Micheal Laffey

5 Step Guide to Choosing a Cigar Humidor Online

Even the finest cigars will lose its flavor if not properly stored. that is why most cigar lovers own a humidor. It’s basically a compartment that you can preserve fine tobacco in And with a little bit of guidance, you don’t have to spend a lot to store your fine cigars

That said, choosing the right humidor should be as important as choosing the right home for yourself. Thankfully, this article is in your best interest. Here are 5 steps to choosing the right humidor for your cigars. 

Steps to Choosing The Right Cigar Humidor

  • Know how many cigars you are planning to store.
  • Cramped conditions with an over-stuffed environment will seriously damage the flavor of your cigars. At the same time, when there’s too much room, it will allow your cigars to absorb the humidity from the air around. 
  • This will make them soft and it will be difficult to smoke. Start by deciding the number of cigars you plan to store. Then, double the number. That will give you a clue about the size of humidor you should look for. 

Portability is The Next Step

If you travel a lot, I’m sure you’ll need something that’s portable. You should consider purchasing a portable cigar humidor. They are nice and lightweight so you can carry the humidor around with ease. 

In most cases, these portable humidors are budget-friendly when compared to the other sized model designs. On top of that, these portable humidors are designed for individual use. So, even if you own a full-sized humidor, it’s a good idea to purchase the portable one just in case.

Consider The Woodwork Cigar Humidor


You will find that the best cigar humidors are typically made out of Spanish cedar. This is actually the best type of wood for preserving humidity. But there are several different wood types including oak, maple cherry, and mahogany. 

Always remember that the wood type you choose will directly correlate to the humidor’s ability to retain temperature and humidity. Without a doubt, Spanish cedar will offer the best insulation when compared to the other wood types. It will also offer your cigars protection from tobacco beetles. 

Size of The Cigars

Whenever you see the capacity and size of a humidor, its measurements are based on the traditional Churchill cigars (that is 7’’ by 48) that will be able to fit in the box. That also doesn’t include the humidification. On top of that, the humidor producers usually round off the count to the higher end. Therefore, a 100 count humidor will likely fit more or less 80 cigars. 

It gets even worse if you have a liking for 60-ring fatties or Toro Grandes. You should expect the count to be even less. That means a 25 count humidor will likely fit 10 cigars. So remember to always go for the higher count when buying a humidor. 

Think of How Often You Smoke

You can’t just fill a humidor then smoke the entire box until it’s empty-no siree! Ensure that the humidor box is at a 75% capacity at all times. If you enjoy maybe one or two cigars a month, then go for a smaller sized capacity humidor. That will give you the chance to restock the box with your favorite brand every 3 to 4 weeks. 

In summary…

With the above guidelines, you will easily get the best cigar humidor in a matter of seconds. Every single point is important in getting the right humidor for your cigars. Always consider your habits, size, capacity, portability and wood type.