J Shepherd

J Shepherd is a one of a kind brick and mortar tobacconist featuring one of the best selections of premium main stream and boutique cigars located in Louisville, Ky. It … Read more

Straus Tobacconist

In business since 1880, we’re America’s 3rd oldest tobacconist. We are a full service tobacconist, offering a broad selection of cigars, pipes, and pipe tobaccos for aficionados. If you’re just … Read more

Executive Cigar LLC

Being just outside of Louisville we are not affected by the smoking ban so our customers are able to smoke indoors year round. During the warmer months we also utilize … Read more

Prince Hookah lounge

Prince Hookah Lounge is your shop for everything hookah! From coals to bowls, We’ve got everything you could possibly need to relax and stay relaxed!You can come t enjoy hookah … Read more

FatAsh Cigar Lounge

FatAsh Cigar Lounge is a locally owned fine tobacco/cigar shop and lounge located in Ashland, KY serving the Tri-State area. Dwight Adkins always dreamed of opening a cigar lounge, but … Read more

Wiseguy Lounge

Goodfellas has been serving pizza by the slice to the late night crowd since 2006. We currently have four locations and continue to look for opportunities for growth. Our pizza … Read more