the seasoning is complete and the humidity is still lower than 72%, you will need to repeat the process again. 

You will also have to test whether the hygrometer is still effective and recharge your humidification system.


We will guide you with some FAQs that will help you buy the best product for your collection.

How to set up a custom electric humidor?

It can be set up with the help of the following steps:

  1. Place a glass filled with distilled water in the container.
  2. Turn on the electronic humidifier.
  3. Attach the hygrometer to monitor the moisture level.
  4. Close lid of the container
  5. Now monitor the readings on the hygrometer. When it reaches the ideal moisture level (65-70), it means your storage box is ready to store the collection.
How to increase the moisture level in the hydroelectric custom humidor?

 You can get it with the help of boveda humidification packets.

What is the best temperature setting on an electronic humidor to get the best moisture level?

The ideal temperature is set according to the 70/70 rule. This rule states that the temperature should be 70-degree Fahrenheit and the relative moisture level should be 70 %. In this state, you can achieve the best moisture level to store the collection in an ideal environment.

How do you control the moisture level in my electronic humidor?

You can speed up the moisture level process by placing the cabinet in direct sunlight with an open lid. If your moisture level increase from the ideal level, lower down the level of the distilled water in the water tank. For regular use, keep the container away from sunlight and heating cooling refrigerators. So the humidifier will be able to work properly on its own for maintaining the ideal temperature level and controlled moisture environment.

Is engrave note last for life long?

Yes, the engrave notes last for life long as we use laser engrave even for free engraving.

How can I purchase personalized cigars gift boxes exactly what I want?

Customers can place orders with notes on our website. Either it indicates the site is offline Contact us! Contact us! We’re not around but we still want to hear from you! Leave us a note: * indicates a required field Name* Required Asterisk signifies that this field can not be left blank Email* Required Asterisk signifies that this field can not be left blank Message* Required Asterisk signifies that this field can not be left blank Send.

What can I do if forget to add a personalized note while shopping?

If customers have forgotten to add a note on purchase, just visit our website and reach out to our customer care specialist and we will handle the rest!